Oct 26

The UK Govt that wants to control inter Europe immigration whilst it has no handle on rest of the world immigration – net migration targets the dumbest idea since the NHS internal market. Immigration is of course the only thing putting some smile on the face of the economy with per capita GDP below peak never mind trend despite their, in their terms, reckless 100 Bn fiscal stimulous (the deficit).

To boot it has no idea on illegal immigrant numbers. It cannot process even domestic passport applications. Imagine our airports with Rich Fuckers, UK citizens and an Others’ line.

It’s a scorched earth policy by a demented rudderless weak desperate Tory leadership?

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Apr 04

She apologised sort of for something and at 30 grand a second Maria Miller shoved the middle finger up at everyone. No doubt as with drones and treating the whole populace as criminals she and her ilk will claim it is legal. It’s of course a nonsense. Legal as in the people who front whatever runs the country determine not to pursue it. They claim the massive fraud of the 2008 implosion was legal.

Argue about Snowden and the banana brains and shills are reduced to arguing what he did was illegal and what the Govt did was not. As though the law which is changed almost every day and relies on enforcement is an arbiter. It’s a fallacy based on Legal=Always Right and  Illegal=Always Wrong. Indeed that is preposterous as people who play head phones loudly on a tube prove, the fucking pricks. The fact is she claimed for a mortgage that allowed her to make a million quid for a home she did not live in. She’s a vile cunt and that stands whether she is a criminal or not as determined by her friends like the Justice Minister and the dumbest fuck ever Chris Grayling.

Maria Miller is a vacuous bag of greed and as with Baroness Warsi one wonders if her ministerial career as of all things Culture Secretary is down to the need to pretend women have careers at Westminster – Miller is a vulture not a culture vulture. As with Gordon Brown by sacking women of ideas to employ stupid minorities and women you merely perpetuate prejudice.

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Oct 25

Len McCluskey may have many good features but I’ve not seen them. Whether he’s making a fool of himself on Telly or leading workers to the Dole he’s there front and centre. A buffoon of a Union Leader who never has a strategy or place to go. Who leaves workers between a rock and a hard place.

Seriously I’d rather drown than join Unite.

The only issue is how much graft and backhanders did INEOS get? Some suggestion of 300Mn in loan guarantees or £10 an income taxpayer? £30 apparently if you count the clean up cost when it closes in a few years but that would happen anyway. This is money the inadequate McCluskey has cost you. Classic politicians as long as jobs are involved any fraud or chicanery or waste is a good thing.

When Jonathan Meades finished his tour of Scotland arguing the country as an independent would rise or fall on Grangemouth he may not have been far wrong. It will fall.

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Sep 30

Well the Gimmicks come thick and fast a fuel duty freeze very nice if you run a big expensive car I guess. Just as an energy price freeze helps the Millionaire more than the council tenant. Continue reading »

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Jun 05

In the run up to the 1997 Election with the economy stable the savant Brown decided to say he would follow Clarke’s policies. Which he did up until 2001. This he supposed would quieten the so called markets and the press and it was successful. Also whilst the Major boom might have been joyless it was working and certainly not as joy-less as the money/debt illusion boom of the new century.

This based on Balls appearances the other day would appear to be Labour’s policy again. Only this time they are accepting economics no one sane on the right or left would take seriously. A withering austerity that threatens to leave millions in poverty and a society of indentured servitude for graduates and mortgage holders. A society where free expression and thought will be sackable offences.

Why would Ed Balls who pushed massive stimulus 3 years ago, along with kicking out the immigrants, to be leader of the Labour Party now be in favour of austerity? Can we conclude that the master of failed City regulation and PFI fraud is a broken man? A cuckold of Miliband? Having to peddle a line drawn up by the moronic prejudice of  focus groups of floating voter flotsam?

Either way only a few technocrats imposed by Germany on Greece, Spain and Italy with Labour, Liberal and Tory parties in the world now support this economics of Austerity. Whilst I dislike Balls intently and think him a functioning moron nonetheless like Vince Cable you have to wonder if to his panoplia of faults being a gutless self first career creep may be added.

No wonder Osborne sponsored his marathon run. They agree on almost everything.

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Mar 25

After Boris Johnson was skewered by someone for having sex and other crimes of the soap opera variety twitchy eyed every man David Cameron tried to sound tough on Immigrants. Regardless of your opinion surely even the wildest costs of immigration are below that of MOD/BAE/Aid frauds. Never mind the tax we would get from savings and their spending if we had a market rate of interest.

Sadder still the snake oil salesman was not even trying to cover up what happens to small islands with bloated loss making Banking sectors. Nope the populace naively thinks it’s not Cyprus with a depreciating currency. This is apparently aimed at getting votes.

Like most of these inanities I respect if people have issues with immigration but to place its priority so high can only point to deep seated bigotry. David Cameron is a bigot or worse someone without principal.

Call me Dave but if you are a greasy furriner Mr Cameron if you please. The cunt realises he might need as little as 25% of us to cross a box next to a Tory candidate.

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Mar 17

Ask about the bursting of the debt and hubris bubble of Labour’s creation in 2008 and you’d swear the UK had dealt with this problem as well as the German economy. A Labour droog will spin some line about the Global Economic Crash that caused it, caused by UK and US regulation and obsession with Finance. Not mentioning this would have had little effect or cost had the UK Govt not been at the forefront, and Balls boasted of this, of the lack of regulation and privatised monetary expansion of so called Investment Banks. Continue reading »

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Aug 13

I may not like the music but I think it’s safe to say that whoever did the closing ceremony ignored context and was saved by the CGI and light-show. It was clearly someone of the modern music industry who was not necessarily a lover of more than what would sell.  Continue reading »

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Sep 18

Johann Hari in echos of military clowns down the centuries was left with honour as the last resort of the scoundrel. He confessed he was a lying myth spreading hate filled self important person with no journalistic ethics.  Hari gained popularity by telling the Left what they wanted to hear.  That the Tories were indeed evil. That the Liberals had made some deal with the devil when they did the only right thing after the last election. Continue reading »

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Jul 14

Gordon Brown returned to the Commons in victim’s clothes. Trying to use the tragedy of his first born as a means to beat some revenge into News International. It in many ways pointed to what is most distasteful about Labour and their supporters. The truth and fact are no matter. No position is Beyond the Pale. Nothing off limits. That scores have to be settled. That Govt should be driven by personal bitterness and head lines. The News of the World was their media mirror – albeit no one’s accusing the News of the World of torture, illegal war and a Trillion pound Ponzi scheme. Continue reading »

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