Jan 14

So it seems another set of Islamacists need stopping and France and Britain are in like Flynn. There is the usual background rhetoric about terrorism even though in the last 20 years I doubt deaths due to Islamic terrorism in the UK are higher than a year’s supply of unnecessary deaths in many NHS Health Authorities.

Of course this is pap as terrorists can train anywhere. The Saudis who committed 9-11 learned to fly in Western countries. The 7-7 bombers a bunch of stupid people educated by Labour’s multiculturalism in the north. It’s beyond asinine to say this or any other invasion has anything to do with Terrorism.

France who played an active part in the murder of 800,000 people in Rwanda is now self elected moral vanguard against Islamacists? Britain who aided Gaddafi’s torture program then turned on him to cover it up says they’re immoral? Britain who staunchly defends Bahrain and Kuwait as they oppress their people. Britain who was content to take part in a war with no regard for the people they were liberating. Britain currently paying out 100s of torture claims and trying to introduce secret courts to cover up its contempt for liberty. You’d have to be as thick as a brick to believe this is anything but an imperialist resource grab by 2 unpopular Govts – Gold and Uranium I am led to believe.

The West might like to consider that supporting poverty, commodity price fixing, brutal despots and corrupt mannequins is why people turn to the Islamacists. The USA has bases in 175 countries and the British have invaded all but 22 countries in the world (Mali is in that 22!) – France probably invaded the rest as it includes Mali, Andorra, Luxembourg, CAR & CHAD).

Do the Math this has nothing to do with Terrorism or the local populaces own good.

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May 07

Was chatting with someone the other day and they gave praise to Bill Clinton or Clair as we call him for copying Tony Blair. OK OK Blinton was Blair and the tedious what actually came first Clinton or Blair ruins a bad pun. In fact as it’s worked out so badly let’s call “The 3rd Way” [T3W] Clintonomics and blame the US as usual. Continue reading »

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Apr 23

I think Sarkozy is a bigot and Hollande an 80s British centre lefter. It’s like choosing between a power tool and a hand drill for your torture. However it’s a choice.  Continue reading »

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May 17

The French Ruling class reacted predictably like spoilt children confronted with the harsh realities of life when predatory womaniser Dominique Strauss Kahn was remanded in custody like a common suspect that he is. That he should be pictured in cuffs like every other suspect likely to fly the coop in the US. Continue reading »

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Sep 21

France says it is clearing illegal Roma camps and illegal immigrants. That’s not an issue for me. I believe in the law and people cannot form their own camp sites and homes where they like. So I am not upset at Sarkozy’s government’s policy.

However why is a policy about a mere 15,000 people vexing France? Why is it being personally pushed through by Sarkozy himself? Why is it not a low priority issue for the French Home Office to deal with? Why is it done so publicly to seemingly add humiliation to a group who are admittedly a pain but pathetic at the same time?

What does it say about France that this kind of publicly berating a small unpopular racial group would appear anywhere in the top 200 priorities of a French President facing up to the demands of Globalised Capital and Debt on a Social  Democratic Society? Why is he not dealing with the real problems?

The answers are not a positive on Sarkozy or a French electorate stupid enough to take their eyes off the ball. It does reflect that modern Western Govts have no answers. They merely try to fill our vision helped by the Tabloid Culture with temporary obfuscation.

The real issues are the Environment and Climate Change, Debt, our economic model in the face of China not an insignificant racial group who are at worst an irritant for the country as a whole.

I am pretty sure this is what a 4th term of Labour would have looked like here so no odium. Merely sadness that 77 years after Hitler came to power people still want to blame their problems on someone else rather than seek a real solution.

It says more about the people of France than the mental weakling  pushing it.

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Mar 14

After all the stuff about the ignorant thuggish Brown we now have word that David ‘Dave’ Cameron referred to President Sarkozy as a dwarf. Also that ‘The Vacuum’ George Osborne  mocked the vertically challenged but it does not stop him French leader.

It’s just pitiable with a Govt that can best be described as having run its course.  Its central ideas and ethos completely discredited. Its de facto and belief defying inability to realise it has been a supporter to Rendition, Torture and murder showing it as morally bankrupt. Yet what an alternative we are offered a couple of fatuous school boys who think making juvenile cracks about people’s height is what they should be doing.

So far Cameron Dave has managed to make Barack Obama think he’s a clown and now insulted the leader of our 2nd closest ally. Really to be worse at human relations than than the pathetic over educated ignoramus Brown takes some doing.

What next Angela Merkel is no oil painting?

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