Apr 05

Egypt, Saudi and the UAE are allies of Israel. Jordan and Israel share a dislike of Palestinians and worries at their population growth. However these channels are all unofficial as the despot led nations commit atrocities Israel might actually get censured for by the USA. They pretend to have some fig leaf of Arab solidarity like the gangsters of E Block objecting to a man who ripped off the elderly but secretly does their tax return. Continue reading »

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Dec 08

According to Oxford PPE graduate Theresa May Islamic State present the gravest threat this country has ever faced. Of course May is not up on her history but the sheer stupidity of her comments when cracking down on bad driving would save more lives is noteworthy. However next to Philip Hammond, Cameron, Obama and “the gimp” John Kerry she’s a fucking genius. Their policies of stoking war in Syria and Ukraine backfired. Now they have a carnivorous Russia playing with a Fascist Kiev. In Syria the Assad regime may be about to topple but now they do not want it to so swapped sides. Enter the dragons Israel and Turkey our supposed allies and recently not friendly to each other but both fervent backers of Islamic State against their enemies – Kurds in Turkey’s case and Hezbollah/Iran in Israel’s case.

UK/US policy is now beyond mockery or caricature as its supposed allies piss on it from a great height. To cap it all off the UK Govt is to build a military base in Bahrain so it can support that country’s refusal to democratise, austerity schusterity. Again the sidebar is these people have some of the highest educational qualifications out there and they’re all either morons or unaware of the own ignorance.

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Dec 12

Tony Blair out of power and a much wealthier man so I expected a more intelligent, honest and thought out justification or excuse or even the truth for the war in Iraq. However Saddam was evil is all we get. This conjures an image of Chris Morris with Blair and an evil ‘o’ meter – like he did with Carla Lane and animal cruelty. Qaddafi is that pretty evil Mr Blair? Saddam very evil? Mugabe more evil? With a red line on it to determine who is evil enough to invade.

If Evil was a criteria over a 100 of the countries of the world would be targets. Many of them allies of the UK. Many of them better, cheaper and easier targets. To suggest a marginal improvement in the lives of Iraqis was a driver and justification for the loss of troops and the $2 Trillion dollars wasted is risible. All we can concretely say about Iraq is that without the invasion there would be a lot more Iraqis living in Iraq and a lot less people dead. There would be a more ordered Govt and more people in work there. I know that the US/UK would not have spent that money without the deaths of troops to achieve even a large improvement in the lives of Iraqis so the reasoning of Blair specious. This invasion was ill judged, incompetently executed and achieved no strategic goal. The reasoning  of Cheney and Bush never explained as they were obfuscated by Blair and Powell and their pathetic WMD and human rights justifications.

The former Prime Minister seeks to use rhetoric like

I can’t really think we’d be better with him [Saddam] and his two sons still in charge…

This is a dismal non argument and that can not be made with knowledge of the dead and monetary waste. The Hussains’ personal peccadilloes and genuine terror spread against the chaos and broken society that now exists. Iraq has merely outsourced state terror to individual groups, US contractors and the US army. It’s also grossly hypocritical for such an unstinting ally of the US to make. Saddam was their boy till the 90s when he invaded Kuwait. The UK and US supported Hussain in his suppression of the Kurds and the brutal war with Iran.

In the end it repeats my point about leaders in liberal clothing they want to appear good. George Bush only went through that farce at the UN because Blair, Straw and [Colin] Powell wanted to feel better about what they were going to do anyway.

To boil down this invasion to the fate of one family is risible. Is he trying to fool us or himself or his God?

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