Jul 12

As we survey the reality of a Europe run by rhetoric, bullshit and idiotic grasp of economics. We realise we have a poor hating cretin hive in London one wonders where the fuck are the left? Oh they appear in distressed countries as do the fascists and bottom feeders. Why this void? The answer is they do not have the economics or understand the problems. As said before the neo Lib’ right has run down the disposable wealth/income of most people in Western societies and we have not noticed. ‘Left’ parties like Labour have morphed into a moving peg marginally to ‘the left’ on some issues but covering up for this with an authoritarianism that sees the Obama/Brown Administrations de facto wanting cameras in everyone’s homes [exaggerating for effect].

The neo Lib Left want to protect people for a slower exploitation by the logic-less tenants of neo Liberalism and the neo Lib Right to protect Finance and Corporates from any kind of economic dynamism and proper controls – Zombie economy. In the face of this open goal of ridiculous views the actual Left have nothing to say but cling to Climate Change and other issues and high moral ranting? It’s a mess with no effective opposition we can expect enough people to keep re-electing it. That only requires 25% buy in in the UK and US. Indeed in Greece the greed of older generations and the desire to hang on to the Silver turds means that even a country where it makes no sense clings to its Euros even as they gut their own banking system to hold them.

We can cry for Greece or the poor or realise this is a race to the bottom and our opponents will do anything they can sell with blame rhetoric. Being nice winning arguments and feeling moral will win nothing bar the odd equality victory which costs nothing and achieves only marginally more.

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