May 03

I think the irony with the Conservatives is that I could given a choice of Labour or them back them if they stood for what they claim to. If they meant they liked the NHS or at least the concept of free Education and Health. If they believed in market economics and not the mass subsidy model that extends Govt Power and loads debt on hardworking taxpayers and even the ones who steal their pay. If they had even the remotest belief in freedom.

Sadly the Conservatives are a con. They stand for Feudalism and the stoking of land prices and rural subsidy at the expense of the environment and indeed the land itself. They stand for rentiers as they seek to take housing assets into the stratosphere with subsidy. They talk Austerity yet match Brownian profligacy with subsidy to all those groups and fossil fuels. Cameron’s greenest Govt ever is paying oil companies whilst the price is low and trying to turn the UK into a fracked waste land. They support the banks laying waste to our productivity and the SME sector. If you’re a small businessman who votes Tory you’re an idiot (or your [sic] an idiot as you would write it). They stand for fraud and tax evasion.

They support the same nonsense as Labour of nationalising debt and trying to extract all taxes from the hardworking families they so patronise. They pay off the babyboomers whilst reducing normal people to foodbanks. They hand power to MI5 to spy on us and on behalf of large banks and corporates. None of this will create a free society or even a working economy for the vast majority of us. They toss subsidy to Coca Cola via the aid budget. To BAE for weapons that don’t work. HS2 threatens to match NHS PFI as a historic waste of money and graft.

The Conservatives are a conceit of ideology some say but it’s worse than that they are feckless fools who are either: sociopaths who just want to inflict misery: idiots who believe they are following an ideology: or just plain feckless creeps in it for themselves*. Labour patronise the Tories damn the poor but it all comes from a ludicrous conceit reinforced by the education system that they are better than the next person.

* More than 1 answer may apply

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Oct 25

Len McCluskey may have many good features but I’ve not seen them. Whether he’s making a fool of himself on Telly or leading workers to the Dole he’s there front and centre. A buffoon of a Union Leader who never has a strategy or place to go. Who leaves workers between a rock and a hard place.

Seriously I’d rather drown than join Unite.

The only issue is how much graft and backhanders did INEOS get? Some suggestion of 300Mn in loan guarantees or £10 an income taxpayer? £30 apparently if you count the clean up cost when it closes in a few years but that would happen anyway. This is money the inadequate McCluskey has cost you. Classic politicians as long as jobs are involved any fraud or chicanery or waste is a good thing.

When Jonathan Meades finished his tour of Scotland arguing the country as an independent would rise or fall on Grangemouth he may not have been far wrong. It will fall.

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Jun 14

An aide to the Czech PM used Military Intelligence to spy on his wife.

The NSA gives intelligence to compliant tech firms and targets hot beds of terrorism like German industry.

This stuff can never be abused clearly so I apologise to Barack Obama and Eric ‘Cup’ Holder for implying otherwise.

Talking of Traitors Senator Feinstein probably the person who most convinced me that in terms of who is President what happens in US Govt we’re choosing between salt pots, spokespeople and who gets the graft.

Specifically, for at least 15 years, Feinstein has appeared to support government contracts that push federal funds toward companies co-owned or governed by her powerful, billionaire husband, Richard C. Blum

The people calling others traitors generally speaking have done very well out of ‘public’ service.

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May 19

The Economist short term squad are cheering the Japanese economic miracle after only 5 months. The profession seems to have become blinded by indicators. If anyone thinks the situation in America is a good one they are early calling. If anyone thinks after such a drastic escalation that Japan is back and firing because money has been printed for 5 months they’ve not just drunk but snorted the Kool Aid.

The conceit of this economics is that the growing cake allows them to cream the top off for their pals and the rest of us will think we’re OK. Yet when the cake stops growing the payments to their pals do not stop – making everyone else poorer.

Brown and Osborne and co have left a voracious and parasitic financial system with no risk (hence no gamble too reckless) through low interest rates. In the UK and US the debts of the people stay the same – they can’t print money and when the bubbles break those sucked into debt for housing and shares will be left with only debt. They are also on the hook for the feckless banks through their Govt.

