May 10

Are we seeing all that is there? I was touched by a German piece which helpfully in English pointed out the difference between outward rhetoric and the internal reality of German politicians. Thus the thing that really riles up politicians is optimism not hard questions. Indeed ask David Cameron if the average British family will be able to buy a home in 5 years time after another economic miracle. Bet that would have the tetchy creep being very tetchy. That’s not on offer.

The fears I would presume are that what is happening to western economies (slowing growth) and that this was an inevitable function of Globalisation. That low Western investment was a function of low labour costs in a global market. That this could turn around as China’s birth policies and usage filled up. Does this make more sense of the austerity meme whereby the west deflates and transfer payments need to reduce?

Personally I think this is a factor and certainly the unskilled racists who want to prevent immigration really really misunderstand that importing the skills here will have good side effects in such a world rather than leaving the skills abroad or even to be imported by other countries. Nonetheless it should not obscure the idiocy of handing trade disputes [TTIP] to a committee of lawyers to prevent countries changing Environmental/Banking/Pollution laws and the banks blowing debt bubbles. Sound economic management is still needed even if you can explain some factors by rising skill and access to the market in the rest of the world.

Indeed one outcome is surely to back infrastructure investment not just as graft as Tories and Labour do [HS2 Low Speed Old Tech Money to Friends]. How do you create a premium for doing work in the UK or any other country? You certainly won’t by privatising income streams and nationalising debt. Nor will you do it with subsidy paid out of the wages of workers in that market.

Maybe a proper response relies on Politicians being honest or even knowing why they do what they do. The fear I have in the UK is that apparent idiocy is not because they cannot explain it but because they believe it.

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Jun 14

The good thing about being in favour of wars is that generally speaking when you’re backing UK/US winning it’s easy. Triumphant rhetoric flows like the Rhine. Justification rhetoric is almost a doddle as inevitably the opposition ‘leader’ is a vile despot our politicians constrained by history, aided by  a compliant media, cannot easily be said to be as evil as.

Anyway after 12 years the Iraq policy unwinds. After the last 2 Presidents said Mission Accomplished and a Strong Stable Iraq and began selling them weapons (seriously WTF does Iraq need with £3 Bn of F16s with half the country destitute?). It reminds me of the Chinese building an enormous wall and the Mongols being let through the gate by an army who no longer cared! After 12 years of Neo Con/Liberal bollocks the fundamentalist loons have just been allowed to walk in. All the 100s of Bns of dollars of weapons and training a complete waste.

America and UK well done you went into Iraq to fight a non existent al Queda and now have created a Sunni fundamentalist army that may be worse. Orwell was a fool who only foresaw how you would create a pretend enemy not then make it real. That is alchemy. That is genius. That is sick, man. American Hustle, indeed.

Sadly Rumsfeld and co gloated and enjoyed themselves. The rational felt sad then and sadder now. A nation of cunts rose up with their Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys… Yet whose side are the cowards? Whose side stood by to be mocked? Who stood against the easy rhetoric crowd?

Hawks, for what it’s worth it’s worse than we feared then. Yours Doves.

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Apr 09

UKIP may be beneath the surface a load of Climate Change denying twats but they will continue to sound more relevant to people who might openly decry them because they do not have baggage. Their policies may be at odds with science and sense but they are still more logical than a series of half understood dictated maxims that the other 3 Neo-Liberal US owned parties spout.

Farage and co do not have to pick up NATO’s line on Ukraine. Indeed Hague sounded like a moron as he said Russia was destabilising East Ukraine after the Americans alone had spent $2 Bn destabilising the whole of it, by their own admission never mind what freshly printed they actually spent – Ron Paul claims $5 Bn. Never mind what our soiled booth dwellers at GCHQ got up to. Farage will be able to question the share of aid we give a country who will not be able to pay its fuel bills this winter and will not have them written off. Farage will be able to question why the next Ukrainian President approved by the West is worth Bns. Farage will be able to laud it over them when pogroms start etc

UKIP also is not stuck talking gobbledygook economics handed down by morons at Bilderberg and Davos. Economics that makes no sense plied 3rd hand by Balls and Osborne whatever its originations – Cable knows it makes no sense but is muted in criticising it.

I come not to praise UKIP but merely to suggest their burial will be hard for the main parties if they continue with such a poorly dictated script.

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Apr 06

This we’ll make work pay is in one sense an honourable aim. However in reality it is a specious attempt at mere electioneering. Even someone as vain as Osborne or as shallow as Alexander would know that the methods of achieving this are self defeating.

