Jan 02

Why does David Cameron and others make up stats and complaints about new immigrants? Is it because the economic argument is one way. Indeed why do people make specious economic arguments against immigration when they are clearly fallacious or so atomised as to be irrelevant to the subject as a whole? Why do they invent crud like Health Tourism? Now we will charge furriners for A&E a bureaucratic nightmare and is Cameron really suggesting people come here to have Accidents and Emergencies!

The answer is of course the British are ill advised and wrong on everything as a survey showed. It’s why the poor are blamed even though they actually cost less than even healthy pensioners say. That 10s of Bns is given in subsidy to BAE Systems, Train franchises, PFI payments, Banks  etc as Iain Duncan Smith [IDS] tries to scrape a few 100 Mn off the unemployed! IDS a man who lost the leadership of the Tory Party by paying his wife.

It’s why the BBC, Guardian and Mail for all their pretense are state media – The Times does not even try not to be seen as State Media. The vast majority of their output is within the bounds of Polly Toynbee a person who equates support for Rendition Labour with her own goodness and John Redwood a man who does not know the words to the Welsh National Anthem. i.e. a pro Finance corrupt political centre which seeks to monetise at low prices valuable state assets as a sustainable economic policy! Continue reading »

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Apr 10

The news MPs are being paid to return early to attend Thatcher’s final ceremony is justly getting critiqued. That MPs are on a gravy train of expenses and directorships is not in question. A few were sacrificed to the plebs but as we saw with IDS and David Laws some fraud was not put in front of a jury.

Indeed their cases were not petty fraud either despite the suggestion Laws could have claimed more by being honest about his relationship. Although how much credence should one give a liar?

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Feb 23

I walk through cold weather in a giant cashmere coat much like many do the recession who are in work. It barely affects me. I barely notice.Yet whilst the unemployed are piled into low productivity low wage jobs that do nothing to increase output I and my ilk sit in offices, go out drinking and in my case chuffing Cuban Cigars.

Yet in many ways we are the ones who are most deluded. Our pensions are being gutted by inflation and fees to maintain banker incomes. We may think we have a stake in society but we have no more than a student bullied to work for nothing to subsidise Poundland’s owners. Indeed the arrogance of the wealthier is that Inheritance tax is a big issue to some. Yet what people expect to leave in 20 or 30 years is irrelevant in more cases than is understood now.

The economy may flatline but with Sterling a dead man walking and energy prices rising even wider real deprivation will hit home and soon – stagnation for the UK is a downward line in an energy crunch. That a nation of shelf stacking coffee pourers will save the nation according to IDS and Osborne is of course poppycock. The current economics of enforcing the status quo of a housing bubble, asset prices, zombie companies, PFI, Govt waste etc will ensure a dead economy for many years in a country which does not produce its own goods, food nor energy anymore.

It’s time to put aside your red , orange and blue flags and take on the vested interests of the corrupt troika of Politicians, Security Services and Financiers looking after themselves at our expense.

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Nov 04

First up one should not talk the economy down. However there is no evidence that Tory or Labour disbelieve their inane and delusional nonsense. Iain Duncan Smith thinks the UK will be fine outside of the EU. The Milibands are pimping a Living Wage which is classic New Labour using a worthy cause and source of worthy rhetoric without tackling the reasons why people don’t get a living wage – despite their being in power for 13 of the last 15 years. They all ignore the economic reality. That whilst it continues to subsidise the shadow banking industry that creates no wealth with 10s Bns each year the real economy will not grow and indeed the rest will shrivel and the parasite will have nothing to feed off either. At that point it won’t matter if we are in the EU or not.  Continue reading »

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