Apr 03

One of the more idiotic debates around the Snowden files was the neo Con/Liberal media debate was about legality. Snowdon’s actions were illegal and the NSA’s were legal. I would even concede that as true. However one’s actions were right and correct the others showed the grasping depths that our Govts go to to retain control for the people they represent [not us] and their deep contempt for freedom, people and democracy.

If Secretaries of States and Home Secretaries want to say people sitting in closed booths watching sexy webcams in GCHQ Cheltenham is legal, fine. If they want to say that sending undercover filth to impregnate protesters for the crime of believing climate science is proper, OK. If they say that backing death squads in Iraq is in the National Interest, whatever. If they say supporting al Quaeda in Syria is the same, it’s a view. They want to continue to hold people in the Guantanamo Torture camp without charge or trial having released the big boys of al Queada after doing deals, who am I to disagree. However why should I tolerate such marginal toilet licker opinions and they not tolerate any dissent?

The illegal label is meaningless and arguments over its application about who is in power not right or wrong.

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Aug 26

Here’s the thing the empty moron says the NSA has oversight and can track abuses.


It does not know what Edward Snowden accessed and copied (Stole if you are a 19th century person who cannot understand the idea of copying data).


How does it know anything about what 10s of 1000s of analysts many not working for the Govt but private companies desperate to get extra patronage look at?

It does not.

There is no effective oversight.


Surely the NSA if they’ve nothing to hide they’ve nothing to fear? Why do their spokespeople keep lying if that is the case?

Unless Feinstein and Obama have been lying then the NSA treats elected ‘leaders’ like spokespeople giving them the Mushroom treatment – keep em in the dark and give them shit. Neither Obama and Feinstein mind either way they have millions of reasons to support this nonsense that has nothing to do with terrorism. Indeed given how glib O’ has been lately on the subject he quite likes trolling for the establishment and does not mind being a Pin Cushion whose every statement is disproved before he finishes it.

It’s worse in the UK but our newspapers are self censoring and only concerned with being pimples on celebrity butts, Guardian excepted.

These days I am starting to say ‘They’ about ‘Them’.

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Jul 13

Given the extraordinary amount of documents he has and their sensitivity, I pointed out in the interview that it is incredibly foolish for the US government to force him to remain in Russia. From the perspective of the US government and the purported concerns about him being in Russia, that makes zero sense given the documents he has.
Glenn Greenwald

You have to wonder if the Obama Regime is overly fixated on rhetoric and winning PR battles? Maybe because in actuality beyond some policy issues in reality those in elected Govt are not governing. They just play games for donations and posts for self enrichment. Take Ambassadorships which are essentially given to donors to the Regime. The goals of Administration et al could thus appear self enrichment because they do not have the debates they claim to want nor do they do anything sensible with a goal in mind bar screaming bullying rhetoric.

You could take an even more negative view that they are like the playground bullies trying to win anyway they can without regard for what they are doing or how they are doing it. What winning constitutes is measured by polls not the reality of national security and their programs.

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Jun 24

I grew up thinking that a written constitution and even a Bill of Rights was a good idea. That these somehow preserved something. The truth is the rules and rights are fine but they don’t work for the majority of us. That Britain and the US should be so involved in torture, rendition, war and spying makes the point. The US for all the bullshit about the Constitution and Bill of Rights joins with the UK in preventing ‘imminent’ attacks on the USA by people who live in the hinterlands of Pakistan. Continue reading »

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