Mar 28

It’s an oddity but charity has become the refuge or obfuscation for the scoundrel. Lance Armstrong and the far more vile Jimmy Savile used the power of fame and charity to achieve their monetary and sexual goals respectively.

Depraved ex ministers Blair, Brown and now David Miliband hide their post Govt pay offs for work done behind charity. These men’s morality and charity best exemplified by conniving with Libya to have people tortured and rendered and a convicted murderer let off so BP could make money. There were of course other vile offenses but sucking the toes of Gaddafi is enough without ranting on. It will surprise no one that Miliband’s charity apparently receives substantial payments from the UK taxpayer.

The only real debate was for me does Miliband have a sinecure? My pal reckons it’s a place to park knowing his equally depraved but allegedly even more stupid brother Ed will be the next PM and David won’t get a shot for 6 years. The Times claim he is far more supportive of a reforming agenda which is of course meaningless pap. The only difference between Tory and Labour is the speed of disillusioning the punters. The direction is the same the speed of travel the argument whichever Miliband is in nominal command of the Labour party.

For me on David Miliband the only point I’d like to make is don’t come back you sick puppy.

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Mar 21

Ask a Man United fan why they support the team and they will cite many true things about United. United fans may have a point but those who support political parties don’t. Football fandom may have more differences than the current Punch and Punch show in the Commons. Continue reading »

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Mar 07

Vince Cable called for an end to Austerity.

Sadly he did not call for an end to QE and artificial interest rates as the gutless clown Osborne prepares to hand over the economy to the QE junkie Carney. Osborne is showing even greater cowardice than Brown who one could argue had good reason to hand over monetary policy in 1997 even if that abdication of responsibility looks like criminal incompetence 15 years later.

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Jan 31

It’s tough to say that the current Westminster fluff over tax avoidance is well fluff but it’s fluff. MPs try to sound moral about the world they created. The point is the world envisaged and logically derivable from the Brown Govt is one of a Kleptocracy being slightly more generous to the poor but emphasising the tax revenue from the rich. A world of the beholden to their betters under 24 hour surveillance.

In the US as the Obama Administration tries to fulfil the similar dreams of Clinton and Bush this duality can be seen by JP Morgan operating Food Stamps whilst rigging so called Markets, stealing from its customers and M F Global customers.

Even the utopia of a populace in thrall to his magnanimity as Brown imagined has the problem there is only so much wealth they can steal from savers and pensioners whose incomes and job prospects are falling. We now have new Bank of England head Mark Carney’s operation to kill what little remains of pensions with QE tying up with Osborne’s crusade against the poor. For all the bluster of the public accounts committee and the rhetoric of Labour and Conservative the clownery will continue regardless of how much tax Amazon or Starbucks pay. Bank fraud will continue no matter how much time Police spend on dead paedophiles or people who listen to phone messages.

We on the left must try to get above the Content Fetishism and move to raise the real issues even if it means pointing out the deformed version of Capitalism we have.

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Dec 15

Puerto Rico is after statehood. No doubt its newspapers slavishly cover US news like it’s their news. However the British media also treat US stories involving mass killing as our own. I guess it’s like some people think soap characters are real and talk to them in the streets like they know which must be disconcerting for the actors. After all a diet of good and bad US programs fills our airwaves and we reciprocate with self parody like Downton Abbey.

Sadly this is unrequited love. We may know and like individualAmericans but as a nation they no more think of us than other sycophantic admirers as the BP thing showed. Indeed it’s clearly hard for their chief suit Bazza to deal with a country who victimised his father and had Gordon Brown slobber over him whilst providing ill equipped troops due to his corrupt banana republic’s generals. It took BP, a British led US company, killing a 2nd tranche of North Americans and massacring the environment before El Suitio and the US media cared! Yet US news is covered as our own here. In such depth that when the Newton shooting moves on from media in adjacent states the BBC will still be still be pimping it and every detail.

A true cynic would say the blanket coverage is aimed at creating our own monsters. After all the bastards do it to a large degree for the publicity and notoriety. The media does not mock them as sad sickos but actually talks up their evilness and life stories.  That though is the symbiotic relationship both sides would deny, media and sick fucks.

Americans don’t lecture us on dirty hospitals and economics that kills we should not lecture them on gun law. Foreign Policy yes, Gun Law their business.

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Nov 28

You’d think doctors would have enough on their plates doing their jobs in a PFI ravaged Health Service. However you’d be wrong they have noticed that many of us are fat and some drink a lot. They notice that some of these people have complications and don’t eke out every last day they could live. They and a Govt desperate to sell arms to overseas murderers would like us to live a little longer and drink less.  Continue reading »

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Sep 14

How did Keynes miss that all one needs to do to run an economy is keep expanding the money supply and give that to the rich whilst over using the world’s resources and running massive trade deficits. How did someone as anal as Keynes miss such an obvious solution to economics?

Either that or Bernanke, Osborne, Balls, Darling, King and Brown are wrong.

Who you betting on?

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Sep 01

In the US we see the value of money is driven down and the real and actual money the poor have is decimated every 2 years. We see 1.8% growth in GDP which seems the sole measure that our leaders are interested in. This is a world where Europe is at best stagnant.  Continue reading »

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Jul 10

It does not need Eddie Balls to tell the banks what to do. It should not need anyone to formally raise it at a meeting for Eddie Balls to know they’re doing it. It does not need a genius to know that Osborne has continued the corruption of Labour’s economic illiterates.  Continue reading »

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Jun 12

It does seem harsh of people not to believe Brown. OK so he’s had to admit his one parliamentary statement this term was in effect wrong. That his wife stayed friendly with someone who apparently viciously wronged him for 5 years and whose newspaper columns formed the backbone of Labour policy for his first 2 years ‘in charge’ but he obviously did not like her. The fact that Mandelson described in detail a conversation that Brown says never happened shows surely the whole world is a giant conspiracy against Brown.

Remember what Brown did for us?

  1. The agreement with Libya and helping them render people for torture.
  2. Ramping up the Afghan war and never being able to explain why but Rebekah did like that war.
  3. Improving NHS short term by leaving it in long term debt as the Nation’s finances were used a s Ponzi scheme.
  4. Having a coterie of political bullies like Watson, Balls, Bryant and Whelan to smear everyone.
  5. Bailing out the banks without any reform – topping up bankers bonuses with QE and low interest rates to boot.
  6. PFI may be the single biggest Kleptocratic move he made on behalf of his class (not the working class).

And he never assaulted anyone ‘in that way’ according to the Cabinet secretary on lapel grabbing.

Gordon Brown is a legend and anyone in the Scottish Labour Party who knows what is good for them agrees.

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