Employment up is based on 1 job = 1 job thus to a Bernanke, Obama, Brown or Osborne a zero hour contract with Macdonalds equals a nurse and indeed is more valuable as that kind of menial worker will never have the power to challenge them. Even if these lunatics schemes succeed they merely favour the feckless over the saver and hard worker who hoped to retire some time before dying.

You’ll note the Nobel Keynesians will argue we live in unprecedented times. Sure we do. Like the Tech bubble of the 90s a new paradigm which in the end played the same way as the old ones.

Greed is not new. Debt is not new. Corrupt Politicians are a bit like what is claimed to be the oldest profession except what came first the corrupt or the whores they pay? Who came first is merely a detail.

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Mar 28

It’s an oddity but charity has become the refuge or obfuscation for the scoundrel. Lance Armstrong and the far more vile Jimmy Savile used the power of fame and charity to achieve their monetary and sexual goals respectively.

Depraved ex ministers Blair, Brown and now David Miliband hide their post Govt pay offs for work done behind charity. These men’s morality and charity best exemplified by conniving with Libya to have people tortured and rendered and a convicted murderer let off so BP could make money. There were of course other vile offenses but sucking the toes of Gaddafi is enough without ranting on. It will surprise no one that Miliband’s charity apparently receives substantial payments from the UK taxpayer.

The only real debate was for me does Miliband have a sinecure? My pal reckons it’s a place to park knowing his equally depraved but allegedly even more stupid brother Ed will be the next PM and David won’t get a shot for 6 years. The Times claim he is far more supportive of a reforming agenda which is of course meaningless pap. The only difference between Tory and Labour is the speed of disillusioning the punters. The direction is the same the speed of travel the argument whichever Miliband is in nominal command of the Labour party.

For me on David Miliband the only point I’d like to make is don’t come back you sick puppy.

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Feb 02

The insects who inhabit the MOD and have drawn a nice retirement from the either incompetence or more likely the graft of MOD procurement want more. They and the parasitic BAe Systems who waste Billions every year to poorly equip troops have no shame. Like Labour’s class the Health Trust Managers who drove down costs as people died the elite clearly think the rest of our lives are worthless compared to their own.

Quite why we should consider increasing a defence budget that has been so incompetently handled is a bit like the banks and health authorities until we start seeing some people in jail it will not improve.

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May 17

I was shocked a close friend voted Labour at the last election. Sure he’s on the left and would never be taken in by the more leftish sounding menu of the Liberal Democrats. Nor does he care much for his leftist MP who is a serial clown. At first I put this down to expecting a United fan to give up supporting United because of the low level of behaviour of Sir Alex Ferguson and the Glazers – incidentally we still await S’Alex and his sword of truth cutting the BBC down.

I’ve documented Labour’s pursuit of the bottom of the human rights league for what call themselves 1st world countries. Certainly it’s hard to grow up being taught to hate what dictators do, the locking up of Nelson Mandela and then find we do worse than lock people up and beat them to death (although we do that). Regardless  it does seem that Labour through it’s pledges and payments to no end created pockets of desperate support (see comments on piece on Scotland). This in turn allowed patronising socialists the rope to vote for them.

I therefore note that to get the extra votes apparently Balls and the Milibands will attempt to connect more with the views on Immigration of their constituents. Indeed all 3 (Ed, Ed and call me David) cited the need to be harder on this small number of people. Given we’ve locked up children and condoned brutality and human rights abuses at Detention and Reception Centres I can only assume this means New Labour wants to flog them in the streets on prime time TV.

Sidebar why do fascists always use obtuse non threatening language for detention, torture and beating centres? Immigrant Reception Centres!

The fact there are a million illegal immigrants, 80% of actual immigrants (EU) will soon have a legal right to be here and it is impossible to deport them and the illegals make money for criminals means even if we stop legal immigration not a lot will be achieved. Indeed worse will happen. So why do Labour’s big knobs insist on saying we can do worse to them?

