Apr 18

Depressing news that Labour’s achievements in making friends with oil rich Libya and aiding their stable despotic ways with MI6 help on Rendition and Torture is being swept under the carpet by the evil Tories.  Continue reading »

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Apr 09

When seeking to establish the truth one would be well advised to avoid the newspapers. Continue reading »

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Feb 07

A lot of what fills the papers daily is to make us feel angry and better than other people. At present UK at least has a break from sneering at the poor, old and disabled I guess. Continue reading »

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Apr 20

Labour can and do say anything. Sometimes I wonder if rhetoric, hypocrisy and placard politics is all they have. Continue reading »

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Apr 01

It’s a difficulty of being sensible and liberal that you always get asinine case studies and to defend the worst i.e. would you torture if you knew a bomb was about to go off? Continue reading »

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Jan 22

I’ve said before that the ‘Politics of the Few’ outweighs the seemingly more valid fields of inquiry and energy. The case of a single named victim likely female or a child will fill papers and debate. It will lead to bad laws like the Dangerous Dogs Act and Paedophile Laws that make no sense but have a child’s name attached to make us feel better about it. Continue reading »

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Sep 26

It’s quite conceivable that the Labour Party will soon be much more the party of the unelected and unelectable Prime Minister Gordon Brown than when he was in charge. A nightmare coalition of Balls as Chancellor and the word mangling clown Ed as Head Honcho. If Ed has a lick of sense he’ll send Balls to the Shadow Home berth where he can shout down like the bullying Berk’ he is when as happens to Home Secretaries something goes wrong on their watch – the best news for Labour is because of a pair of tits on his front row Cameron cannot sack Theresa May without looking Brownian in his hatred of women.

What really made me churn as Labour seems to hope the cuts can stop it from looking in a mirror is the lauding of 13 wasted years.

It could be a quarter a century and in a much reduced role that Britain’s public finances are in as good a shape as Ken Clarke left them when Brown decided he knew better around the turn of the century. As Harriet Harman the cerebrally challenged deputy leader blasted out the achievements of the Brown Govt a 10 year old boy would have been correct thinking I could do better at the cost of 100s of Billions. The fact is I could say buying an Aston Martin was an achievement but a pretty Pyrrhic one if I maxed my credit cards to do it and could not afford the repayments, insurance, tax and petrol!

Harman battled to sound like she believed a word she said. In a speech whose anti intellectualism was maybe a sop to the Daily Mail who hate her as she’s female. Her other “yes, but” inducing comment was that the recession  was not the fault of Labour. Yes, but the the high levels of debt in a boom that left us poorly placed to ride it out and we’ll be paying for it for years was. The fact that most of the weakest balance sheets in the major banking world were British was. That our banks were exposed to a sub prime crisis in the States was. That we are in the same boat as the US whose policies we copy was not mitigation.

Everything they supposedly achieved was built on debt, consumer and public. Built on debt. Growth through debt.

The worst part of it was this consumer and public debt binge left people working all hours and bitter. Resentful as their ridiculous feelings that they have lost something to Immigration shows. Immigration is an issue only in terms of how does this country counteract an aging population? Young immigrants?

Ed Miliband has to, if Labour are to ever be an effective Govt, admit their incompetence. Admit they need to build public services on something other than debt. He has to drop the likes of Woolas and Balls with their ranting stupid idiotic bigotry. He has to make the ultimate sacrifice and open his brother, Straw and Blair up to justice over their sanctioning of interviews where torture would almost certainly take place, this is against the law. He has to stop worrying what Newspapers think. He has to tell the truth about the ghettos they created many on racial lines. He has to tell the bigots and clowns why we need Immigration.

Most of all he has to cleanse the party of Brown and his influence.

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Sep 09

Further to the other day’s blast at Alan Johnson the man who buried the phone hacking inquiry’s ridiculous bringing up the issue. Yesterday the torturer’s apologist, cheerleader and director of operations Jack Straw wasted 4 questions at Question Time on Coulson. Clegg’s eyes must have lit up as this juicy half tracker came at him as he quoted back then Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s gloriously sycophantic good bye to Coulson.

“When Coulson resigned, the first person to call to commiserate was Gordon Brown,” Clegg said.

“He told him not to worry, that he had done the honourable thing and he knew he would go on to do a worthwhile job”

Now I was amazed along with the Guardian when New Labour buried this body. The fact they would dig it up to try to create some sleaze ala the Forgemasters’ loan where they were in the wrong  shows a breath taking contempt for any right or wrong.

Worse it’s not as though the working classes of this country are not under an unprecedented attack on jobs, wages, rising taxes,  back taxes they did not pay through any fault of their own, bad housing, no new housing, wars they do not want, the Climate and yet Labour want to dredge up this affair they buried for what political advantage.

The irony being Clegg brought up some of the issues that should interest Labour

Clegg said: “”We’ve got a war in Afghanistan, a flood in Pakistan and he is inviting us to second guess the police.”

In power Labour descended to a Gimmick cult following the instructions of Rupert Murdoch, The Americans and Big Business in that order.

Out of power they have become a Triviality Circle.

They should be fighting Osbornonomics!

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Jul 26

Reading other left websites I’d love the readership, the links and fellowship of my fellow bloggers but then I’d probably be re-tweeting the banal like me(s) of Ed ‘The Bland’ Miliband. I’d have to temper my critique of Torture and Rendition’s ‘Pied Piper’ Straw cos his son works on one. I’d probably be mildly distanced for liking and agreeing with Cameron’s description of Ed Balls as the Alf Garnett of British Politics for his ‘it woz the imi-grants wot dun it’ rants. My view that relative to the accepted standards of this country that Brown, Straw and Blair and all the acolytes like Miliband (x2), Whelan, Balls et al were all depraved would not be popular.

