Nov 30

Immigration raises it’s head and the main parties policies may be best described as moronic. The concentration on benefits is political and as with the austerity cuts probably going to cost more than it saves. The point is the swivel eyed of Migration Watch may not like immigrants and try to put lipstick on why they don’t but their view is rational to a point and I accept widely held.

The response of the neo Liberals is cloud cuckoo land. It’s jumped the whale. It’s ridiculous. The clear point is as much as we would wish it otherwise the neo libs’ policies of selling off council houses, creating asset bubbles and a rentier economy, privatising public services and their desperate desire to monetise the NHS and Education, without calling it privatisation, means we cannot expand services or build more infrastructure except at exorbitant cost. Make no mistake the reason that the UK could not cope is not lack of land or lacks of natural resources or opportunity. It is it conflicts with the aims of the major political parties.

LibLabCon should really form a single party and stop lying to us there is any major difference in policy delivery and that they stand for something. At present on Immigration and other issues they say we can have our cake and eat it but it’s very unclear what if any cake they are talking about.

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Jun 15

As with torture real depravity is not even bad compared to a footballer’s errant dick in popular culture. Thus in politics being indelicate is far worse than ordering multiple drone strikes knowing you will kill more civilians than any other group.  Continue reading »

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Jul 11

Have told North West Labour Party that my chances [in Oldham East & Saddleworth] are slim. The Tories [third, behind Labour and the Liberal Democrats] have selected an Asian. The white Tory vote will go for the Lib Dem because they’d sooner have a Lib Dem whose views they oppose!

This is Phil Woolas from last January. Many of us have more desperate and selfish thoughts than we ever share but we know that they are delusional and not for sharing – a function of the twisted self image we know we should ignore. What shocks me even more than Woolas’ publishing his personal twistings is he would put out such a damning indictment of his constituents in much the same was as the man he refers to as ‘Great Leader’ felt about his neighbours in Rochdale. Frankly if you can be racist against white people in your constituency he was….

The only nugget of interest was that he discussed Immigration (he was the minister after all) with Brown. Intimating that we would be short of skilled workers without it. Why not have that debate instead of pandering to the racists with policies that will not affect 80% of immigration like the Tories. Not once did Labour explain their policy about why they were happy for immigrants.

Indeed the biggest contempt from Woolas was that immigration and Brown cost them the election. With all their gerrymandering that meant they can win a significant majority without a significant vote and the continued hatred of the Tories he might be right about Brown though. However the rest of us may be reactionary but the overwhelming majority of the British are not voting for 1 issue idiots and all Woolly was confirming that immigration policy was aimed not at any national problem just the Labour Party’s problems.

And that is why they lost. People may not be able to enunciate an in-depth position but they knew Labour had no answers but a series of policies to achieve nothing more than votes. Most of people’s intelligence is unconscious and thus going by what people say per se it is a mistake.

Sadder still the 4 serious candidates for the leadership all seem to grab positions not from principal or even from 3rd way fitness for purpose but to try and position themselves to be popular.

Will they ever get it?

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Jun 26

Like Alf Garnett’s alter ego Ed Balls I’ve reluctantly come round to the view that England has lost something of itself and we need change.

I see too many people who don’t know what country this is. They drive around in  their cars and vans display English crosses of St George but they know and care so little about the country they have word ‘England’ typed across the middle of those flags – spoiling them and hinting at something worse. They do not even know what country the flag represents without having it spelt out for them.

In addition many of these people think that being English is about being pale skinned, loud and bellicose complaining about everything and especially a group of people they call ‘Furriners’, whatever they are. The kind of people who if they had enough money would go and live in Spain and do exactly the same. These migrants should be given every chance to be sent to their home away from us.

Sadly these people are being courted by cynical politicians from  the extreme Rhetoric Party. A gang of Socratian verbal thugs who shout people down with one liners and no analysis.

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Jun 08

Yesterday the 5 Labour leadership candidates who are not Balls gathered to pretend they give a toss what the GMB thinks. That those still stupid enough to pay the political levy should receive a jerking off for their money.

Once again what struck one is that none of them have any ideas. There is just a continuation of policy as a product of the rhetoric to sell it. Tail wagging dog. Bar blame the dark skinned or Eastern Europeans who want to come here and work, the bastards.

Balls and co supposedly want to change European laws and agreements which as he would know from mocking the Tories is a non runner and besides the immigration horse is half way up the high street and long gone. It’s just pitiable positioning. Even in its own miserable terms it does not address the problems just any future exacerbation at best. If it’s like asylum policy it really is a dog’s breakfast designed to produce numbers to sell on party broadcasts without a slither of fairness or respect for human life and rights. Never mind being an aimless bad joke of a policy that would make the Dangerous Dogs Act look like considered legislation.

There is no big idea. Even Cameron’s “Big Society” may sound like bollocks and be bollocks but you can see what he means. People seem to want the state to do what people might once or could easily do by reconnecting with their neighbours. It may fall on the rocks of human indifference as it does seem we have become hermits all. Nonetheless it’s an idea and joined up policy can flow from it.

