Feb 22

It’s a bizarre nether world I inhabit obviously but cannot square the circle. The problem is this people want Greece to honour debts it cannot pay following economics that will never work. Ukraine which has no viable financial model, was already deep in debt, completely corrupt and is now a war zone we should support?

Not to gloss over the issues or to much care if the West stoked, created or encouraged the coup in Ukraine that took a bankrupt energy poor country off Russia’s economy and dumped it in ours. However if peace broke out tomorrow in the Ukraine what the fuck would it do?

Greece in depth is better covered elsewhere (not the national media obviously but look up work of Tomas Hirst and Frances Coppola) but outside the Euro would clearly have some sort of viability – take other tourist destinations which are war zones or run by nutters or under threat from nutters or fascist cesspools. Seriously do you want to support the terror financing despots and slavery of the UAE (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar et al) to see some modern architectural atrocity or see the Acropolis in person? Alternates are Turkey! Tunis? Israel? Eastern Europe? Australia? Give me <5 hours away similar timezone boats olive oil tomatos fish islands history…. Greece could also by breaking from the downbound train of European neo Liberalism make itself anything from a Gambling mecca to a Technology centre or anything it wants to be.

Greece reforms and kicks out the vestiges of institutional ‘Socialism’ that the corrupt PASOK party installed. Removes all the grace and favour sinecures. Installs modern tax gathering and other things. Then breaks with the Euro. The short term ceasefire will allow them to do this claiming they have to under pressure. Syriza’s main drawback is of course they are a party of the Left and have to pay tribute to tenants of idiocy but for Greece they should sacrifice temporary popularity if necessary. Will they? Does anyone with power do what is right not best for themselves anymore?

Oh and put the Goldman Sachs bankers who lied to Europe and the people in jail that got you here. An European Arrest Warrant would be a fitting end for them.

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