Jul 16

George Zimmerman the real issue is how someone self selected can be a vigilante with a gun quite legally. This can be confounded by really stupid ‘Stan Your Ground’ laws. Everything here stems from the rights of Zimmerman to have a gun and be in any way validated to stalk/harass people. Plenty of people of all races have died from these silly laws. It might have been a bigot’s motivation his being there with a gun and a right to pick a fight he could end with his gun. You can’t simply change the Zimmerman’s of this world with their irrational beliefs – after all a majority of his countrymen believe in G-O-D. You can change gun laws.

When Jean Charles de Menezes was executed for being a suspected Muslim in no position to defend himself or even do the things that the Police officers would claim as a fig leaf there was no trial. CCTV that is inescapable for the rest of us suddenly does not work we’re told. Mercifully in the UK shooting is not that common an occurrence nor can everyone can elect themselves Police Marksmen.

Like the author of de Menezes execution, Cressida Dick, George Zimmerman someone will promote this sack of excrement. For sanctimonious Brits at least Zimmerman was tried and indeed he might be tried under Federal Law for violating rights. de Menezes executioner was never tried even when the excuses used for his killing were proved to be lies by the Police (indeed if the Police were so happy this was just an unfortunate accident why did they lie through their teeth?).

There’s no comeback from murder for the victim and sometimes not even for their families.

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