Apr 18

First up in why you should not vote for a party is The Greens.

Now I confess I am between the Greens and Lib Dems the Kippers, Labrats and Conmen not for me. However I believe in lacerating and being critical of even those one favours and whilst I believe in Man Made and Man Preventable Climate Change and am against Austerity as both moral and economic shittery the Greens are the only one of the 5 mains in England similarly minded.  Continue reading »

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Dec 09

Our over consumption of goods is threatening the planet and the New Labour solution is to do nothing except long term targets and cross their fingers and hope it goes away.

Our over spending is threatening the economy and the New Labour solution is to do nothing except long term targets and cross their fingers and hope it goes away.

In 1996 and 1997 the Tories screamed for tax cuts to prevent a bad loss at the election. Yet their Chancellor Ken Clarke with the finances improving year by year opted to do the right thing and we enjoyed years more growth.

Contrast that with Darling with the lines of credit maxed out he increased spending. He opted not to pay down debt or cut spending.  He opted to play petty bourgeois politics. He leaves it to the next guy to make public sector workers take 1% and enjoy it – good luck with that.

Darling at least looks like someone with a plan compared to The Vacuum George Osborne. He has no answers he’s prepared to share. The poor can assume they will be taking the brunt of The Vacuum’s suction.

The Elephant in the room and ironically the one that could justify Darling doing nothing now is Public Sector Pensions. If Darling offered proposals on this it would be a plan and one that would stabilise the UK line of credit and cost nothing now – bar votes. as it is it will be amazing if the next UK Govt gets through the next parliament without reducing Public Sector Pensions.

A footnote on the Bankers Tax which may get half a Billion which covers the Tamiflu cock up or 500 more Troops to Afghanistan – nothing put simply. If this did hurt the City and as a one off is not about weaning this country off financial capital then it’s an own goal and again petty electioneering – a sort of nasty egg throwing gesture like banning hunting with dogs. If he had a real plan to tax the city and reduce its influence I could support that or any coherent plan with goals and means. Instead we get a petty nasty headline grabbing nonsense.

Take it from me it’s “No Jam Tomorrow” for anyone poor or lower middle class whoever is in.

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