May 08

Were it not for polls I think I would have assumed this was quite a hard election for the Conservatives to not win. The economic good news may not survive a decent economist’s gaze but since when did they have any say. Sure poorer workers actually trying to work hard and earn know it’s a load of bollocks. People like me know it’s an unsustainable subsidy bubble where debt subsidises shit companies like Tesco. However for many exposed only to national media and the BBC this narrative of growth is fixed.

Farmers, Bankers and City workers, Large Corporates, Tax avoiders, Oil companies, outbid bearded rail franchise holders, landlords, owners of valuable property, Housing Association tenants etc is surely a thick end of the 24% of the populace who voted Conservative – the rest just brainless tarts who think that they can be rich and all former groups earn their dosh. Just as until Brown lost them in an incompetence fest had public sector managers, well paid public sector workers, Scots, Tax Credit families etc.

As it is an illusory boom that is only fueled by immigrants (per capita it reeks), has a productivity no show and funded by large amounts of debt please do not expect me to respect this judgement by the populace albeit with little actual choice and a positive economic narrative 24% of the electorate may be seen as unconvincing..

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Jul 23

Pal mailed that a group of US children in London seemed paranoid about going to the wrong station on the Tube. In a town like London where 2 stations are so close you’d walk if just going 1 or 2 stops this seems mad.

However understandable when your Presidents have to go around murdering people in Yemen and Pakistan out of fear of imminent attack. Hold Pizza meets on Tuesday to take advantage of the 2 for Tuesday to draw up a kill list. Who insist on jailing journalists. Reassure the US that the US was only really spying on the other 97% of the world whilst taking all their meta data – any of whom they are allowed to kill – including Americans who are outside of the US apparently – indeed inside too but el suitio says he would not do that. People who raise issues are traitors and spies apparently. Making people fear everything outside their home country is part of Orwell’s blueprint for the leader.

You can’t blame Americans for paranoia when they are so led?

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