Nov 08

What comes first the decision or the reasoning?

You hear something think it through logically and then answer? Not really most of us go to say yes or no straight away and our conscious brain tries to explain our often irrational decision.  It’s why Politics is about catchy phrases and not policy depth as the front men understand that say something catchy and people will look favourably whatever the argument. That’s why it’s hard to argue Liberty with its deeply nuanced arguments and difficult to explain points why we should allow freedoms to people when in the short term such things may seem risky. Continue reading »

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Sep 29

The self righteous Harriet Harman was thoroughly exposed yesterday. As she clapped Ed Miliband’s denunciation of the Iraq war David Miliband reminded her she supported it. Now it seems she just supports Ed. Whoever is Leader. My Party right or wrong.

This on the day it turns out despite the incompetence, their claim not mine, of MI5 and MI6 it turns out Blair knew the US was torturing and knew it was wrong. He told them but continued his enthusiastic support and even dictated the timing of rendering people to Guantanamo. It does seem that Labour is a chain of obsequiousness with the US President at the top and then the Labour leader and then the serfs. It’s a cult more than a serious thinking political party who allow decisions from the top to hold no matter who agrees with them. That is at least the lesson of Blair and Harman.

My only thought was maybe Noel Edmonds Hit Squad could create a premise where Labour and the BNP merged and see if Harman clapped loudly at a Nick Griffin speech. I guess with cyphers like her Ed Miliband will not have much to worry about internally.

And finally on Harman I used to think she must be doing something right to be hated by the Daily Mail. Now I realise now mine enemy’s enemy is not necessarily my Friend albeit if I was leader of the Labour Party she would be no matter what I said.

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Dec 30

One of the side effects of Yahoo is that it shows headlines from a range of papers and occasionally my inner train-spotter has to read what the sewer minds of the Mail readers get as a daily treatment.

Reading the occasional piece of garbage does show the current apartheid system whereby people just seek out views and news that backs up their prejudices. Equally news providers spin the news to suit a strata of the populace. Thus the Mail had a tortuous story about how nasty Harriet Harman was moving fire stations from middle class areas to be nearer the unwashed. It read like class hatred by her and the comments from its reader were all pretty nasty about Harman.

Now I don’t need much prompting to bash Harman and New Labour but moving fire stations to near where old poor people still have a chip pans and people are more likely to have fires is not a class issue, it’s sensible. They spun a story where the Govt showed sense, one of the few from New Labour recently, to one that is class warfare.

Really when the media accuse New Labour of spin it really is the pot calling the kettle black. In terms of the Tories v New Labour how can anyone get so exorcised about the difference between 2 parties who will now: keep fighting whatever war their US puppet masters tell them to: slash public spending including public sector pensions: retain the brutal expense of PFI: do nothing about climate change until the Americans tell them to: leave the Bank of England to set interest rates. It makes the hate and bile towards the so called ‘Socialist’ Harman on the basis of a sensible policy even more ridiculous. Seriously it’s the narcissism of small differences.

Other side issues are why women read a paper that clearly shouts down any woman who sets out to do anything but look after kids. It would absolutely hate what most of its readers do in their lives. I guess the MC that read that shit don’t have a self awareness button or maybe have such deeply ingrained self loathing that they are hopeless cases.

Indeed even when sane people pointed out in the comments that having fire engines near fires made sense the readers continued their rant – and expressed displeasure at anyone using sense as a guide. The point being media writes to prejudice and few absorb or critically assess the factual content of what they are reading. For all the new media and opinion people appear to want mere summations of gut prejudice not rationality or fair minded debate.

Personally it also makes sense to sell the fire stations in middle class areas for the real estate profits. Indeed with the poles in place they’d make great lap dancing places and be very near where their middle class clientèle is – the cuckolded husbands of Mail reading wives – hags and fishwives as people call them.

Lap dancing is probably an issue Harman and the Mail agree on as well.

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