May 03

This probably does not need writing but here goes…..

UKIP basically promise an even more corrupt economic model than Labour and Conservatives. They are neo Liberals on steroids and would outsource almost everything to their friends. Their central schtick is an EU referendum but that is a) likely to be a No and a pointless exercise b) even out of the EU the UK would almost certainly have to retain the Common Market and indeed sign up to the Schengen Agreement on free borders – as we’d have no leverage to force an opt out. Maybe UKIP think there is some alternate grouping for the UK than Europe but that is map defying idiocy for me.

This criticism is valid of all the openly racist parties (BNP, UKIP, Conservative and Labour) do they really think it is practical and worth the cost to shut our borders? Already the UK is forced to keep the UN out of its Rape Camp at Yawl’s Wood like some 3rd world despot nation. It’s seen as a nation of backward troglodytes and leaving the EU would further lead to that view with an added drop of petulance thrown in. Think how much the fraud based UK finance industry would be entertained if Europe could legislate against it with no veto?

Ironically I am not convinced on EU membership and really have not heard a coherent case for it. However the idea we can be an Island surrounded by virtual Israeli style walls is laughable. Even Farage admits UKIP would allow immigration and if he were truly honest he’d admit it would be just as high and the figures suggest UK already gets highly educated entrants. How big are our airports to become to handle all the extra passport checks and visas? How many state goons are needed to bring this ‘vision’ to fruition. The queues at our airport terminals in summer already a disgrace.

The best way to stop immigration is to tank the economy can we safely assume UKIP would do that? They would succeed in a victory General Pyrrhus would have approved of.

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Mar 19

Ukraine is a bankrupt country which has been subject to corrupt scum filled Governments its entire recent history as an independent country. Since the break from the old Soviet bloc it has become essentially a pipeline conduit from East to West. It can no longer pay for its own gas and Russia was moving to cut it out of the loop on that before it removed its corrupt puppet Yankovich. Into this the US has agitated a regime change which has resulted in a new Govt of dubious legality. This new Govt promises to be no less corrupt than prior and may have a few added wrinkles to boot.  Continue reading »

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Dec 13

I decided not to use Amazon for buying some kids toys. Most firms I chose were out of stock. So much for the small guy. In the end I went with slave labour employing Tesco to avoid non tax paying Amazon. The answer to these tax issues and the economy is not to play dumb and think Amazon, Starbucks or anyone especially is a problem. The infantile agenda of Press and Political Parties is to serve us a constant stream of rotating villains to blame and make ourselves feel moral and superior.  The problems are corrupt political and financial systems. The tail wagging the dog. In or out of EU. Amazon or Tesco. Starbucks or Costa. All irrelevant.

What has gone wrong is that for 30 years increasingly Govts of all shades have played beggar thy neighbour with tax regimes and like Premiership Football clubs they’re almost all bust. They all covered up by creating mountains of debt sustained by asset bubbles and although many of the bubbles went pop they’re still trying the same ruinous stupid policies.

Labour or Conservative.  Kleptocrats or Kleptomaniacs. Head or Gut. You’ll have a preference most likely Gut. However it won’t stop the gutting of the economy of capital and productive capacity.

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Nov 04

First up one should not talk the economy down. However there is no evidence that Tory or Labour disbelieve their inane and delusional nonsense. Iain Duncan Smith thinks the UK will be fine outside of the EU. The Milibands are pimping a Living Wage which is classic New Labour using a worthy cause and source of worthy rhetoric without tackling the reasons why people don’t get a living wage – despite their being in power for 13 of the last 15 years. They all ignore the economic reality. That whilst it continues to subsidise the shadow banking industry that creates no wealth with 10s Bns each year the real economy will not grow and indeed the rest will shrivel and the parasite will have nothing to feed off either. At that point it won’t matter if we are in the EU or not.  Continue reading »

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Dec 11

It is said that the sum of derivative trading is worth more than world’s GDP. Quite how this torrent of counterfeit money distorts our economy I will leave you to judge. Needless to say to political parties paid off by it it is the most important sector of the economy.  Continue reading »

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