Jan 28

Neo Liberal on the Conservative wing
Great job: Syriza’s Tsipras has destroyed >€50bn market capitalization of #Greece’s stock mkt in his first 2days.

@Someone Him personally. Greek voters nowt to do with it. Why do neo Libs personalise everything?

The point here is a) he changed his tweet to 5Bn although since neo Liberals generally go with what number suits them neither figure that important b) er what he personally trashed bank shares? Surely they should have collapsed as election went entirely with the polls? Also he is essentially decrying bank shares dropping as they may lose their state backing. This guy wrote a book on the evils of the state but of course the role of the state is to nationalise debt. The neo Liberals, sorry Labour fans, do not care for sick people or to educate the poor other countries can do that on their own tab so we can exploit it whilst reducing the poor to scavengers on the anvil of Austerity.

I read a lot of Labour fans tweet Cameron has done this or that and even the NHA party. I tend to only aim at them when they make personal statements like un-encrypting the internet or the latest fascistic quote from Theresa May. As much to show that the spokespeople for Corporates/Oil/Banks are just that and have no idea what they are talking about. Even the increasingly ridiculous and vicious POTUS I try to use Obama Administration except when referring to something their chief spokesperson said himself. It’s one thing to attack their ridiculous statements but more of what they do is a collective and done by Govt apparatus that will be there when they’re gone. To attack a leader because idiots still held Greek Bank Shares expecting infinite state aid and no risk is bananas but typical.

I don’t know why the media climate is so personalised and febrile I suspect it’s an ad hom’ thing that it is easier to attack people than ideas. That when your ideas are bankrupt and cannot work you aim your ire at your opponent to pretend your position is more moral – no don’t ask me why but the neo Libs love being sententious. It’s much easier to hate people on the other side when you agree on so much as Cameron and Miliband and Blair and Brown so clearly do.  For instance the child like attacks on Alex Salmond for putting a case for Scottish independence as neo Libs fell over themselves to cry about this as a personal slight.

I guess to demonise an enemy doing something as even right wing economics judges would agree needs doing in Greece is the only desperate resort of neo Lib fans. Indeed many who obstensibly agree try to predict SYRIZA losing popularity which appears the main problem according to the neo Libs. It [neo Liberalism] is a lunatic cult that cannot control its emotions it seems.

Is its success due to it plying the human weakness to feel superior? All opponents dismissed with a line of purest zero meaning rhetoric.

Next week I’ll define what I call a neo Liberal.

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Mar 23

Some good news for Britons what happened in Cyprus and what was proposed cannot happen here. This is because it already has. Saveoursavers.com claim since 2009 the Banks have benefited/stolen/been handed £200 Bn by the suppression of interest rates. A big haircut.

We are still pouring in what conservatively £75 Bn a year plus QE into our banks -> in the form of loan guarantees, insuring their deposits for free, low rates to allow savers and borrowers to be ripped off, paltry fines for criminal behaviour, allowance of borrower rates loan sharks would be embarrassed by etc etc.

The £ itself has shrunk 15% and is set to fall further (were I over dramatic I’d say plunge) even as we run short of energy which is also rising in price. When fuel prices spike that is a further hair cut for people facing an effective inflation rate of more than CPI/RPI.

That we have not had a single crisis and the middle class still suffer money illusion from their house prices does not mean we’ve not had a more severe haircut than 10%. We’ve had 15% from the currency alone.

Indeed without the safety net of the Euro and an economy in thrall to Banking and House Prices as wealth creation stagnation maybe a dim hope for most Britons.

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Dec 07

In a manner of speaking David Cameron has a great deal of leverage if European agreements are changed. They will need his or Britain’s approval. Continue reading »

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Jun 18

It makes no sense to try to fill the sinking ship of Greek finance. Yet Merkel has accepted the banks will not take any losses. So Germany will try to fill in the hole with money. Since Greece is conservatively owes 200 Bn more than it has what’s the point?  Continue reading »

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May 31

In the end you cannot force through public spending cuts on people having broken the rules yourself. You cannot force through higher taxes having broken the rules.

It does not matter that you could have legitimately claimed more within the rules. Or that you paid back everything claimed even though you were only breaking the rules for the last 2 years.

Sadly for all of us taxes and cuts are coming.

Weak people like the Labour Party leaders who have inflicted this on us will squeal crocodile tears for the poor into their chopped onion hankies. Ed Balls will try the child’s fantasy that the 6 Bn of cuts this year might be the cause of a double dip recession – the real truth is the cause is that the economy cannot structurally support any growth without incurring more debt thanks to 8 years of moronic economic management by Balls organ grinder the savant Brown.

The alternatives given a Marxist revolution looks a way off is that we become what Greece would if it were not a small country in the Euro – hint no one’s bailing out the UK. Already Danish companies are threatening not to supply vital drugs as they are a) owed money b) some clown thought he could reduce the price by 25% overnight without negotiating with the supplier. Think of that next time we refuse to pay for some supposedly vital new drug on the NHS! A poorer Britain unable to buy medicines that are proven and necessary to work!

Time for everyone to grow up. Instead the opposition on both wings will use the peccadilloes and mistakes of individuals to justify opposition to what is necessary.

I say don’t get angry at Laws, Osborne, Cameron, Clegg, Cable, Clarke, et al blame Brown and the people who voted in enough numbers for a Labour Party to complicate parliament. A Labour Party complicit in a foreign policy that saw 15 more innocents slaughtered today – no doubt the Israelies as the UK/US coalition does will call them insurgents and terrorists with Obama’s private blessing but that is another blog.

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