Sep 29

Well at least some Labour gimmicks were aimed at actual problems. The Tory ones would appear to aim to create more problems.

  1. Help to Buy which is actually Help to Sell and imprison people in Debt. It makes no sense not even establishment economists are calling for more investment in a rentier society. A massive building program would make more sense from the country’s point of view but not Housing developers and Tories.
  2. Giving up on Human Rights Act. Apparently to keep us safe they will do this. They won’t stop penalising the poor or prosecute the city villains or the hospital managers and doctors or Labour’s PFI fraudsters who have killed thousands or make the country safe for cycling but will rip up Human Rights to save a few lives every year – no evidence ripping this act up will save anyone. This is surely indicative of the need for a police state to protect themselves and their backers when the cretinous point 1 blows up.
  3. HS2 why spend 50 Bn getting to Birmingham 15 minutes quicker when the daily commute not the inter  city is the real cause of misery. Of course it’s unfair to George Osborne he cannot give their pals as much as his mate Balls did via PFI but please George this is naked fraud.

Conference has not even started so expect an update…



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Oct 17

Aburd but in addition what a nasty stupid gallery playing clown Theresa May is. With no seeming justification other than a media pity party for him Gary McKinnon a hacker is excused his crimes on the grounds that his mild Asperger Syndrome means he cannot be responsible for his crimes and might commit suicide…. The media conflated the Asperger’s like he was Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. That somehow this pathetic mummies boy was so afflicted charging him with a crime was somehow cruel. McKinnon was not even diagnosed with Asperger’s till 6 years after being charged so debilitating was it deemed to be. When all appeals were done he was apparently suicidal not unlike most criminals facing extradition to a foreign jail.  Continue reading »

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Apr 04

Mitt Romney looks like being the ‘runner up’ in the Presidential race. No doubt the ‘crats will crat-like make every inch he gains in the Polls seem a mile so that people sickened by Pelosi’s Representatives’ naked greed or Obama’s depraved lunatic (or weak man who can’t stop anything) feel they have to begrudgingly put a tick or crush a chad or whatever next to the name of a greedy pork barrel rich Democrat – as opposed to a greedy pork barrel rich Republican. Continue reading »

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Jun 07

It’s tempting to see human progress through the prism of being a fat westerner of my generation. The advances in quality of life and freedoms of a modicum of wealth as earned and a natural advance.  On reflection much of this is a fiction. Medical, technological advances and other forms of progress have pretty much happened under even the most authoritarian rulers. The underbelly of 60s and 70s Britain was a corrupt Police force making it’s own rules. Only 50 years ago the US finally removed the remaining Jim Crow laws. Then in the 70s the US sought Cold War advantage through Human Rights. Amazingly as it sounds except as a sick joke 8 years ago the US and the UK promised the Iraqi people freedom.

The key problem for anyone who wants to foster human rights is for most people who challenge nothing and do not want to be troubled even very authoritarian societies make no demands on them. It’s frightening how ready most Britains are to accept and want surveillance and DNA databases off the back of negligible terrorism – 50 odd deaths in 15 years.

Toleration of abuses is growing in Washington as the the Cold War with China is not about a communist take over but about a battle for influence. If influence is control of trade routes and precious materials that are running out far faster than the Commodities market controlled by predominantly US interests price would suggest. Only the other week the German President was forced to resign because he felt Germany should re-arm to protect its interests.

I’ve pointed out how hollow criticism of Israel by the UK is – the US is at least content with its moral ambiguity and if you listen to Joe Biden is happy with Israel’s actions.  Indeed the Obama Administration is trying to temper criticism of Sri Lanka because obviously ethnically cleansing yourself of Tamil’s is OK if you sit in the middle of the Indian Ocean by trade routes east or should that be West the way goods actually move. Britain will fall into line of course.

With a world running short of raw materials many in far shorter supply than the Black Gold the US wasted trillions trying to control to drive conflict. Nonetheless fresh water, uranium, indium, platinum and a host of other stuffs are the likely causes of war. These will drive the human rights agenda for the foreseeable future and it will not be pleasant.

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May 11

It seems that you can take the proud human abuser out of the White House but you cannot take the contempt for human rights from the US Presidency. Even if the latest one does not like to be quite so proud of his tactics.

Yep that shiny urbane Obama and his ilk still have secret prisons and still think that torture will one day work. I am sure the first time it definitively achieves something they’ll tell us.

