Mar 23

Workers declining share of wealth and productivity gains has been hidden by rubbish inflation numbers and massive expansion of credit and housing bubbles for over 30 years. This has combined with greater financialisation and the voracious appetite of those who take no risks – known as bankers mostly but large corporates too. 2008 has actually accelerated the trends without altering one thing indeed greater and greater percentages of wealth are controlled by a small elite who make risk free gambles and get to load the debt on the populace through their politicians. Continue reading »

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Aug 30

I can’t help feel that the Commons’ vote on Syria was nothing to do with the issues of how we respond to the Assad regime using the weapons we in the west sold them. Nor to do with the genuine realisation that whatever permission the UK/US/France are given they will interpret it and over step and leave a worse mess as they have consistently done.  Nor was it about the absurdity of a POTUS who kills people who are no direct threat for reasons of PR – to be seen fighting the enemy he supports in Syria.

There are genuine issues and frankly given we don’t want to bomb chemical dumps nor support the rebels frankly I could support the killing/arrest of Assad and the raising of indictments to the ICC for senior generals and members of the Regime (not supported by the Americans who demand immunity for the 1000s they’ve killed).

Here is the only salient fact if we think chemical weapons should never be used, except of course to increase freedom by Israel and the US, then stop selling them in the first place.

The worst though are the people who try to send it to the UN to back stop their inadequacy. It’s an abdication of responsibility to a body that is powerless. Those who want military action and those who don’t at least have a pair.

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Feb 12

The latest non scandal in England appears to be Ready Meals contain actual meat not the skin and tendon we would expect. In America people who once claimed to be Liberals are whining that others are saying that the Obama Administration is nothing more than a illiberal bunch of murderers because they believe in having people killed outside due process.

Both bought a load of shit they were told was something else. Anyone consuming a Findus Beef Lasagne probably does not know or frankly should not care if it has horse meat especially as horse meat is better in general than cheap cow. Similarly many US Liberals clearly don’t care if their President is a mass murderer and not Liberal at all. Their reaction on finding out is that it’s OK for Obama to personally authorise the murder of people. Those complaining mere pedants who read the label and think that matters.

Obama’s defenders make a distinction between the honest in terms of torture Bush and the greater authority of Obama. Apparently to ‘Crat obsessed fans who label themselves Liberal having a president who lies through his teeth about even his most basic beliefs like President O’  is all good. Indeed they further claim he is able to Minority Report style Pre-Cog imminent threats to the USA in people who cannot locate the country on the map.

President Obama and his administration are no worse than Stalin compiling lists of names on the basis of rumours and intelligence to kill or ship to Gulags. What remains of due process in the US and weak pinko public opinion probably stops him protecting more people by killing more people who are no threat.

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