Apr 05

Egypt, Saudi and the UAE are allies of Israel. Jordan and Israel share a dislike of Palestinians and worries at their population growth. However these channels are all unofficial as the despot led nations commit atrocities Israel might actually get censured for by the USA. They pretend to have some fig leaf of Arab solidarity like the gangsters of E Block objecting to a man who ripped off the elderly but secretly does their tax return. Continue reading »

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Apr 05

The Iran deal in the face of objections from hardliners in Iran seems fair enough.

After all even Netanyahu was reduced to the ephemeral OK but what about getting Iran to recognise Israel. Would that make it OK then? Er so what are you objecting to again? That some meaningless statement from someone in Iran would bring your support [it would not]. In the end the nuclear genie is out of the bottle and many nations from Israel itself to South Africa have illegally [ha!] developed nuclear weapons.

It does seem odd that loads of people with no interest in the region were there but not Israel or Saudi. Of course the reason is they did what Iran seeks to do and that would have been a little bit embarrassing. Or was it because Israel is the new Ulster and Netanyahu the new Paisley? “Ulster  Israel Says No” to everything. Let’s hope Rouhani and Netanyahu end up known as the Chuckle Brothers like McGuinness and Paisley.

Or maybe not.


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Dec 08

According to Oxford PPE graduate Theresa May Islamic State present the gravest threat this country has ever faced. Of course May is not up on her history but the sheer stupidity of her comments when cracking down on bad driving would save more lives is noteworthy. However next to Philip Hammond, Cameron, Obama and “the gimp” John Kerry she’s a fucking genius. Their policies of stoking war in Syria and Ukraine backfired. Now they have a carnivorous Russia playing with a Fascist Kiev. In Syria the Assad regime may be about to topple but now they do not want it to so swapped sides. Enter the dragons Israel and Turkey our supposed allies and recently not friendly to each other but both fervent backers of Islamic State against their enemies – Kurds in Turkey’s case and Hezbollah/Iran in Israel’s case.

UK/US policy is now beyond mockery or caricature as its supposed allies piss on it from a great height. To cap it all off the UK Govt is to build a military base in Bahrain so it can support that country’s refusal to democratise, austerity schusterity. Again the sidebar is these people have some of the highest educational qualifications out there and they’re all either morons or unaware of the own ignorance.

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Feb 02

Apparently Ehud Olmert and a host of Israeli politicians and generals could be arrested and prosecuted in England.

I do not have a flattering view of Israel. I’d love to know why Israel never fails to attack UN peace keepers and aid workers. How it attacks Red Cross ambulances. Their likely use of illegal weapons in an urban environment. Their treating criminal behaviour by people in a stateless condition as an act of war – a total logic failure when you’re the occupying power. Their arguably symbiotic relationship with Hamas as they and Fatah seek to propagate a status quo that suits the armed but not the people. The land grab. The settlements. etc.

It’s complicated and really it won’t change whilst the US writes blank cheques to Israel – right or wrong it does not matter. So why would anyone in the UK want to jump in? What vanity possesses someone in this country to intervene? Or to pen laws that allow us to?

The key is this who does it help if these butchers are arrested here? Are we just creating a rod for our own back? Even former student leftie Jack  Straw was forced to come up with some bogus health issue not to deport Pinochet to Spain to face charges for murdering their citizens. Even if it happened the US President would be straight on the phone to his subordinate asking WTF they are doing and setting some deadline of 5 minutes for them to sort it out.  The Home Secretary would release the prisoner on some bogus ground and lick the soles of his shoes clean before he left Heathrow.

At the end of the day Iraq and other things have shown might is right in so called International Law so why pretend? There seems little point to international courts and justice if they did not exist the world would not be different.Like Iraq it is interfering in the internal affairs of another country. That whilst seemingly a no brainer after the Balkans and Sierra Leone campaigns the interventionist policies ended up in the desert of intelligence that is Iraq and Afghanistan – it’s where all vigilantism ends up in a moral maze.

The UK will support untold countries with poor human rights directly or indirectly even if our Prime Minister plays Cnut the Great and damns their leaders. To pretend we have the will  to hold foreigners to account in our courts is mere fantasy. It’s likely as China’s non judgemental support of countries increases we shall see the US start to demand its allies stop harassing its less salubrious and democratic partners like Libya and Sri Lanka. All that Freedom and Democracy they fed us, Bullshit.

Stop pretending that  place-holders like Olmert and Livni matter. Honestly I see no shortage of blood thirsty would be leaders on all sides in that region. Sometimes the world is complex and we cannot legislate that or do any good and have to accept that.

Take the laws off the books.

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