Quite why leftist would vote for a weak form of National Social Democracy for me shows that they do not engage with the real world but merely a creation of their own supposition. I can understand the poor and vulnerable falling for Labour’s nonsense but anyone else sorry it was am immoral vote for a party that resembles Brown even now. Patronising and insulting to the poor, say anything to the middle classes, judgmental of behaviour and do anything to furriners for votes or a pat on the head from the septics.

Sidebar: Even on the issue of spending cuts it’s clear that Osborne does not have to cost his cuts because Labour had them planned anyway so arguably a vote on the grounds of Public Spending was wasted? Indeed arguably Tory cuts will be less long term if they get higher bond prices and less debt accrual. The danger of a double dip recession is high anyway as Europe deflates. Any growth is merely more debt as it leads to money flowing out of the country.

The real truth on immigration is that we are not being told why it was allowed. Why we opened up to the Eastern European countries more than our continental brethren. Equally Labour will not explain why it now views immigration as a problem other than accepting the utterances of the media and concerned people are. It won’t define actual problems which led to their original position. Why would anyone trust they have any answers to a problem they clearly did not see?

On all issues Labour promises: no analysis: no solutions: no defined problems: no arguments: no logic: no ideology: no thought: only pledges and pandering to prejudices. Merely now it looks to reflect rhetoric back to those desperate or depraved enough to vote for it.

The morality of Labour is at best an equivocal morality at worst a depraved indifference to individuals lives. Bureaucratic determinism.

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May 15

Alex Salmond the First Minister of probably the best answer to any leftist I can think of, Scotland. If any state shows up the shortcomings of lashings of public spending, public jobs and handouts not leading to a better society then Scotland is it. It leads to bad architecture, graft and a dependency culture or put simply sad lives. No doubt the left will defend its entitlement to misery!

Naturally when you create a dependent society it never advances and with vast public sector cuts on the horizon Salmond in a gallery playing moment of the first order asked for even more money – if he wanted to be taken seriously he would have represented Scotland not played to the galleries of his home land.

Salmond’s fatuousness comes from a self righteousness based on the fallacious logic that as Scotland is near the oil brought ashore in Scotland it somehow owns it and is in fact despite being the most over funded part of the union deserving of more. The whole history of a bankrupt Scotland sniveling at the British table for a Pork Barrel and Union in the first place is ignored to try to consign pre 1975 history to the dustbin.

It even provides tuition fees for no extra tax to its students which allows at least its best and brightest to move to London without debt unlike the poorer English students. Like Wales prescriptions are free which probably helps a country where drug addiction is the worst in the country.

Scotland’s charmed place has been generally cemented by having a ludicrous number of MPs for a  small country. It has 41 Labour MPs and with its Pork Barrel and Graft culture provided a power base for the taking over of the Labour Party by a clique led by Blair and Brown whose policy differences with Labour supporters I detailed the other day. The Scottish Labour Party was always considered famously corrupt to boot.

Labour got its reward for buying off Scotland with 41 seats – Scotland supports locking up innocent children and Rendition clearly. It’s why even with 20 more seats a coalition with the Lib Dems, with 11 Scottish seats, had no chance to succeed even if they had 340 seats between them as no way could even the fatuous unprincipled Labour party have patronised Scotland in an austerity drive and its MPs like Salmond would have rebelled and shown only a self serving regard for their fellow Scots.

One wonders if with 11 Lib Dem seats there Scotland could be the fault-line for  the new coalition. After all a relatively similar percentage have wagged the Labour dog for too long – to no one bar a lot of middle class Scottish students benefit (benefit is almost an ironic term of course).

The coalition will of course be further tested by the Conservative’s close association with the Unionist parties. Northern Ireland thanks to the troubles and lubricant for the ending of them has become Scotland’s mini me. However with the Tories having 1 seat in Scotland they have little to lose there and with the Liberals have likely 349 English and Welsh MPs bad luck Scotland.

