Sep 28

As more and more preposterous and war like policies emanate from Downing Street and all 3 parties vote for war and surveillance we are asked not to vote UKIP as they are crypto fascist or is it quasi fascist or a very right wing party? It matters not. It’s not them creating work gangs, wars and spying on us so who’s the effin fascists here?

It’s the only excuse left to vote Lib Lab or Con. The next round of enslaving 18-21 year olds to reduce an increasingly meaningless unemployment number and ensure Tesco can stay open 24/7 and put every corner shop and independent butcher etc out of business with free cheap Labour subsidised by a state who can’t actually pay for it starts. Put simply their welfare reforms do not save meaningful amounts of money and just bring the spectre of servitude with them. By and large these asinine policies are supported by an economically illiterate electorate and hence all 3 parties. These reforms are to cement the Zombie Economy like it worked so well for the Soviet Union.

I say vote Green as at least they want to tackle one issue that matters in reality. The others, Lib Lab and Con, want a slave economy selling foreign produced goods to a dwindling middle class with a financial parasite sucking income from business. BTW if you can’t see how that works long term award yourself a mars bar.

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Oct 13

A man this week got 8 months for wearing a T Shirt emblazoned with an offensive message about dead police officers. Someone else got 12 weeks for putting nasty comments about dead kids on Facebook. You’d be unlucky to get a custodial sentence for violence especially to a partner at home. Yet call someone something on social media and woe betide you

The point being why is the trumpeted freedom we apparently enjoy so limited? In the case of Matthew Woods who posted nasty comments about dead children surely the 50 morons who went round his house threatening him are a) more dangerous b) guilty of a worse offence. Indeed compare the sentences to the community service given to Justin Lee Collins for domestic violence where the judge seemed to endorse his behaviour.

One can understand to some extent the need to clamp down on racial comments on the football field and a higher acceptance of physical violence there. However in real life unless someone directly harrasses someone else then in a free country offensive comment will reflect on the abuser. There is no need for censure when people’s behaviour will be shunned.

You might wonder why Labour and Tory allow judges to make the legal system look foolish. Then look at Labour’s 2 faced rhetoric on whistleblowers. It claimed to want to protect them but the State spent far more time protecting itself and its friends in business and banking. To expect any better from the Tories would be laughable as well.

A more paranoid individual might harbour deep suspicion at why an increasingly Kleptocratic state would start clamping down on aspects of free speech.

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Jan 15

You can get rid of the Labour Govt but attitudes take longer. As he surveys what he left behind Gordon Brown was no doubt smiling at the story of how the Police arrested 114, randomly charged 28 and all because a copper infiltrated them and organised a peaceful protest. Then despite knowing these people were innocent they still went ahead with the prosecution only for the copper who organised the group to consider doing a peaceful protest to blow the call. Continue reading »

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