Nov 28

You’d think doctors would have enough on their plates doing their jobs in a PFI ravaged Health Service. However you’d be wrong they have noticed that many of us are fat and some drink a lot. They notice that some of these people have complications and don’t eke out every last day they could live. They and a Govt desperate to sell arms to overseas murderers would like us to live a little longer and drink less.  Continue reading »

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Nov 18

Savita Halappanavar’s tragic death is a reminder of the Dark Age laws of Ireland but also the power of a personal story. It can be hoped that Ireland brings in some modern laws on abortion as its economy heads to the 19th century with potentially the rest of Europe because it assumed the debts of a bank with the name Ireland in it.

Nonetheless it is quite bizarre that 1000s of deaths on the roads or in un-clean Foundation hospitals moves no one. Thousands of deaths and anarchy in countries we invaded moves no one. Soldiers beating and killing prisoners moves no one. That our main opposition party in the UK supported rendition and torture programs is inconsequential. It’s a further reminder that as Stalin purportedly said kill a person and it’s murder kill thousands and it’s a statistic.

The debt and austerity will kill far more people than even the ludicrous remnants of medieval superstition in Ireland.

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