Not when Labourites are wrapping themselves in the sanctimony of not being the party of austerity – no just the cause! When Brown has found a whole continent to patronise. Indeed Brown’s dislike of working people with views and lives and his preference for mere victims reliant on patronage which he can give sums up the duality of New Labour pretty well.  Instead they want to give you pensions and child tax credits and you to be grateful and shut up about furriners, going on strike, human rights, excessively rich people paying no tax, education biased to the middle classes, health biased to the middle classes and Police brutality. For instance last week’s Brian Clough documentaries showed him as the kind of confident outspoken working class hero so despised of New Labour.

Leaving aside personal disgust for the nasty creeps in the Labour Shadow Cabinet, almost all soiled by acts and association, the fact I view no policy they have as positive would be a deal breaker. Labour policy is universally derived from electoral advantage internally and externally. Labour policy is even after the defeat a series of statements and pledges with neither coherence nor depth. They are un-vote-able for by anyone who wants a positive long term future for this country.

That does not mean I accept the depth of cuts. Merely that a party who ran the Health Service for 13 years and spent massive amounts on it but killed thousands with re-organisations and a failure to do what was obvious in 1997, clean the damn hospitals, is a not a  party interested in results just electoral advantage. To answer the question the Lesser of Two Evils is still the Lesser of Two Evils I would answer

Are They? Prove it.

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Jul 23

Two issues struck me as particularly asinine this week: The Megrahi BP thing: The continuing tedious nit picking over Forgemasters’ Loan.

The Megrahi thing is kind of ridiculous as our leaders if they don’t break bread now treat Libya as an ally. If Megrahi committed this crime and he would appear to have more doubt than the Amanda Knoxes of this world then he did not do it as a stateless rogue but as a paid operative of the Libyan Govt. Libya paid a very large amount of money as Blood Money in settlement. Thus detaining him is like in the words of someone I like to agree with once a decade Bruce ‘Brute’ Anderson like holding a WW2 bomber pilot for 20 years after the war.

You’d think Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and 4 Senators would realise that would you not? They are not stupid? No apparently he is labeled a  terrorist and since the US decided that is now axiomatically bad as it gets and he’s probably also considered E-V-I-L they don’t. Hypocrites maybe but sanctimonious righteous ones certainly.

Anyway BP are linked with al Megrahi’s release at least? Well there is no fact here. BP pushed  for a prisoner exchange deal to get an oil contract but Megrahi was not released under that deal – although to be fair as general agreements go it was probably intended to be about one man. However no doubt the exchange of blood monies by Libya and the USA was pushed by ExxonMobil etc.

This really does not matter since Megrahi was released on compassionate grounds under Scottish Law and hence all this wittering is just a act of stupidity. Indeed Alex Salmond made it clear BP did not contact him or his Scottish Govt at all. It was one of the benefits of devolution that Westminister could pass the buck and leave someone else make if it was an error an error of Commission something 3rd wayists studious avoid.

One has to ask are the Democrats making a big deal of this because: they are funded by rival oil companies (just as complicit in sucking up to Quaddaffi): they see electoral advantage in the feeding frenzy on BP and do not care about facts, “rhetoric is all there is” Rahm Emanuel  (I made that quote up, sorry!): The Obama Administration has been made to look a clown by allowing deep water drilling when we do not have the technology to cope with errors*. The answer is probably a bit of all 3 but most likely the main driver is to appear alpha male just as Labour did on Crime to no positive effect.

* The Obama administration gave up on the whole environment bar the Gulf of Mexico bizarrely yesterday. The ultimate error of Human omission so politically acceptable. If anything reflects the point I am trying to make in this article it’s this juxtaposition between an environmental impact on the news being no 1 priority and a far worse potential problem Climate Change being dropped!

The Forgemasters thing is something I assumed Labour would want to brush under the carpet and the Govt put Mandelson and Balls on charges of gerrymandering, at least if you believe Lib Con logic. The basics are this the Labour Govt just before an election agreed a loan to a private company at a low interest rate. The loan was cancelled rightly by the new Govt  as governments should not be loaning money to random private companies as every company in the country would wonder why they were so favoured. It breaks competition and EU Law potentially as a subsidy and if I was a competitor company I would want a cheap loan as well thank you very much.

Yet amazing the matter was brought no by the Coalition but by Jack Straw. Apparently a Tory businessman who gave money to the Tory party and paid for flights for Cameron lobbied for the loan to be canceled. His motivation apparently to invest in Forgemasters. However this rather makes the point why would the Govt need or have to make a loan/subsidy to a company that many others wanted to invest in?

So is Jack Straw a moron? No, so why is he making such illogical attacks on his own party’s behaviour in fact?  He’s doing it as a smear never mind that nothing wrong was done by the Coalition at least. He’s linking Tory donor, canceled loans etc in the backyard of the Deputy Prime Minister. It’s a scorched earth attack on good Government.

The point being that these two witch hunts where the party in the wrong dons the clothes of  self righteousness and screams like a baby for attention shows where so called liberal politics has gone now. Whatever seam the 3rd way once mined is barren. It’s reduced to nothing more than doing things for political advantage.

It’s coming to something when the Scots Nationalists are the most sincere and honourable politicians?

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