Apr 25

Hundreds of Nigerian school girls have been kidnapped by vile Islamic whatevers ITN and Channel 4 News call them but known as Boko Haram. It is horrible this male cult of bullshit referred to as  fundamentalist Islam and anyone watching would be horrified at attempts to not educate women – except for extreme religious people of course (see some purportedly Christian US States trying to nationalise women’s bodies). Yet what did ITN or Channel 4 not mention?

That we in the West support Boko Haram who are funded by our ally Saudi Arabia. The same as the al Queada rebels in Syria we support them too. We don’t support them in Afghanistan directly of course as then we’d be killing our own soldiers but the Saudis do and we support them and sell them weapons. So we oppose Jihadists in Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan and don’t like them in Nigeria but are quite happy to supply their backers with arms. Which means we really are happy to play both ends and wonder why people hate us?

The West’s support for Saudi makes no sense of course but it’s not a conspiracy it’s just a lot of people with a vested interest looking after their own patch. It’s conformist leaders who get info solely from briefings from media and lobbyists, who in turn are briefed by vested interests and unofficial spokespeople in a circular debate between so called intelligence and so called security services, Mainstream Media and Govt.

This troika is on display if people choose to look because the last one with the last Labour Govt broke down – oik like working classers Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson who aspired to be something are to be knocked down of course no one who counts is. The people who excused/supported/benefited from their excess sit in sinecures, some like David ‘Torture’ Miliband even hope to come back. Just as William Hague will likely retire to a humanitarian post having supported Saudi jihadis and opposed them without having the smarts to see the contradiction – a man who can sit in a cabinet that allows/supports the abuse of women at Yarls Wood and can then ponce about in photo shoots with Jolie campaigning against rape in war!

Does it make the likes of Hague or Miliband or Obama evil? Or does it just show how vacuous and credulous they are? A conspiracy? It’s not a conspiracy it’s far too simplistic and there is no veneer on it. Being able to conspire is not something you can accuse anyone I mention above of doing.

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Oct 01

It’s not what he would have chosen and nor would anyone but the most depraved say that Miliband wanted the frankly child like attack on his father from the paper that backed fascism and did not want Jews to come to the UK. I am not inferring that in any way. Indeed that it fell in the Tory party conference when they planned to showcase Theresa May’s small minded bigotry is a happy accident and shows the Mail has no thought to the timing of its bigoted ignorance. Continue reading »

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Apr 01

I’ve recently come across Poe’s Law which apparently is about fundamentalism but actually covers our sporting cultures very well. It essentially says that people who are extreme are beyond parody. That their views so ridiculous a parody or one of their beliefs side by side would be both assumed parody or serious not either or.

In Westminster self parody merely reflects conceit not Poe’s Law. Had it happened today anyone sane would have assumed David Miliband resigning because Sunderland had appointed a fascist was laughable hypocrisy. However the conceit of our politicians is they are somehow moral. That a man who oversaw torture and rendition and got cosy with the Gaddafi regime judges the genuinely held views of a football manager. Morally Sunderland went up at worst it’s a zero sum game.

It’s not just Labour. Iain Duncan Smith is a man so greedy he paid his wife taxpayer money to answer the phone at home essentially. He says he could live off £53 a week. I spend that on groceries never mind what I spend on lunch. This man is a buffoon. I’d given him 2 days. We would save more money just from the tax and extra spending a real interest rate would cause. The poor are being hurt not for any benefit to society but like Cyprus to German public opinion.

The central conceit of Merkel, IDS and Miliband is that they are working for the good of everyone. Sadder still these nasty scum may not even see what they are in their lonely moments.

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Mar 28

It’s an oddity but charity has become the refuge or obfuscation for the scoundrel. Lance Armstrong and the far more vile Jimmy Savile used the power of fame and charity to achieve their monetary and sexual goals respectively.

Depraved ex ministers Blair, Brown and now David Miliband hide their post Govt pay offs for work done behind charity. These men’s morality and charity best exemplified by conniving with Libya to have people tortured and rendered and a convicted murderer let off so BP could make money. There were of course other vile offenses but sucking the toes of Gaddafi is enough without ranting on. It will surprise no one that Miliband’s charity apparently receives substantial payments from the UK taxpayer.

The only real debate was for me does Miliband have a sinecure? My pal reckons it’s a place to park knowing his equally depraved but allegedly even more stupid brother Ed will be the next PM and David won’t get a shot for 6 years. The Times claim he is far more supportive of a reforming agenda which is of course meaningless pap. The only difference between Tory and Labour is the speed of disillusioning the punters. The direction is the same the speed of travel the argument whichever Miliband is in nominal command of the Labour party.

For me on David Miliband the only point I’d like to make is don’t come back you sick puppy.

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Apr 18

Depressing news that Labour’s achievements in making friends with oil rich Libya and aiding their stable despotic ways with MI6 help on Rendition and Torture is being swept under the carpet by the evil Tories.  Continue reading »

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Apr 09

When seeking to establish the truth one would be well advised to avoid the newspapers. Continue reading »

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Feb 07

A lot of what fills the papers daily is to make us feel angry and better than other people. At present UK at least has a break from sneering at the poor, old and disabled I guess. Continue reading »

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Dec 24

Tiss the season for Labourites to stoke the fires of how they come to support a party with little or no regard to human rights and democracy, bar the getting elected bit. So it’s the Tories 10 most brutal crimes.  Continue reading »

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Nov 22

Sepp Blatter’s ignorant reduction of racist abuse to the common or garden banter has stayed in the news nearly as long at British complaints that our bribes were insufficient to win the World Cup Hosting.  Continue reading »

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Nov 15

The current travails of the Penn’ State’s [American] Football program has seen sport’s journalists rightly slag off missing standards and integrity. The total and utter ignorance of inconvenient truths by weak men who lead others and set standards but don’t live up to them.  Continue reading »

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