May 04

OK let’s ignore their policies about who will likely continue as junior coalition partners. The nub of the matter is could they have done more as partners? Now I can forgive some welfare reforms vile as they are it’s not like Labour complained until the focus groups said it was OK. I can forgive much of what they did but where they sold their soul was Surveillance and Feudalism.

How can a party who claims to be liberal support such arrant nonsense and ridiculous shit as DRIP? Tedious stupid so called anti terror legislation.

How can a party who is liberal sit in Govt and allow more and more gross subsidies to the housing sector and landowners? How can you square that circle? It’s impossible.

In short if the Liberals do not stand for Liberalism they are merely a 3rd neo Liberal party with no ethos (like multiculturalism means the opposite of what you might think neo Liberal = nut grinding Conservatism with authoritarian oppression) . Seriously why not vote Labour or Conservative if you want to reward Billionaires and live in an ordered society? Is there any reason to vote for a party which has no values and will not govern alone what’s the USP guys and gals? Bar being a break on the Conservatives and Labour they’re reduced by the well meaning twat Clegg to not being Labour in a Labour constituency and not being Conservative in a Conservative constituency.

As someone whose suggestions for Capitalism would be to embrace renewable energy and Land reform why would I support that? Or more simply how could I support that?

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