Jun 12

It was Joseph Goebbels who said “You have nothing to fear, if you have nothing to hide” which Foreign Secretary William Hague so cheerfully threw out the other day. No doubt many tyrants and loons have used the same rhetoric down the years. Continue reading »

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Apr 22

On the face of it it is a triviality that George Osborne would sponsor Ed Balls. That it flies in the face of the hatred and bile supporters of the red brand throw at the blue brand says something to me. You may think your brand of politics is better but don’t pretend your leaders are much different in values to their opponents you hate so vehemently. Don’t come with your red rose mugs and expect those of us beyond these grim parties of the born rich to appreciate your populist ingratiating diatribes against the big blue devil.

Indeed today brings news after wasting £300 Bn we are told through mere incompetence not criminality (!) Ed Miliband intends more massive NHS ‘reform’. The last one cost at least 20,000 lives, according to Govt figures, not counting the super-bug costs nor the numbers PFI deals will consign to an early coffin. Nor what effect this will have after the brutal asset stripping of Jeremy Hunt.

Indeed surely the cheapest way to provide health care is on the basis of clinical need. Remove these vast bureaucracies and profit centres and use waiting lists to shift priority on a medical basis. This is cheapest and is not supported by Labour or Conservative as of course there is no: graft: need for reform: chance for political interference when things are done by medical need.

Seriously Labour and Tory fans you support parties whose leaders so easily mingle with opponents you hate. Are you stupid or insane?

They don’t represent us or you.

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Jan 07

So hundreds of people died because of corporate incompetence in Staffordshire and no one is going to jail? Why?

Why when someone opportunistically picking up some water in a riot which will cost nothing measurable goes to jail does not being a Health Manager presiding over mass slaughter not qualify as a crime?  Continue reading »

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Sep 05

Let’s be clear austerity policies and the continued hounding of the disabled and unemployed to get jobs that are not there is a stain on this Govt. It will cost more than it saves even before the toll of suicides and broken people is included. That the Tories, for it is their ministers largely responsible, are doing this to sound tough at conference is lamentable. That they have merely continued the policies of Labour and their former pets ATOS and A4E merely reflects the lack of mainstream choice we face in our better than nothing democracy. Continue reading »

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May 12

Those who worry about the vicissitudes of the day to day Westminster bullshit may have missed the most crucial aspects of Rebekah Brooks testimony to the expensive and largely point less Phone Hacking inquiry.

Whether Mr Hunt left a smoking gun in his arselicken of the Murdoch posterior is a matter for his career and one which ever way it goes will make no discernible difference to the general populace in the next 100 years.

What we got was an explanation to Brownism. What it was and where it came from. Continue reading »

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May 12

Mayor of London Boris Johnson came up with the title phrase when asked about giving “cumbucket” Petronella Wyatt the benefit of his experience. I was put in mind of this with the furore over super injunctions.  Continue reading »

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