Apr 04

Vince Cable’s department’s sell off in one go of the Royal Mail amounts to idiocy. If you want to establish a price for something do what others do and sell only a part of it. Then once price is established sell. The idea that allowing citizens to get a few hundred shares to sell somehow is a goal is arrant nonsense just get the best price. The years of individuals holding shares are gone.

As with £100Bn+PFI in light of no apology I can only assume corruption.

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Apr 13

It’s an oddity that those who strongly supported Lady Thatcher’s restrict money supply and don’t subsidise people to work often claim to support the current Govt. This is like being a fan of theatre but also supporting building a block of flats over the Old Vic.

Tell me why Govt should do nothing to subsidise skilled jobs that made an accounting contribution even if they lost money overall? Yet should support forcing people to do soul-less learning free jobs in Poundland selling largely foreign goods without improving the nation’s output? The reasons for the former might be a belief in something the reasons for the latter can only be hate. I would opine that the current Govt’s policy is so asinine as to be a symptom of corruption or extreme stupidity.

The thing the Cameron Govt policy has in common with Thatcher’s is hatred of the poor and stupid policies.

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Feb 02

The insects who inhabit the MOD and have drawn a nice retirement from the either incompetence or more likely the graft of MOD procurement want more. They and the parasitic BAe Systems who waste Billions every year to poorly equip troops have no shame. Like Labour’s class the Health Trust Managers who drove down costs as people died the elite clearly think the rest of our lives are worthless compared to their own.

Quite why we should consider increasing a defence budget that has been so incompetently handled is a bit like the banks and health authorities until we start seeing some people in jail it will not improve.

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Dec 15

Puerto Rico is after statehood. No doubt its newspapers slavishly cover US news like it’s their news. However the British media also treat US stories involving mass killing as our own. I guess it’s like some people think soap characters are real and talk to them in the streets like they know which must be disconcerting for the actors. After all a diet of good and bad US programs fills our airwaves and we reciprocate with self parody like Downton Abbey.

Sadly this is unrequited love. We may know and like individualAmericans but as a nation they no more think of us than other sycophantic admirers as the BP thing showed. Indeed it’s clearly hard for their chief suit Bazza to deal with a country who victimised his father and had Gordon Brown slobber over him whilst providing ill equipped troops due to his corrupt banana republic’s generals. It took BP, a British led US company, killing a 2nd tranche of North Americans and massacring the environment before El Suitio and the US media cared! Yet US news is covered as our own here. In such depth that when the Newton shooting moves on from media in adjacent states the BBC will still be still be pimping it and every detail.

A true cynic would say the blanket coverage is aimed at creating our own monsters. After all the bastards do it to a large degree for the publicity and notoriety. The media does not mock them as sad sickos but actually talks up their evilness and life stories.  That though is the symbiotic relationship both sides would deny, media and sick fucks.

Americans don’t lecture us on dirty hospitals and economics that kills we should not lecture them on gun law. Foreign Policy yes, Gun Law their business.

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Jul 10

It does not need Eddie Balls to tell the banks what to do. It should not need anyone to formally raise it at a meeting for Eddie Balls to know they’re doing it. It does not need a genius to know that Osborne has continued the corruption of Labour’s economic illiterates.  Continue reading »

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Jun 17

The standard politician response from Labour is that this latest crisis of capitalism just needs a bit more fiscal and monetary stimulus. That Osborne is ignoring fiscal stimuli.  This is true of course wee Georgie now follows policies not even he would agree with. Continue reading »

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Jun 09

With their naked violent racism in the news, their corruption turned over like by rotisserie at Leveson and new Police Tsar they do not want the Police launch a cash for access inquiry. Continue reading »

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Jun 08

It’s an oddity seemingly in the middle of a seeming liquidity crisis and yet Bond buying and bond yields are low. Who’s buying bonds and why?

Do Banks buy them in the expectation the Govt will liberate them via QE?

I don’t know but again this printing money to give to the rich is borrowing from our future to pay the rich now.

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Mar 19

Originally privatisation was genuinely at some level about liberating the economy as well as dampening union power. Continue reading »

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Jan 12

Alex Salmond the anti intellectual head of the SNP has decided aside from a ballot on independence that he will hold ballots on how much of the UK Scotland wants to share in. Continue reading »

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