Jul 04

Today Mark Carney indicated it was only a month before he would make all his old mates at Goldman Sachs rich beyond even their dreams of avarice by destroying the pound which promptly tanked. OK I am going to America next month but it’s still bullshit. Here’s how zerohedge explained it:-


…meaning that some time in August Goldman’s latest central bank head will proceed doing what Goldman central bank heads do best: crush currencies in order to boost nominal, not real, returns and ensure another record Goldman bonus pool.

Your UK savings if you still have any and your UK pensions are there to be liberated. It’s all they have left to steal after Hunt’s parceled out the NHS to financial interests. How have we had 6 years below zero growth and the rich richer than ever? Do the Math and then watch what the Turks and Egyptians thought of similar bullshit.

There is no great art to this economics. For all the esoteric wanking of the economics profession we are just being stolen off. We given them a £20 and they change it for a tenner 5 pound coins and a fake fiver and we accept it then we do it again. You’re not being defrauded by geniuses! Danny Alexander, George Osborne and Ed Balls!

Wake up and smell the fraud.

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Jan 02

If you want to know whether the Fiscal Cliff was more than contrived politicking consider these beneficiaries:-

  • NASCAR auto racing.
  • Disney
  • Goldman Sachs Headquarters
  • Tax subsidies for US companies financing off shore including Banks or is that especially banks.
  • Tax relief for money earned abroad.
  • R&D tax credits.

Essentially this is all the kind of crap that has left the UK or Greek or Irish exchequer short. However do Goldman Sachs really need a subsidy? Or Disney?

Whilst this is more open it would be naive not to expect to see this naked corruption in the UK or any other country.

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Nov 27

It’s a sad irony that after being encouraged to join the Euro by the likes of Goldman Sachs [Greece by those actual spivs] the South European nations Italy, Spain and Greece are now the property of ex Goldman Sachs bureaucrats and spivs free to lock up journalists and ship their assets to their mates in Goldman Sachs and similar disreputable companies.

Until yesterday no major Northern European nation had been forced to do this but with all its internal candidates broken the Bank of England will have  a 13 year Goldman veteran head it. Now we should not label people just by association but a career banker of any shade is to be avoided.

With all 3 major parties supporting this appointment we can now safely say that on the big issues you’ll find nothing but agreement between the 3 main parties. Not one call for an economist or anti banker just another insider who was happy to be paid a lot in the noughties while our Chidren’s future was consumed – I have no children but you know what I mean!

Seems I underrated their control take away Spain add Ireland, France, Belgium add Germany.

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Jul 19

I detest the Burka it’s a symbol of the ownership of women by men and from all reasonable opinion even the creed of Islam does not call for its wearing.

Most prefer to deal with people whose faces they can see. Then again I am sure when I turn up all 300 pounds of me angry and bull like I am sure people would prefer to deal with someone else.

However much of the objection is from Tory and tabloid sources which views women as chattel or objects at best. It is clearly not motivated by some concern for women or their rights. Indeed given such people it’s hard to imagine they want to look at a woman other then to objectify her as a sex object. Thus we may safely assume that their objections are bigoted at best. As John Cleese would say a bunch of Berks.

The same coalition of Berks actually objects to “Health and Safety” running ranting headlines and spurious articles about the ‘dangers’ of ‘elf [sic] and safety. Many have joined in the ranting demanding instead, one assumes, Death and Danger.  Berks.

Talking of veils and Berks the Tory’s is slipping slightly. All that talk  of caring conservatism reminds me of when I asked a great American what is a Bush “Compassionate Conservative” and he replied same old conservative. Whilst their policies on justice are sense after 13 years of Labour living up to half a line of rhetoric about being Tough on something or other – Labour had tough new policies on hundreds of things most were rubbish. The rest is an assortment of supine behaviour for the benefit of Big Business.

Indeed one wonders if Cameron’s Big Society is an ironic twist on allowing the Food Standards Agency to whither on the vine. Allow the industry to pump us full of fat filled crap short of vital nutrients and packed with salt which makes us eat even more. No chance of a clear traffic light system on nutrients that a harassed working mother could comprehend at a glance. No banning of Trans fats another New Labour failure like failing to clean hospitals.

Of course the biggest berk of the lot is Michael Gove but I rather suspect he is a plot to make his shadow Ed “Bully” Balls look good and become Labour leader. That looks destined  to fail mercifully. Govey today accused Ed ‘Muckspreader’ Balls of spreading  ‘Malicious Falsehoods’ about his plans for education. This may of course be linked to the fact that Gove has not yet produced one piece of factual information about his plans so any comments are false as he changes policy by the hour. A fine pair of Berks.

Britain is already a Big Society dominated by Big Business Big Oil Big Food Big Drinks Big Oligarchs…..

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