Nov 28

You’d think doctors would have enough on their plates doing their jobs in a PFI ravaged Health Service. However you’d be wrong they have noticed that many of us are fat and some drink a lot. They notice that some of these people have complications and don’t eke out every last day they could live. They and a Govt desperate to sell arms to overseas murderers would like us to live a little longer and drink less.  Continue reading »

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May 21

A care home manager who killed a patient with an over dose but was a drug addict got 10 years. You may recall the case of Jane Barton who may have killed 10s of people but was not charged. What is the difference? Jane Barton was a doctor. She should have known better. She is surely more responsible. She was not even struck off. Subject to restrictions she can kill again.

Do not forget the 1800 dementia patients killed every year by doctors with no one struck off or charged.

Never mind even when convicted of manslaughter the zero jail time in the case of Dr Michael Stevenson who killed maybe 14 and got convicted of manslaughter also and served not one day in jail.

I am not defending anyone here far from it. However if one accidental death by a non doctor is worth 10 years then surely the arrogant murder of 100s by self serving doctors is worth more or at least some jail time?

Had Nurse Baker merely been an incompetent doctor or a doctor claiming depression, rather than a nurse, she’d currently be at home not looking at 5 years inside.

Doctors should not be working under such impunity especially when they are serial killers.

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Mar 24

In the same way that stating a sane opinion about recreational drugs or even prescribed drugs will get you shouted down. It does seem anyone sane who suggests that spending cuts should start at the big spenders like Health runs the risk of Opprobrium.

The Health service under New Labour has been well funded and people paid a lot more for the same work –  in Doctor’s cases less work. Yet we still have the mass slaughter of mis-prescribing which only makes the news if it involves a foreign doctor especially if he is an ethnic minority. For all the money spent cleaning has not been improved making a mockery of all the extra money and obfuscational lexicon of Trusts and Foundation Hospitals. C-Diff and MRSA should be virtual history.

Even if we cannot reduce the health budget we should be looking to get it to deliver better. If that means ripping up the innumerable bureaucratic bodies of middle class managers who seem to improve nothing but their salary then so be it. Ring fencing anything merely ensconces the lazy and flatulent structures and will inevitably lead to front line services suffering at the expense of huge salaries, pensions and pay off to the incompetent and non essential. As we see with corporates the first target to cut is the lowest paid and productive workers terms and conditions which would be a mistake in the many dirty Hospitals.

Another source of saving would be to re-negotiate the PFI contracts which guarantee returns of up to and beyond a ludicrous 30% to Brown’s money-men friends in the City. Maybe this is legally impossible but leverage can always be found by asking for the letter of contracts and threats of greater inspection.

A free service which has spent a fortune on IT should not need the hundreds of bureaucratic bodies and authorities it has. It’s an arcane bag of things not part of a developed structure or even an evolved one. More a non structure caused by the continual meddling, re-organising and gimmick cult of New Labour i.e. Foundation status, Trusts, ad nauseum…

We need a new deal on health. That doctors will provide more for their vastly increased salaries and not out-source to questionable foreign locums flying in for the day.

Most of all 13 years after it was an obvious priority we want the hospitals cleaned. Now.

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Jan 29

If we could add up the numbers of patients killed by poor prescribing and outright incompetent doctors – never mind any malicious ones. It would be 1000s of people a year. That Doctors kill more than all illegal narcotics would not surprise me. They are quite happy to blather on about our weight, butter and drinking in hysterical and insulting phrases on TV. They could save more lives by being competent themselves than any amount of shrill shouted warnings on the other stuff.

The latest Dr Death Jane Barton despite 3 of the 10 test cases being killings attributable to her has not been struck off. She was investigated over almost a 100 cases from just one small period of her employment. Do the maths on how many lives lost by her actions over a whole career.

This follows on from the 1800 dementia patients murdered by being prescribed anti psychotics when they were clearly not psychotic.

It’s only when Doctor serial killer Harold Shipman altered a will after killing 250 or more anyone bothered to charge him. Shipman was finally struck off 2 years into an indefinite sentence. Had he just kept killing he could have killed till he retired. Indeed it would be naive in the extreme to think that he is the only one, clearly that is not the case.

