Feb 13

UK, USA and Japan have had years of QE and it has not achieved investment or inflation or trickle down.

Thus you may ask with this actual evidence and the Euro tanking anyway why the ECB would do QE? It apparently wants inflation which it will not get. Never ending QE?

Given it is either ineffective or unnecessary for the usual goals it can therefore only be to transfer wealth to the rich? The ECB can hardly claim they do not know what it does now after the examples given.

Anyone who doubts this is not a kleptocratic or plutocratic system probably believes in the tooth fairy.

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Jan 31

Today I’ll stick to their Economics. This is very simple but is the policy of almost every Western country and is the kind of idiocy imposed on the Greek people.

The key tenets are:-

Subsidise & Nationalise Debt:- If the Banks or large corporates get in trouble they are not nationalised only their debt. Also guaranteeing loans and deposits as a massive form of hidden subsidy – tax breaks too.

Monetize Everything:- Privatise or use devices like PFI (UK) to turn Govt services into a stream of rentier income. Paying Financiers considerably more than Govt debt costs would seem insane but it’s the policy of Labour, Tory, Kippers and Liberals.

These policies are obviously unsustainable and defy left right comparisons. They are pro Capitalists in the sense of being pro certain Capitalists but not by use of Capitalism. It is consistent with running society for the wishes of a few rich people and stifling creativity. It’s trying to freeze the world in 1999 if that reminds you of anything!

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May 17

This is anti Labour, Tory, Liberal, UKIP and BNP. As little as I like to tell people how to vote I am suggesting people not vote for the parties listed there. It almost does not matter what you vote but Green or TUSC would be strong recommendations. You don’t have to fully agree with them. However whilst it’s easy to openly disagree with UKIP and BNP you I would bet 90% don’t want the world the other 3 are peddling.

The truth is the 3 main parties all follow the creed of Neo Liberalism. Sure Miliband will offer a few populist pebbles like freezing prices or intervening in a mega merger but they all stand for the same thing. Monetisation. There was a recent story where a narcissistic Billionaire (is there any other type?) bought a beach and then hired armed gangs to keep people off it. Now he is not monetizing his beach and indeed what he did is worse. Nonetheless expect to pay for Beaches. Similarly want Libraries or Parks and Recs forgetaboutit. Almost everything you do will cost. The state in the UK is already doing this with Hospital Parking, Hospital phonecalls and even the Hospital cafe is no longer geriatrics with tea in stainless steel pots and home made cakes. Banks increasingly do this to the poorest Americans too.

This is what Labour, Liberal and Tory stand for. They don’t deny it as the fact all 3 have been complicit in it shows. These parties basically work for the established wealth and want to create a zombie, joy-less economy where everything has a price like they do. The end result will be a considerably poorer middle class – who seem to be dancing at their own funeral. If their house price has gone up fine but they have to live somewhere and if you sell the house your income is what at 0% interest rates?

If you choose to believe your salt brand is different I refer you to the headline.

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Mar 27

Really Conservatives and Labour would be the most obvious coalition with a likely 500 MPs out of 625 they should be well set for stable Govt. The only people who don’t think this is possible are deluded fans of either party who assume a difference

On the biggies Labour/Tory the same see below

GCHQ Surveillance check

Afghanistan war check

Tuition fees for Universities check.

Housing Bubbles check

City friendly economics and subsidy by taxpayers for banks check

Austerity check

Anti immigrants check

No to women ministers who have their own ideas check

Pandering to Mail/Sun/Murdoch check

Trident Replacement check

Fracking or fuck the environment check

Europe no more treaties check

Scottish independence check

Allow police corruption unchecked check

Privatise NHS check

Bully Unemployed and Disabled check

A PoCs think we can agree.

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Jan 15

My father made the point re minimum wage yesterday that we no longer have fields of sharecroppers but a bloody great combine harvester which produces compacted bails. The intriguing question is as pursuit of rentier incomes becomes the goal of a Plutocracy anxious to cement their position is this a precursor to a lack of progress?

Has investment fallen in recent years as Globalisation has made Labour cheaper? Will Monsanto owning law courts and the US Govt improve food production long term or will they take their Obama Administration approved Monopoly profits? Will the ever expanding financial sector be able to expand forever? Will housing and continue to climb? Who and how in a West of declining wages be able to support this?

Dystopia may not await but it’s not clear if it is not the goal from the policies pursued by Westernites. It’s becoming like the world of the Matrix with 1999 as some stepping off point. As increasingly the aim appears to freeze society and allow those with assets to live off rentier incomes.


