Feb 12

I won’t go into the ins and outs of the disputes but the reaction to the so called football racism rows has been utterly ludicrous. The UK must look like an asylum to anyone from outside. The level of coverage and frantic polemified reaction seems illustrative of a deeper neurosis. Continue reading »

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Jan 14

I personally am not that active more of an emailer and angry person. Nonetheless when I chat to people who do protest my message is always stark and clear: whatever you do make sure the Labour Party has no role and that its supporters know that they come as individuals.  Continue reading »

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Dec 28

Ah Doctors. Your best friend when you’re lying there in pain. A pain in the arse at any other time. Continue reading »

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Jun 05

As Labour Party supporters gleefully cheer a double dip recession and Tories celebrate the pain to be inflicted on the public sector and poor by that and the spending cuts all I can ponder is the future. Continue reading »

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Mar 28

The TUC march against the cuts seems to have been hijacked by 3 groups.

Firstly nihilists just up for a ruck. Most of these twats would not know what Anarchy was never mind being actual you know Anarchists.

UKUNCUT protesting the tax avoidance deals Labour and the Tories hand out like sweets. Picking their target well the tax avoiders who own Top Shop, Fortnum and Masons, Ritz and Vodafone. Note how the Police arrest peaceful protestors to up their arrest rates and then use those numbers to justify more powers and laws we do not need. Continue reading »

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Mar 22

One criticism of Labour is that they sat on their hands and Ken Clarke’s ground work till the 1st decade of the new century and then cocked everything up. Continue reading »

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Jan 06

They have quiet slipped in the deflation of a 2nd VAT rise from the 15% of two years ago kicks in. Make no mistake this is the most dangerous part of the recovery of Govt finances. Up to now it’s been cutting spending in the future and not buying stuff. Now they start taking massive chunks out of an economy hardly riding a boom. Continue reading »

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Jan 03

If the coalition works out the Liberal Democrats are in danger of not cashing in. They will be tarred with the perceived bad by a left who can somehow find morality whilst supporting Labour. They will get no credit for the stuff some whingers are so busy to flag they are not happy with. The fact is unless the economy tanks, in which case no one will do well, the majority will likely feel safer and more secure if not better off in a few years. Thus either way distancing themselves from Osborne is a mistake. Continue reading »

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Dec 26

Judged on their reaction I don’t think Labour supporters doubt that their health reforms killed thousands and that the brutal toll of hospital infections was not stopped by them or tackled in any meaningful way. That all this was done whilst handing over money hand over fist to Bankers to fund their gambling addition on Sub Prime derivatives through the ruinous PFI scheme. In education an initial surge on standards stopped and even as Labour handed over the PFI to the bankers Britain’s children have stagnated absolutely and shrunk relatively. What all this spending did create was a whole vested interest of New Labour classes. Continue reading »

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Nov 11

Like it or not most of us on the non Marxist left feel the need to support Labour. It’s not a feeling I share and I no longer feel it is understandable. Yet you can already see that they have closed the book on 13 years of authoritarian stupidity and will try to recommend a broken unrepentant party trying to position itself marginally to the left of the Tories with a sort of ‘and we’ll lock people up regardless’ edge to them. In practice well to the right on liberty and humanity. Continue reading »

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