Apr 29

If there was a conspiracy by Baby Boomers to use the last of the planet’s resources and leave the rest of us, their children, deep in debt they probably would not have done a better job. Continue reading »

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Dec 30

In tabloid newspapers the tart Piers Morgan said that people on the way down should be kicked like they kicked on the way up. Continue reading »

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Nov 25

Someone was explaining why the cuts were having a disproportionate effect on social services. The explanation was clear with so many long term contracts councils (and PFI bound NHS, Education and central Govt) could only cut the soft stuff they still ran.  Continue reading »

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Jun 05

As Labour Party supporters gleefully cheer a double dip recession and Tories celebrate the pain to be inflicted on the public sector and poor by that and the spending cuts all I can ponder is the future. Continue reading »

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Feb 15

I confess I don’t find the new interpretations of the offside law as befuddling as most male TV pundits…. sorry wrong blog…. OK I confess to me The Big Society is not as flawed or unimaginative as people on the left with their effortless whinging rhetoric make out. I think the problem is it falls down on the sad fact that despite his incompetence people would prefer the grey rut of a Brownian society. Or put another way people are so accepting of the notion of expecting the state to do things they aren’t minded the other way.  Continue reading »

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Jan 30

When it comes to economics it does seem no matter how well voiced one is it’s hard to know what is right and we may choose our response on the basis of what we’d like to believe. Continue reading »

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Jan 06

They have quiet slipped in the deflation of a 2nd VAT rise from the 15% of two years ago kicks in. Make no mistake this is the most dangerous part of the recovery of Govt finances. Up to now it’s been cutting spending in the future and not buying stuff. Now they start taking massive chunks out of an economy hardly riding a boom. Continue reading »

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Oct 10

No I’m not talking about financial debt albeit I probably could be. I am also not talking about AGW but I probably could be. Nope it’s debt in terms of what it has borrowed from the Earth.

The underground water supplies currently be trawled deeper and deeper in the 3rd world to bring the Western World such daily essentials as Coffee, Roses, Flowers etc. The soil sucked dry to produce goods to send to us in the West. The resources burgled at a short term price with no thought of the future.

The rivers which many countries use for drinking water are increasingly contaminated and likely to become the subject of if not wars diplomatic skirmishes. We’ve seen how a relic of Stalinism has come to bite Hungary and have an outside chance to hit 5 other countries who rely on the Danube.

Never mind the two state solution to Palestine how about the growing water grab between Israel and Jordan? When people take your water do you die or fight?

The number of precious minerals and commodities being used to extinction. This drives much of the undercurrent to the spats between the US and China.

I worry less about financial debt as being poorer for even a decade or more is not an end to life. It is not extinction. Poverty brought by the greater success of others Capitalism we in the UK can hardly complain about. However a world poverty and starvation providing the world’s rich with luxuries is not a pleasant idea.

That the boot may be on the other foot for many westerners who have read the Daily Mail or any of Britain’s tabloids like The Times and Guardian will hardly make for much Schadenfreude from someone like me who lives in the UK.

Where environmental debt does equate with national debt is that much of it is to produce cash crops to pay back western banks with money provided by China and the Far East. The goods that Western economies mostly no longer earn are produced at the expense of the environment in the 3rd world. Can our banks allow them to not borrow from their water and soil for our benefit? No.

So in the end all debt is linked. The goods produced to pay debts cause carbon to be released and in turn are paid for by countries who run year in year out deficits. That these goods may come with an even greater debt only adds to the tragedy.

The point is that regardless of whether you view AGW as a lie or a conspiracy or believe it truly it is not the only part of the environmental iceberg we are steaming to.

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Sep 26

It’s quite conceivable that the Labour Party will soon be much more the party of the unelected and unelectable Prime Minister Gordon Brown than when he was in charge. A nightmare coalition of Balls as Chancellor and the word mangling clown Ed as Head Honcho. If Ed has a lick of sense he’ll send Balls to the Shadow Home berth where he can shout down like the bullying Berk’ he is when as happens to Home Secretaries something goes wrong on their watch – the best news for Labour is because of a pair of tits on his front row Cameron cannot sack Theresa May without looking Brownian in his hatred of women.

What really made me churn as Labour seems to hope the cuts can stop it from looking in a mirror is the lauding of 13 wasted years.

It could be a quarter a century and in a much reduced role that Britain’s public finances are in as good a shape as Ken Clarke left them when Brown decided he knew better around the turn of the century. As Harriet Harman the cerebrally challenged deputy leader blasted out the achievements of the Brown Govt a 10 year old boy would have been correct thinking I could do better at the cost of 100s of Billions. The fact is I could say buying an Aston Martin was an achievement but a pretty Pyrrhic one if I maxed my credit cards to do it and could not afford the repayments, insurance, tax and petrol!

Harman battled to sound like she believed a word she said. In a speech whose anti intellectualism was maybe a sop to the Daily Mail who hate her as she’s female. Her other “yes, but” inducing comment was that the recession  was not the fault of Labour. Yes, but the the high levels of debt in a boom that left us poorly placed to ride it out and we’ll be paying for it for years was. The fact that most of the weakest balance sheets in the major banking world were British was. That our banks were exposed to a sub prime crisis in the States was. That we are in the same boat as the US whose policies we copy was not mitigation.

Everything they supposedly achieved was built on debt, consumer and public. Built on debt. Growth through debt.

The worst part of it was this consumer and public debt binge left people working all hours and bitter. Resentful as their ridiculous feelings that they have lost something to Immigration shows. Immigration is an issue only in terms of how does this country counteract an aging population? Young immigrants?

Ed Miliband has to, if Labour are to ever be an effective Govt, admit their incompetence. Admit they need to build public services on something other than debt. He has to drop the likes of Woolas and Balls with their ranting stupid idiotic bigotry. He has to make the ultimate sacrifice and open his brother, Straw and Blair up to justice over their sanctioning of interviews where torture would almost certainly take place, this is against the law. He has to stop worrying what Newspapers think. He has to tell the truth about the ghettos they created many on racial lines. He has to tell the bigots and clowns why we need Immigration.

Most of all he has to cleanse the party of Brown and his influence.

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Sep 21

France says it is clearing illegal Roma camps and illegal immigrants. That’s not an issue for me. I believe in the law and people cannot form their own camp sites and homes where they like. So I am not upset at Sarkozy’s government’s policy.

However why is a policy about a mere 15,000 people vexing France? Why is it being personally pushed through by Sarkozy himself? Why is it not a low priority issue for the French Home Office to deal with? Why is it done so publicly to seemingly add humiliation to a group who are admittedly a pain but pathetic at the same time?

What does it say about France that this kind of publicly berating a small unpopular racial group would appear anywhere in the top 200 priorities of a French President facing up to the demands of Globalised Capital and Debt on a Social  Democratic Society? Why is he not dealing with the real problems?

The answers are not a positive on Sarkozy or a French electorate stupid enough to take their eyes off the ball. It does reflect that modern Western Govts have no answers. They merely try to fill our vision helped by the Tabloid Culture with temporary obfuscation.

The real issues are the Environment and Climate Change, Debt, our economic model in the face of China not an insignificant racial group who are at worst an irritant for the country as a whole.

I am pretty sure this is what a 4th term of Labour would have looked like here so no odium. Merely sadness that 77 years after Hitler came to power people still want to blame their problems on someone else rather than seek a real solution.

It says more about the people of France than the mental weakling  pushing it.

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