The conduct of this war continues its pursuit to the bottom. It’s achieving nothing positive. Its pursuit just fuels the fires it is supposedly about putting out. It’s really a recipe for never ending war.

Yesterday I heard the logic free zone Hillary Clinton try to use the recent attempted bombing by a US citizen in the US as an excuse to add to the misery of Pakistan and its citizens. There policy is like Israel blaming the UK when some kid from Hounslow tried to be a suicide bomber.

This is the reason I view a vote for New Labour as offensive – as best they are merely incomeptent deniers and worst continuing apologists. It’s amazing to me that the Liberals would claim to hate  the Tories and love those guys. Where did they get their Liberalism?

Of course the US says the BBC and Red Cross, that hardline Muslim organisation, is lying if you want a balanced view.

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Feb 10

The Govt wasted millions of pounds of taxpayers money to prevent a document making clear Jack Straw’s foreign office and this country was the instigator of torture rather than merely an apologist or enthusiastic cheerleader – like that’s a huge moral difference! Since no one will stand trial as Western politicians only believe in that for others why bother?

Is the US going to stop talking to us because our involvement in torture which was well known has been exposed in one of their documents? A position so risible that Foreign Secretary David Miliband sounded more convincing offering support to Gordon Brown. Was this done to defend a reputation Jack Straw no  longer has and clearly never deserved?

It’s a ridiculous system whereby the Govt claims it has nothing to do with something even though it’s clear they do.  Then they fight tooth and nail, spending vast sums with friendly lawyers, to not have any documents revealed that make it clear they are lying and everyone was right all along!

Former Uzbekistan Ambassador Craig Murray has frequently made clear how enthusiastic Jack Straw’s Foreign Office were in pursuit of information obtained under torture even though most of it was piffle. Murray was paid off with 6 years salary at our expense to get him off the Foreign Office’s books after an abject smear campaign. We’ve since given the lawyers even more money trying to suppress his information.

Here’s the coffee for them to wake up and smell. Miliband, Straw, MI5, MI6, MOD and the Foreign Office have no reputation to lose. Their record of depravity and incompetence is a given in the outside world. Saddest of all the British people do not care. Certainly they do not care in large numbers so stop wasting our money and just handing it to your friends to no good end bar school fees for lawyers’ children.

Like the torture evidence itself this has been a waste of time and money. It’s not clear what the end was bar a fear of being exposed for something they were already exposed for.

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Jan 07

It makes me wonder who or what is being defended when countries deny human rights abuses. Sri Lanka clearly murders and executes Tamils yet will deny deny deny. China clearly suppresses and murders opposition and Tibetan people. The US claims 115 insurgents are killed when they air-strike as though they can assess that. Even when those numbers include women, children and employees of the US forces on the basis of information supplied by a rival tribesman. When the UK kills 3 IRA people in Gibraltar or a Brazilian Electrician why pretend we did not execute them?

I just do not understand why they bother. It’s not as though people in the wider populace care? Or maybe they do not but if confronted by the admission your Govt just murders people then maybe they would be offended and feel reluctantly like they ought to do something about it? Maybe it’s for the people to protect them from the truth, an act of benevolence? Allowing us to walk around delusionally wondering why people want to blow themselves up on our aircraft when we are so nice?

Another side of this is that those in charge no matter how much blood on their hand, yes you Gordon, Tony and Barack, like to think they are civilised people who do things for rational reasons. That they are not the SS Officer just doing what is expected of them. That these people on some level believe their actions are just. Much like those not in power like me would like to believe the best of our country and it’s state justice and military apparatus were better than they are.

I guess life is easier if you always believe the story that suits you.

Albeit it seems to be leading us back to the dark ages.

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Nov 17

People talking without speaking
People hearing without listening

Today the Chinese lectured the Americans on protectionism whilst complaining at a falling dollar and ensuring their currency stayed low.

Obama rattled on about human rights and the need for China to do something about emissions whilst doing nothing about rendition, torture and US emissions.

Miliband said Afghanistan was not war without end. Brown talked about talks about talks about handing over to Afghan security forces like this was a) practical b) was new not a failing policy for years c) a policy that was within their power to enact.

All were not talking to any end merely playing politics. You have to ask how empty these suits are? Do they believe a word they say? Do they understand what they are doing or are they living under a delusion?

In terms of practical things being suggested or real politics all we got was the sound of silence.

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