Without a big idea Labour will continue to just sound like they are a series of pledges and promises to earn votes. This is what they were in the late 80s when they could not figure out how to beat Tory policy aimed at 5% of the population. Obsessed by tax rates and damning the rich – the latter a peculiar fashion that they turned around 180 degrees.

Sure nothing changed underneath for all the talk of neo liberalism and 3rd ways but it did come across initially that their was some cohesion. We now know this to be false and that they had no ideas beyond being what an American might label tax and spend liberals who taxed too little and spent too much. Also they had a guide in the seemingly successful Clinton presidency.

Next time what can they take from the Obama Administration? Without being too up on all his domestic policies it seems from a distance and based on foreign policy like the worst excesses of Al Capone style Chicago politics, Clinton and Bush morphed into a secular politician accepting the right wing UK media will display his worst aspects – at least 32 million Americans I believe have better healthcare to remind us there is a difference.

What is really scary is that 30% voted for Labour . It implies to me after 5 years of stagnant growth and austerity they could win without changing. The economy thanks to their economic incompetence of the last few years would be the same whoever was in power but they could benefit! In those circumstances they could be re-elected as a could not do worse alternative with their incompetence and reactionary crypto fascism in tact.

Of course barely worth mentioning yesterday but beneath contempt were the 2 left candidates making no effort to win or advance the debate. McDonnell’s anecdote if he could go back to the 80s he’d shoot Thatcher might be funny with the lads, or the first 3 times he said it, but with the working class facing austerity is self serving frippery. Abbot was keen to show she was untainted by New Labour but of course that comes across as a fence sitter who has never committed to anything but damning others. Neither has a posture of seriously representing anyone but themselves.

In my not particularly humble one the winner of yesterday’s talkathon was Balls.

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May 17

I was shocked a close friend voted Labour at the last election. Sure he’s on the left and would never be taken in by the more leftish sounding menu of the Liberal Democrats. Nor does he care much for his leftist MP who is a serial clown. At first I put this down to expecting a United fan to give up supporting United because of the low level of behaviour of Sir Alex Ferguson and the Glazers – incidentally we still await S’Alex and his sword of truth cutting the BBC down.

I’ve documented Labour’s pursuit of the bottom of the human rights league for what call themselves 1st world countries. Certainly it’s hard to grow up being taught to hate what dictators do, the locking up of Nelson Mandela and then find we do worse than lock people up and beat them to death (although we do that). Regardless  it does seem that Labour through it’s pledges and payments to no end created pockets of desperate support (see comments on piece on Scotland). This in turn allowed patronising socialists the rope to vote for them.

I therefore note that to get the extra votes apparently Balls and the Milibands will attempt to connect more with the views on Immigration of their constituents. Indeed all 3 (Ed, Ed and call me David) cited the need to be harder on this small number of people. Given we’ve locked up children and condoned brutality and human rights abuses at Detention and Reception Centres I can only assume this means New Labour wants to flog them in the streets on prime time TV.

Sidebar why do fascists always use obtuse non threatening language for detention, torture and beating centres? Immigrant Reception Centres!

The fact there are a million illegal immigrants, 80% of actual immigrants (EU) will soon have a legal right to be here and it is impossible to deport them and the illegals make money for criminals means even if we stop legal immigration not a lot will be achieved. Indeed worse will happen. So why do Labour’s big knobs insist on saying we can do worse to them?

Quite why leftist would vote for a weak form of National Social Democracy for me shows that they do not engage with the real world but merely a creation of their own supposition. I can understand the poor and vulnerable falling for Labour’s nonsense but anyone else sorry it was am immoral vote for a party that resembles Brown even now. Patronising and insulting to the poor, say anything to the middle classes, judgmental of behaviour and do anything to furriners for votes or a pat on the head from the septics.

Sidebar: Even on the issue of spending cuts it’s clear that Osborne does not have to cost his cuts because Labour had them planned anyway so arguably a vote on the grounds of Public Spending was wasted? Indeed arguably Tory cuts will be less long term if they get higher bond prices and less debt accrual. The danger of a double dip recession is high anyway as Europe deflates. Any growth is merely more debt as it leads to money flowing out of the country.

The real truth on immigration is that we are not being told why it was allowed. Why we opened up to the Eastern European countries more than our continental brethren. Equally Labour will not explain why it now views immigration as a problem other than accepting the utterances of the media and concerned people are. It won’t define actual problems which led to their original position. Why would anyone trust they have any answers to a problem they clearly did not see?

On all issues Labour promises: no analysis: no solutions: no defined problems: no arguments: no logic: no ideology: no thought: only pledges and pandering to prejudices. Merely now it looks to reflect rhetoric back to those desperate or depraved enough to vote for it.

The morality of Labour is at best an equivocal morality at worst a depraved indifference to individuals lives. Bureaucratic determinism.

