Jun 06

The Greek crisis is becoming a shining example of the modern ideology of almost all ruling Western Powers – neo Liberalism. I’ve commented before on the sheer inanity of screaming legal and illegal – indeed the left neo Libs are the worst at this hoping courts, yes courts, will overturn the logical consequences of their beliefs they refuse to recognise.

Peter Kažimír @KazimirPeter Slovakia’s Finance Minister
#Greece has to focus on completion of programme – that’s mutual priority, debt restructuring is not on the table #eurozone #IMF

Completion of a programme that has shrunk the economy by a quarter. What not enough for you? A programme IMF economists admit was a mistake foisted by the rapist Strauss Kahn to save German and French banks.

Debt restructuring not on the table when they have debts they can never pay back what kind of moronic toss is that? It makes absolutely no sense.

These psychopaths or incompetents believe what they are doing seemingly. There is no evidence what they are doing works and plenty that says it does not.

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