Aug 11

The idea that mass surveillance of the internet at vast cost and examining almost everything that is not piped movies* and other streams has anything to do with terrorism is clearly wrong.

The conceit is that this is a discussion of Freedom v Security. Yet law enforcement is more danger to the average American in America. Bee stings are. It’s unclear how this surveillance of Americans and allies helps and if there was even one example anyone think this most pragmatic of Administrations would not leak it? It leaked it could track al Quaeda communications last week** which would appear to be stupid to warn them!

There is no security issue here. The UK/US have more than enough laws to spy on the right people with minimal change in security. This is not about security but the rights of venal weak politicians to keep feeding parasitic corporations like BAE Systems, Booz Allen and General Dynamics and be fed back.

Worst for me is the idea that collecting vast troves of data will ever be helpful. Reliance on Big Data and phishing will make processes and procedures predictable – less better quality data wins every time.

The only discussion here is Freedom v Corporate Parasites’ Profits. It’s obvious who the Cameron Govt, GOP, ‘Crats et al favour and it’s the former.

* The Obama Administration’s claim of 1.6% of traffic laughable given what traffic is. Seriously anyone who considers the Administration anything but malevolent and mendacious can only be because it’s stupid, incompetent and knows less than Guardian readers.

** Shows how absurd and vengeful for being shown as a stooge for Big Weapons and NSA The Obama Administration is. An Administration that leaks classified and damaging top secret documents like they’re coupons for free fries claims telling people what is being done against them is spying for the enemy. As the chief spokesperson said “We don’t read your emails” again 2 providers of encrypted email closed down as the Jackboots of the NSA closed in. Again The Administration thinks it is talking to who? Morons?

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Jun 08

The chief spokes-clown for the Obama Administration was in full flow. It was a discussion he’d like to have but whoever leaked the secret would be hounded to 20 years inside or preferably suicide or would visit somewhere they could use a drone. He went on to deny something no one had accused The Administration of – listening to phone messages – classic rhetorical device. Meanwhile the ironically titled Justice Secretary Holder, who one assumes got his name from holding the Prez’s coffee cos he appears to have no talent bar lying through his teeth, said the US categorically did not have a murder not capture policy even if Tuesday’s kill list discussion was personally the highlight of his week. Continue reading »

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Jan 01

Fiscal Cliff more baby talk between people who don’t have your interests at heart pretending they do.

The reason O’s Administration and the ‘lican losers don’t really want to go over the so called Fiscal Cliff is they would then have to negotiate more sensible tax and spend policies. Bear in mind that the banks that have stolen/lost/burned trillions in savings were not attacked directly by President Suit’s administration like the evil Occupy movement whose made outrageous demands like political donation reform and to prevent Rep. Pelosi and co insider trading.

To Pressie O and his administration the enemy is not the Tea Party or the Koches or McCain or Bush or Rombot or the Muslims or the drug dealers but those like Occupy who want actual change. I predict on the Fiscal Cliff  a deal will be agreed to allow the military to carry on attacking tens of counties and taxes for most will not change.

The politicos they’re just crying for attention and to convince you you have a real choice. You don’t.

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Jun 28

The inconsequential death of Osama bin Laden in terms of, the Afghan war and arguably anything non symbolic, has ‘lead’ the Obama Administration to think it’s time to get out of Afghanistan. Continue reading »

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