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May 07

I was shocked at how quickly my piece became redundant as Cameron went far further and faster than I expected him to. Citing a genuine national interest of the type that the deluding Brown would be unable to acknowledge as he has helped make Britain’s position worse. I think it shows that Cameron sees a genuine problem with British Capitalism and the urgent need to get in front of what is a beggar my neighbour world when we are in a weak position.

The grounds for accepting this deal for the Liberals are as follows:-

  1. Trident replacement. This is a policy backed by both main parties and whilst laughable over the life of the system it is 2 Bn a year and liveable and you never know 1 chance in a Million and we have a use for it. Not an issue in reality.
  2. Europe No mas. The Euro is a dead duck maybe even for countries in it. Further integration is not wanted and the Lib Dems can hardly lead the UK from a minority position anyway. Not an issue then.
  3. Electoral Reform. Cameron offered re-defining constituencies and that would likely mean more Lib and Con seats and less Labour preventing the vile Blair regime staying on in 2005 with 35% of the vote on a low turnout.  The Libs just do not have the votes to justify Proportional Representation. This is not what they want but they can have improvements as offered and if they turn down the deal will they get anything?
  4. On Immigration no amnesties etc etc again there is no difference between Tory and Labour and if the Libs re-quote their policy I bet they become more in line.

There is an issue with Electoral Reform but there is plenty on here for Clegg especially if Cabinet posts and the chance to prove yourself in Govt and get a legitimate shot at a broken Labour party at the next election with fair boundaries.

I see no reason to not take this offer. The alternative is a coalition with Nationalist and the depraved Labour Party. A link with the Tories would not be a dog wagged by the Scots Nats but a real chance to be in government for 5 years.

Additionally another election could see an even worse 3rd party squeeze and not backing the Tories sends us to the polls sooner rather than later.

The real story is that Cameron made this offer and what that says about the position of British Capital.

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Apr 26

New Labour’s fetishisation and centralisation of the Party and Leadership such that even fair minded Britons keep referring to the party leaders as their parties has one central problem for the party that made 600 or so non Cabinet MPs nothing more than a expensive faux aggrandisement on the face of a flawed democracy. They have no talent to replace the seemingly talent-less and economically damaging savant Brown.

One of the ones most talked of as an interim solution much like the Tory party went through waiting to become half way electable is the flat earth society supporting Alan Johnson. Johnson has real working class credentials. Unlike the others who are: career bullies and coarse self serving acolytes of Brown like Balls totally devoid of an agenda or policies like their flawed idol: or naked ambitious type like Miliband who has no real agenda just like his broken idol Blair. Johnson was a postal worker for 19 years.

Johnson though is flawed by his hatred for anything like debate or discussion or thinking. He makes a virtue of his reflection of ill formed prejudice and fear back to voters. Populist in a word except I doubt he’d be that popular.

On drugs he mocked science and scientists in a bravura performance in the Commons. You got the impression that if he thought it would make sense with voters he’d quite happily oppose man made climate change after all he decried the use of objective analysis and chucked out the line that harm had nothing to do with Drug classification i.e. the public perception fed by anecdote and scare stories like the super strength dope that suddenly appeared and disappeared in the space of a year is the way to go – albeit that argument relied apparently on the extra harm of mythical Marijuana that suddenly appeared in the 21st century! Even in the Govt’s own terms his comments were moronic. What he really was saying is that he would not challenge popular perception and newspaper headlines with facts.

When postal workers were going on strike which Cabinet member would you think most informed to put forward Govt opinion? Guess which one said nothing? Fronted no comments? Yep Alan Say Anything Popular or Nothing Johnson.

His latest pandering to reactionary populism, and this site would know that when it sees it, is to claim that 83% of asylum claims are false. The 83% is initially rejected and as we saw with micro celebrities like Makosi from Zimbabwe many decisions are reversed and a so called false asylum claim involves sending people back to hell holes like Iraq, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe – it’s a self fulfilling prophecy of his own creation even if he was correct in his figures which he clearly was not. Indeed quite how this counters a 10 year amnesty for illegal immigrants is beyond me as it’s conflating two different things to pander to ignorance and irrationality? A smear no less. Channel 4 Factcheck determined he was a liar here even though the point was irrelevant to the policy he was countering.

The key question is the one Clegg put forward OK how do you send a million people home? Johnson of course knows there is no answer and practically the position of Labour and Tory is like drugs – ban them, re-classify and pretend that means you are doing something because it is illegal and the policy can be called tough.  Of course in reality tough policies  that are unenforcible become arbitrary.

Sadly the smary be-suited Johnson has nothing to offer the working classes. He brings no perspective except self interest much like once working class football managers have become deluded that stealing from the game is their right.

However it’s hard to see anyone else wanting the crown as Labour may need a few Duncan-Smiths, Howards and Hagues before they are where the Tories are now – merely widely hated and even more widely distrusted.

Still at least the flat earth society and extreme religious groups can endorse an enemy of science and rationality. That maybe the only support Labour has left besides working people who still cling to a mistaken belief in the Labour Party.

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