Oct 26

The UK Govt that wants to control inter Europe immigration whilst it has no handle on rest of the world immigration – net migration targets the dumbest idea since the NHS internal market. Immigration is of course the only thing putting some smile on the face of the economy with per capita GDP below peak never mind trend despite their, in their terms, reckless 100 Bn fiscal stimulous (the deficit).

To boot it has no idea on illegal immigrant numbers. It cannot process even domestic passport applications. Imagine our airports with Rich Fuckers, UK citizens and an Others’ line.

It’s a scorched earth policy by a demented rudderless weak desperate Tory leadership?

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May 05

A few weeks ago some Ukrainians may have been shot by their own security establishment and apparently according to the US/UK this was wrong. It was wrong in Syria and Libya. As we know you are only legally allowed to execute people in other countries without due process who are no threat to your country to keep your poll ratings up and pretend to an ill informed domestic populace you are doing something about a war and threat you largely invented, see Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan et al.

Well the US and UK would like to announce that it’s OK to kill your own populace if you are funded by Western Interests see Ukraine.

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Jun 26

As much as one can and even likes to compare as salt brands the NSA Banker loving Democrats and Republicans it is not quite true. In the US you have lots of so called binary issues to divide the parties although ‘Licans and ‘Crats agree the poor are scum and it’s whether you patronise them or not. Even that difference appears based on who votes what.

What really separates the US parties to me as a distant observer is it seems is a massive hunk of the Republican agenda is obsessed with controlling and judging what women do with their cunts*. On Abortion look you can argue bullshit about fetus’ being alive and reacting when aborted and you can equate it with murder** but it’s a fetus and a woman has a right to choose what is done with it. Another popular theme of the more stupid GOPers is how Rape is barely a crime and women should get over it. Even the Libertarians who I would share many concerns with on the economics of money printing essentially want a Feudal economy with indentured servitude, no rights, discrimination and bullying legal – it’s called freedom if you’re rich! This is a world that would be particularly interesting shall we say for women. Your boss groped you well you can like it or get another job would be a Libertarian response.

I am glad the UK does not suffer from enough religious fundamentalism to somehow be twisted to back this misogyny seriously. It’s a cold comfort but some comfort listening to the cunts over there obsess on cunts. You really would only find 200 to 250 Tory MPs who backed such nonsense.

Maybe Freud got the Penis Envy thing wrong but then he was a bloke.

*Vagina is a sheath for a sword and only refers to one part of the anatomy, there is no other word for it and I implore you to chat to Germaine Greer not me about that.

** Just as if you love logical fallacies or the Obama Regime enough and are stupid but sophisticated you can argue pointing out to the public Govt programs with no democratic oversight that may be unconstitutional  is treason.

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May 24

There is a scene in the film The Truman Show when Laura Linney’s character gives an advertising line to camera and Truman asks her who she is talking to. At least she was talking to people even if Truman was not aware of them. I wonder the same about the Obama Administration which has killed over 3000 supposedly imminent threats to US security from hinterlandsmen in remote 3rd world countries – most of whom have never been to an airport never mind got on a plane! Continue reading »

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Mar 24

With luck Cyprus will let its banks go to the wall and start again. Worst case would be to accept 30 years of stagnation as a German colony. There are of course 100s of shades between with 100s interpretations. In reality I prefer the former as it is what the Uk should do but has instead poured 100s of Bns into a banking sector to avoid collapse all to no avail. The banks in the Uk are still broke and a under capitalised and still intent on theft or mis-selling as it is euphemistically called. Stagnation is indefinite and decline inbuilt into the destructive cycle of devaluation.

Today I read about the scam whereby an aspiring politician’s wife Hilary Rodham-Clinton had a 1000 dollars turned into a 100,000 dollars with remarkable 1 in 31 trillion chance trading through a broker. The point being in 1978 someone found the time to rig a market for an aspiring politician’s wife probably one of hundreds on the way up – these people are bought and paid for before you’ve heard of them.

The Govt of the UK and President of the US is likely to only need 25% of people eligible to vote for them or their party. Thus to hold the debts of Banks against an entire populace whether it’s the hardest working people in Europe the Greeks or the Cypriots is asinine. It may make it easier to take as you ignore their plight and pretend they are to blame.  However given the media and power of large finance to blame people because a manipulated minority voted for a particular party is surely the product of irrationality? To blame them for the morals of a corrupt and corrupting banking sector that happens to be based in their country is beyond stupidity.

Do I feel that I and my fellow Britons are responsible for our banks and the poverty they have caused in the UK and world wide? No. Do I feel responsible because Brown, Balls, Osborne, Darling and the media are evil selfish corrupt cunts? No. As said yesterday those bastards have already skinned Uk worse than the Cypriots will be. Cyprus cannot devalue which causes a crisis but the cost in 10 years time will still be less than UK bank depositors have paid.

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Mar 17

Ask about the bursting of the debt and hubris bubble of Labour’s creation in 2008 and you’d swear the UK had dealt with this problem as well as the German economy. A Labour droog will spin some line about the Global Economic Crash that caused it, caused by UK and US regulation and obsession with Finance. Not mentioning this would have had little effect or cost had the UK Govt not been at the forefront, and Balls boasted of this, of the lack of regulation and privatised monetary expansion of so called Investment Banks. Continue reading »

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Aug 11

I got persuaded 10 years ago to buy a door off Weatherseal. I committed no crime. I gave them the money in full. I was courteous. What did I do wrong? Continue reading »

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Jun 04

Remember the 90s? Fiscal responsibility, wealth, catchy pop that sold, junk artists paid millions, Labour, did I mention Labour and their cool leader with his prudent chancellor. We may never have had it so good. Continue reading »

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Sep 12

I would ring fence the banks as soon as possible. The idea that it would reduce liquidity to the real economy is as laughable as 9-11 conspiracy theories.  Continue reading »

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Aug 09

It’s shocking how quickly the knees have jerked over the recent spell on looting and fire bombing. People reach instantly for the need for the army or water cannon even though this is not a demonstration to control but sporadic outbreaks of almost guerrilla looting. Indeed many liberal people sat at home in their impotence at this suddenly become weak and demand everything be done. People even commenting this does not happen in Syria!  Continue reading »

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