Apr 06

To praise the heartless sociopaths who rise to the top of a political system built on corruption and the needs of its paymasters may not be the way to go popularity wise. It may even seem hypocritical to people who like narrative which usually involves Obama/Brown/Cameron are decent guys who accidentally do horrible things they believed in or are devils incarnate. The truth is rather more nuanced and twisted. Personally I really don’t care how accidentally genocidal these folks are. After all they have the intelligence to step beyond and see what is happening and at some level choose not to.

Nonetheless the recent peace accords with Cuba and Iran are a huge step forward. Others can argue engagement with China and even the USSR started to bring down walls metaphorically and literally. It does not need people to be wholly good or evil to do this. It does not need the motives to be right or wrong. Indeed since killing loads of people or starving them to death is never a good idea just people looking for what will most benefit everyone would be nice. Continue reading »

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Mar 19

Ukraine is a bankrupt country which has been subject to corrupt scum filled Governments its entire recent history as an independent country. Since the break from the old Soviet bloc it has become essentially a pipeline conduit from East to West. It can no longer pay for its own gas and Russia was moving to cut it out of the loop on that before it removed its corrupt puppet Yankovich. Into this the US has agitated a regime change which has resulted in a new Govt of dubious legality. This new Govt promises to be no less corrupt than prior and may have a few added wrinkles to boot.  Continue reading »

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Mar 24

With luck Cyprus will let its banks go to the wall and start again. Worst case would be to accept 30 years of stagnation as a German colony. There are of course 100s of shades between with 100s interpretations. In reality I prefer the former as it is what the Uk should do but has instead poured 100s of Bns into a banking sector to avoid collapse all to no avail. The banks in the Uk are still broke and a under capitalised and still intent on theft or mis-selling as it is euphemistically called. Stagnation is indefinite and decline inbuilt into the destructive cycle of devaluation.

Today I read about the scam whereby an aspiring politician’s wife Hilary Rodham-Clinton had a 1000 dollars turned into a 100,000 dollars with remarkable 1 in 31 trillion chance trading through a broker. The point being in 1978 someone found the time to rig a market for an aspiring politician’s wife probably one of hundreds on the way up – these people are bought and paid for before you’ve heard of them.

The Govt of the UK and President of the US is likely to only need 25% of people eligible to vote for them or their party. Thus to hold the debts of Banks against an entire populace whether it’s the hardest working people in Europe the Greeks or the Cypriots is asinine. It may make it easier to take as you ignore their plight and pretend they are to blame.  However given the media and power of large finance to blame people because a manipulated minority voted for a particular party is surely the product of irrationality? To blame them for the morals of a corrupt and corrupting banking sector that happens to be based in their country is beyond stupidity.

Do I feel that I and my fellow Britons are responsible for our banks and the poverty they have caused in the UK and world wide? No. Do I feel responsible because Brown, Balls, Osborne, Darling and the media are evil selfish corrupt cunts? No. As said yesterday those bastards have already skinned Uk worse than the Cypriots will be. Cyprus cannot devalue which causes a crisis but the cost in 10 years time will still be less than UK bank depositors have paid.

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Mar 01

You may decide that Bradley Manning’s abhorrence of the delight some US servicemen take in killing people is treason or supporting an enemy. However it is surely hard having heard his confession to work out why the Obama Administration oversaw and the President and Secretary of State Clinton personally endorsed his torture.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of US policy it’s hard to take them seriously as any better than their opponents when their ineffective torture program seems run for revenge more than to achieve any goal. That the torture and killing is the goal not anything else which funnily enough is what Manning decided and why he blew the whistle.


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Jan 30

It has to be said that whilst they will have critics from the other brand of salt party, the ‘licans, no one else can doubt that these two ivy league prigs have shown that they will kill as many people as their predecessors and lock up as many poor black people. In the same way that the maligned, and unlike most users of the word I actually mean maligned, John Major broke the mould of British Politics as a game between those born with gold or silver spoons in their mouths. Although British politics has regressed since then to the affable buffoon and clown ‘Call me Dave’.

Hilly and Bazza showed that they could impose poverty, war and depravity on parts of the world in the narrow interests of the US Oil industry as well as White Guys with their background. Michael Moore’s ‘Kill Whitey’ reduced to a load of recyclable paper. Both showed they could be head spokesman for an Administration regardless of Ethnicity or Gender.

Hip Hip Hooray.

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Apr 14

In a satire on itself the Obama Administration has apparently suspended 12 secret service agents for actions involving women, sex and money. Mrs Clinton of course has staunchly defended the men and threatened to resign Continue reading »

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Mar 03

The indignation at the atrocities of butcher Gaddafi from the British Govt would be mock had I not noted how naive Cameron was. Hard to accuse of Foreign Scribbler Hague of being any less naive as he showed by quieting Gay rumours by dressing like, sharing a room and appointing a young man with seemingly no qualifications. Continue reading »

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Feb 07

David Cameron in a classic one step up 2 back speech signaled the end, hopefully forever, for the Labour left’s fatuous we’re not racist but… policy of Multiculturalism. Of course being a Tory he could not help splicing Muslim and Terrorism in a speech even Jon Cruddas might have felt was ill judged and stupid. Continue reading »

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Dec 14

In what may be a test case of our credulity if not the broken judiciary itself Julian Assange the rather odd front man of WikiLeaks is not yet out on bail. Continue reading »

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Sep 12

Paster Terry Jones, a host of Imans, a ton of demonstrators, a President and his Secretary of State, a Muslim Centre, 9-11 anniversary, EDL etc… This last week has seen a host of inter-related stories started by one book burning Nazi who thinks God is talking to him.

On the face of it Barack Obama’s Administration come out sounding sane that Islam did not attack America. That the US should welcome and accept within limits a Muslim Centre close to where the Twin Towers were brought down.

Most absurd and surely unquestionable is why does the President of the USA and the world’s media have to pay homage to someone merely because he is a lunatic?

It is a measure of how it’s not just journalists who are led by what is thrust in their face but people too. Honestly what would annoy me more as a Muslim some inconsequential fruit-cake  who was to burn a holy book of mine or the gang of US soldiers who killed Afghans for fun and took their fingers as souvenirs? Sure one feeds into the book of reasons but the other caused mass protests on the streets before he did anything.

I had planned a long tome to make sense and draw neat conclusions from this chain of unending stupidity. However  I cannot. At the end of the day rationality and perspective is in short supply. The people we elect to lead us do not. They are led by what the polls say or what the vested interests say. If you try to find the start point between nutters, media, politicians, security services, lobbyists and incidents you are doomed to run in circles without a clear bias to guide you to where you started anyway – that is not to speak in favour of pre-conceived ideas!

The battle for reason goes far beyond protesting the Pope. It goes far beyond labeling Blair or Bush or Obama a murderer. To blame any one person or organisation is scapegoating.  An abdication of society’s responsibilities. To accept others ignorance and use it as a defense for ourselves while the world burns.

Arguably the fault lies with us individually and collectively but do we have the freedom to act? Do we have the scope anymore to start mass movements? Or are we doomed to type to an un-waiting world whilst the mass media consumes vast forests of stories based on the personal interactions of well known people and temporary person’s to ridicule?

Do I feel better because some Paster was bullied by the whole of a society and imbued with a ridiculous importance of a life and death decision?


Now if 1 news station had not covered this story then that would have been something.

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