Oct 01

It’s not what he would have chosen and nor would anyone but the most depraved say that Miliband wanted the frankly child like attack on his father from the paper that backed fascism and did not want Jews to come to the UK. I am not inferring that in any way. Indeed that it fell in the Tory party conference when they planned to showcase Theresa May’s small minded bigotry is a happy accident and shows the Mail has no thought to the timing of its bigoted ignorance. Continue reading »

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Mar 17

Ask about the bursting of the debt and hubris bubble of Labour’s creation in 2008 and you’d swear the UK had dealt with this problem as well as the German economy. A Labour droog will spin some line about the Global Economic Crash that caused it, caused by UK and US regulation and obsession with Finance. Not mentioning this would have had little effect or cost had the UK Govt not been at the forefront, and Balls boasted of this, of the lack of regulation and privatised monetary expansion of so called Investment Banks. Continue reading »

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Oct 23

There is currently a Select Committe inquiry into why a documentary on Jimmy Savile was shelved and what he may or may not have done at the BBC. It’s all designed to miss the point. Indeed as said here before surely Police and Govt have greater questions to answer in relation to the Jersey Care Home scandal that Savile frequented. That investigation has resulted in what? At least the BBC to a degree are sorry as they self immolate even if a few opt for their own life raft.

Select Committee inquiries tend to lead to other pointless inquiries such as:-

  • Leveson where the Police and Political corruption is subsumed into a witch hunt against Rebekah Brooks and her droogs. You’d never think 9 years ago Brooks told MPs the Police were corrupt and she paid them.

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Dec 28

Ah Doctors. Your best friend when you’re lying there in pain. A pain in the arse at any other time. Continue reading »

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