As Jonathan Meades opined 1% of Scotland are heroin addicts and one wonders how the other 99% refrain.

The addiction to Pork Barrels is not about to end but they may not be as deep in future.

BTW Try taking an English prescription to Wales and watch the staff in Boots work out how to charge you for it! It’s funny.

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Mar 22

Even I cannot deny Stephen Byers defence that he was not a paid lackey of National Express. His strong protestations that he was merely lying through his teeth cannot be contradicted without evidence. Since no one can deny that Byers lies through his teeth nearly every time you can see his jaw move this means that he can deny anything that relies on his spoken word as evidence against him.

The real beneficiary is the anti Union anti worker Transport Minister Lord Adonis. The Labour peer and proud bottom dweller can really not be critiqued as of course his accuser is secret footage of Byers trying to impress people.

What Dispatches shows is that Blairism was really about lining your own pockets. Thus they handed over Govt money to get a few sovs back for themselves. Much like many believe that members of the Bush circle benefited Billions from the Trillions of the sink that was Iraq.

Byers proudly boasting he helped get food labelling obfuscated rather puts New Labour’s supposed health fascism against drink, obesity and drugs look ludicrous politicking.

The saddest part is how cheap our UK politics and politicians can be bought for. Oh and the low level of grasping nasty brutish fools who Labour have made ministers. Spivs in a word.

Still it seems that Byers and everyone else agrees he’s a fantasist and liar. Funny how most ministers try to deny they lie.

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Jan 25

When the Transport For London (TFL) management agreed to all Bob Crow’s conditions to prevent a strike the weak man of trade unionism nearly broke. Relying on the fear and mistrust of the membership and painfully aware of his own position decided to ask TFL to settle a couple of personal and confidential disciplinary matters on top! Or else. Of course TFL could not do that and the strike went ahead with no goal or reason bar making sure Crow was never seen to agree to anything.

Weak people concious of their own position really struggle when you agree with them as they are not prepared for that eventuality. Crow’s position was laughable. We won’t strike provided you continue to employ drivers who are  a mortal danger to passengers. It would only make sense from the perspective of the fearful TFL workers – see Alan Johnson on Terrorism and Drugs for a parallel in pathetic weakness, fear mongering and a lack of any genuine hint of leadership.

Peter Robinson’s DUP’s surpassed the UUP by pretending they would not negotiate  or agree to sit with Sinn Fein. Of course they did as no one can just say no forever. However with the deal on the table to reconstitute the RUC, the discredited sectarian police force with strong links to the loyalist para militarises Robinson will not sign – despite de facto having agreed to this 3 years ago.

Additionally he does the Crow thing and brings up the risible need for the Protestant Orange movement to rub in the 1688 removal of the Catholic James II by William of Orange by walking through Catholic council estates showing banners and other symbols of their bigotry. This would be somehow be achieved by removing the Parades’ Commission – yes the Republican community and a sane police force would would just allow them to without an independent commission! It’s a moronic position frankly.

Like Crow in his personal fiefdom Robinson probably feels his position is unassailable if he never agrees to anything. It certainly must have been very profitable for the cuckold and his wife to be both MP and MLA claiming all those allowances and salaries. A position given Iris Robinson’s unsuitability due to her bigotry, outright hypocrisy, greed, lack of judgement and obvious use of graft that shows them as a less than democratic party – can he claim he had no idea after 40 years of marriage what she was? Exhorting money from developers for toy-boys but unable to agree to a Police force which could be supported by sane elements in both communities.

Peter Robinson is clearly a weak man and it is sad that his community seem happy with his leadership or the lack thereof. David Trimble and his party took the hit for the 1997 agreement but at least sane people can recognise his leadership and strength of character. Robinson lacks an ounce of any moral fibre. His mealy mouthed invocations of God another example of his denial of any personal purpose or responsibility. I pity the Unionist community if this is the kind of weakling they feel should lead them.

Ulster still says No! But with a 2nd income (4th in the case of the Robinsons) to back up that position courtesy of Stormont’s dead locked parliament.

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