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May 15

OK if you support the illegal drug trade and terrorism like Wachovia and HSBC Banks you are approved by the Obama Administration. If you leak harmless but irritating stuff like Bradley Manning or the Associated Press you’re the enemy. If you’re the enemy, by dint of not agreeing with the Administration,  you are entitled to IRS checks, phone record prying, torture, terrorism and murder all without trial or legal recourse.

Yet in front of this cunt hive of objectionable anti justice and freedom removal the Obama administration presents a rainbow coalition of racial and sexual harmony. Companies whose wealth is built on the sweatshops that killed 1127 people in Bangladesh present an anodyne rainbow image of fake smiles in corporate documents and adverts.

It’s good that non bigotry sells but if you’re poor and gay, poor and ethnic, poor and female, poor and disabled or just poor you don’t count to these people.

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May 09

Interesting how Germany deals with the Dutch given the shellacking the southern Europeans and Ireland got. Yes they’ve had cheap money and a housing bubble and now have debt!

The fact is, whatever Keynesian economists say, QE and or low interest rates = bubbles = zombie economies = gutless short term politicians who won’t take the hit. Continue reading »

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Jan 31

It’s tough to say that the current Westminster fluff over tax avoidance is well fluff but it’s fluff. MPs try to sound moral about the world they created. The point is the world envisaged and logically derivable from the Brown Govt is one of a Kleptocracy being slightly more generous to the poor but emphasising the tax revenue from the rich. A world of the beholden to their betters under 24 hour surveillance.

In the US as the Obama Administration tries to fulfil the similar dreams of Clinton and Bush this duality can be seen by JP Morgan operating Food Stamps whilst rigging so called Markets, stealing from its customers and M F Global customers.

Even the utopia of a populace in thrall to his magnanimity as Brown imagined has the problem there is only so much wealth they can steal from savers and pensioners whose incomes and job prospects are falling. We now have new Bank of England head Mark Carney’s operation to kill what little remains of pensions with QE tying up with Osborne’s crusade against the poor. For all the bluster of the public accounts committee and the rhetoric of Labour and Conservative the clownery will continue regardless of how much tax Amazon or Starbucks pay. Bank fraud will continue no matter how much time Police spend on dead paedophiles or people who listen to phone messages.

We on the left must try to get above the Content Fetishism and move to raise the real issues even if it means pointing out the deformed version of Capitalism we have.

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Dec 24

The modern conservative is engaged in one of man’s oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.
John Kenneth Galbraith

Now I believe that much of what start out as political campaigns and “Wars On” have at least some genuine reason for their existence. However what sustains them is the institutionalised profit from the taxes that fund them. As the reason for them declines and the income stream steadies so the rhetoric of morality to justify continuance increases.

US Govt by tacitly endorsing HSBC’s support for drug lords and terrorists shows that when push comes to shove these wars don’t matter to those running the show. There is no higher principal than maintenance of the elite. The whole pointlessness of these conflicts is shown up. That if the wealthy are involved the issues are moot. The Wars irrelevant. The Deaths irrelevant. The morality preached a lie.

Thus whilst not planned all that is left is people making money from running prisons, manufacturing weapons, laundering money, creating money for Banks, skimming aid budgets, cheap money so Govt and Banks can continue to make money for the rich and wage these wars.

After all rioters and occupy may have cost the UK circa £150 Mn – thousands in jail and bullied by the Cops. In just money stolen from pensions and savers minus lower mortgage payments the Banks have had £70 Bn net off the people of the UK. That’s £1000 a head. £3000 for every full time job. They’ve had £65 Bn in direct Govt aid and the indirect aid dwarves that figure.

They don’t work for us.

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Dec 18

By excusing HSBC’s sterling work for drug cartels President O’ Line O’ Coke hypocrite Leader of the War on Drugs aided by deputy hypocrites PM Lino’Cam and his Chancellor the Cocaine Hoover George Osborne have clearly shown now: it’s not about drugs: it’s not about saving lives: It’s not about health: it’s not about quality of life. It’s all about posturing and rhetoric: About being seen to be tough on something under Federal not State jurisdiction.

HSBC money launderers who facilitated the drug lords, let’s not pretend it was just them or is just them,  will suffer no penalty. The banks shareholders will which of course is our pension funds currently being stolen from by QE and cheap money to make the rich richer and shrink our economies.

If you do not believe the current politics is a Kleptocracy or more prosaically a Banker Occupation explain this. 40 years of bullshit on the evils of Narcotics and it’s not even a crime if you’re Rich.

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