Dec 02

It’s getting hard to see the obsession anymore with sexual choice. Of course we’re all wired to have sexuality but what other people’s is should in many ways unless they are the object of our desire be a profoundly redundant question.

Labour fan types are so quick to come out and be seen to comment and compliment someone for saying what the object of their desire is.  My questions to these Neo Libs of the Labour Party and you are for all your denials Neo Liberal. Why do you have to comment? You support bigotry and tough policies on the poor. You support the economics of Austerity. You support moronic Immigration policies. You support a race to the bottom on benefits. You support the subsidy of big business. You support nationalising debt and subsidising risk for banks and large corporates. You support Corporatism. Yet you think being nice about the largely inconsequential preferences of a celebrity mean jack.

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