  1. Cut Benefits: These are low and will just put more pressure on extended families and Social Services.
  2. Subsidising Wages or forcing people to work: This is just a further encouragement to the zombie economy as work for standing around in a shop is valued as taking up a profession or joining a new vibrant company.
  3. These so called new jobs add nothing to the country’s GDP so far – more people employed and even with QE etc it’s still flatlining.
  4. Forcing people into work lowers wages of those at the bottom – why should I employ you when the state will give me free workers? This again lowers demand and tax return to no benefit to GDP.
  5. Putting more and more people in unproductive low paid jobs is hardly going to fund growth or debt repayment the UK needs.
  6. Essentially it’s become an ‘end around’ the minimum wage with people supplied to business for nothing at a cost to the rest of us working for pennies an hour.

It seems merely a cynical ploy for votes from a deviant stupid self important middle class fed on stories of scroungers and benefit fraudsters. Who’d be stupid enough to fall for that? All 3 main parties support an inherently bullying model for the unemployed, low paid and unfortunate which says little for them and the idiots who will vote for any of them. They scream morality but have no value system. They are happy to condemn millions of people and hide behind rhetoric.

Rhetoric drives policy in the UK no matter how much misery it causes.

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Mar 10

You don’t have to be an economist, indeed it helps not to be, to know the prevailing world economics make no sense.

Debt is up. Stocks are up. House prices in Capitals up. Taxes Up. Energy prices up. Rents up. Real inflation up. Greenhouse gases up. Pollution up.

Incomes are down and falling rapidly against the true inflation.

These are all obvious conclusions of raising asset prices by QE and supplying cheap credit.

You don’t have to be a Marxist to know Capitalism cannot work like this.  Continue reading »

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Jan 20

Economics is extremely useful as a form of employment for economists.

John Kenneth Galbraith

Yes it’s the World Economic Forum in Davos where the Conservative and Labour parties from across Europe and the World gather to find out the latest wheeze for transferring public wealth to the rich.

These ideas will appear as rhetoric with both main parties in the UK making the Dog and Dog with Fleas strategies sound as different as a mobile phone and a sandwich. Yet make no mistake for all the semantics this week will mark the latest idiocy from the Economics profession to justify inequality and poverty and both Labour and Tory are signed up for it.

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Sep 15

Many will point to the recent attacks on US embassies because someone made a film pointing out the Prophet was a fraud, aren’t they all (Moses excepted), as evidence of the danger to the USA. Continue reading »

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Sep 05

Let’s be clear austerity policies and the continued hounding of the disabled and unemployed to get jobs that are not there is a stain on this Govt. It will cost more than it saves even before the toll of suicides and broken people is included. That the Tories, for it is their ministers largely responsible, are doing this to sound tough at conference is lamentable. That they have merely continued the policies of Labour and their former pets ATOS and A4E merely reflects the lack of mainstream choice we face in our better than nothing democracy. Continue reading »

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Sep 28

I tend to get angry and add maybe poorly chosen words to pieces by environmentalists who want to support Labour for some reason. I point out that the carbon consequences of the policies is almost negligible. That Ed Miliband in power may not differ a great deal from Chris Huhne. Then again I cannot sell the environment to friends…. I had the following comment the other day about the Heathrow 3rd runway from an airport worker

If we don’t have it Amsterdam or Paris will.

Quite shocked to get the concentration camp guard defence but it does raise 2 issues

  1. People’s short term self interest over rides any humanity view and thus extrapolated people will ask what’s in it for them regardless of the greater good. Sadly this may be one example where Brownian disbelieve in anyone else’s altruism bar his own specious self aggrandising view of himself was correct. Just as in a recession Keynes says we should all spend when we want to save.
  2. Green issues need to be dealt with internationally.

Where I differ with my friend is I think we should lead. The West has to drop this idiocy that a cap and trade so called market solution is anything but a complete load of bollocks.

On another issue someone said to me their daughter :-

Had to have a car as they had 3 kids at 2 schools.

I suppose my mother  must have been some kind of super woman working part time with 2 kids at different schools and no car for 2 years. How did that 5ft tall bundle of Welsh superwoman cope?

Then again maybe this woman does not need a car. The problem is they want a bus service that arrives at work. Takes them to school A stops while they pick up child and then goes to school B then waits while they pick up child and then goes home. Patience is a virtue and not one modern western people in a hurry to get home for the soap operas are prepared to have.

I think most sane people agree something needs to be done about the Climate but obviously they should not be the one to do it.

I have no answers.

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