The message sent is provided if you don’t try to steal from your patients prescribe them as much pain killer as it will take to kill them and that is OK then.

Is there a bigger cause of premature death proportionately that Doctors prescribing palliative care?

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Dec 15

A 13 year old who supposedly bullied a 16 year old who jumped to her death was given 8 years. Her 17 year old accomplice has been detained indefinitely! This was not even a case of bullying per se but an argument between friends involving drink after which a clearly disturbed child killed herself.

To me this demonstrates how reactive and reactionary justice has become in the New Labour era. You can beat your girlfriend half to death and get a caution from a Bobby to save paper work and court time. However if you fall out with a friend who kills themselves and are a child you can get 8 years to life  and a manslaughter conviction!

Some will agree this was manslaughter but: we don’t charge poor or drunk car drivers who kill with manslaughter:  nor doctors prescribing psychotic drugs to dementia patients which have killed 1800: hospital administrators who have killed 1000s through inadequate hospital cleaning.

This week was indeed notable for charges against 2 men whose firework factory killed 2 firemen but the rarity and culpability of reckless adults is rare treated as such.

2 wrongs don’t make a right but if we are to persecute children to the furthest extent for doing what regrettably children do then we should persecute other groups.

Nothing will bring back Rosimeiri Boxall and this is not to defend the vile garbage that metaphorically pushed her to her death. The point is the relativity of a sentence here based on the age of the criminal and that her actions are if not common place not rare either. A lot of us undergo bullying that could be described thus:-

cruel, abject bullying

it was ugly, vicious and repeated

This conviction does nothing to stop bullying. It merely illustrates a culture where children are held more responsible than educated adults like Doctors and inadequate spurned husbands.

I can only assume the judge and jury never went to school. Beatings, hair pulling and things sprayed in your eyes not just once but day in day out are a reality there.

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Nov 16

Nurses will apparently need an extra year and a degree to get their job. For the nurses union I can see this is a good thing to raise their status and pay.

To say you will need a degree to do the job is a logic fail. An extra year before a day’s nursing will mean what 5, 10 or 20 years afterwards? If the profession is changing then training is the answer not initial qualification inflation?A degree illustrates your ability at education even in vocational courses. Degrees are a vetting process. A barrier to entry to ensure standards if you take the rosy view of the English education system.

Do all GPs and specialists need 7 years studying before becoming a junior doctor? Twenty years later how many of these doctors could still pass those tests? It’s a naive position most doctors keep abreast of the latest research and science – take the quoting of BMI numbers and killing dementia suffers with drugs as good examples. As we see in the debate on diet doctors peddle simplistic statistical links like facts.

Do tax payers want something that will raise wages and restrict supply in a growing industry supported to a large degree by tax payers? If there is a purpose to extra study make it an option not a demand. It demands more than the ridiculous shallow arguments currently put up. Training for jobs as they evolve is more relevant than an extra year of study aged 20.

There’s a hundred related issues with degrees now so debased in the UK. The key point I would draw out is that education is often qualification acquirement now. The tail now wags the dog with fewer interested in education for itself. Worse education has become a way of rubber stamping an even more rigid class system than we had 20  years ago.

Qualifications and learning are not the same things.

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Nov 13

It’s a oddity of the so called War on Drugs that it does seem a battle between the Govt supplying the nation with drugs it does not need and illegal dealers doing the same. The fact is that 1800 Dementia suffers were killed by bumbling incompetent or just flat out path of least resistance Doctors.

Honestly it’s not just dementia patients as friends of mine have almost died from medication with known side effects and risks they would not have taken. Doctors’ prescriptions are one of the biggest killers in this country statistically. This is before considering that they are dosing millions with tranquillisers in the same casual manner they prescribe anti  psychotics for Dementia patients.

Where are the manslaughter convictions? If you drive negligently and kill you face prison. If prescribe drugs that are not needed and you kill someone nothing happens. Seriously even I know patients with Dementia are not mentally ill in that sense. Just as I know that children don’t need antibiotics for colds and flu.

To those still ignorant “Trust Me I’m A Doctor” is an ironic statement.

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