Sep 25

Ann Pettifor described Labour’s economics as Salami slices i.e. slices not a whole. I would go further and say they are a series of gimmicks tested on focus groups.

  1. Top of the list freezing energy prices. For starters it is actually arguable that UK prices are that high but if Miliband assumes we have a broken market a price freeze is not how you fix it. It’s just populist nonsense with the twist someone else pays for the bribe. Continue reading »

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Oct 01

Balls explains he will build houses. Not just houses but affordable housing and the likely corrupt middle class favouring bureaucracy that goes with that. Ah ha it will be deficit friendly as he will use 4G license sale revenue. We’re selling the 4G licenses anyway and after the 3G ones Brown and Balls did not tax the likes of Vodafone so it’s not linked and even for you Labour fans out there comes with spin.

Unreformed, unrepentant and uncaring vote for them if you must but don’t expect much change. It’s still: rhetoric over vision: rhetoric over argument: kicking cans down the road. Just don’t claim some great moral advantage over the grim Tories a bit but not a lot in reality.

When it comes to jackboot authoritarian politics and bogus rhetoric Labour’s got everyone beat.

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