Jan 02

Why does David Cameron and others make up stats and complaints about new immigrants? Is it because the economic argument is one way. Indeed why do people make specious economic arguments against immigration when they are clearly fallacious or so atomised as to be irrelevant to the subject as a whole? Why do they invent crud like Health Tourism? Now we will charge furriners for A&E a bureaucratic nightmare and is Cameron really suggesting people come here to have Accidents and Emergencies!

The answer is of course the British are ill advised and wrong on everything as a survey showed. It’s why the poor are blamed even though they actually cost less than even healthy pensioners say. That 10s of Bns is given in subsidy to BAE Systems, Train franchises, PFI payments, Banks  etc as Iain Duncan Smith [IDS] tries to scrape a few 100 Mn off the unemployed! IDS a man who lost the leadership of the Tory Party by paying his wife.

It’s why the BBC, Guardian and Mail for all their pretense are state media – The Times does not even try not to be seen as State Media. The vast majority of their output is within the bounds of Polly Toynbee a person who equates support for Rendition Labour with her own goodness and John Redwood a man who does not know the words to the Welsh National Anthem. i.e. a pro Finance corrupt political centre which seeks to monetise at low prices valuable state assets as a sustainable economic policy! Continue reading »

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May 09

Interesting how Germany deals with the Dutch given the shellacking the southern Europeans and Ireland got. Yes they’ve had cheap money and a housing bubble and now have debt!

The fact is, whatever Keynesian economists say, QE and or low interest rates = bubbles = zombie economies = gutless short term politicians who won’t take the hit. Continue reading »

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Dec 11

You can argue that it’s just competition as big Capital muscles small coffee houses, hardware and other stores out of existence. Yet this is not the creative destruction of Schumpeter it’s the companies maintaining dividends by having debt laden balance sheets in say the UK and over charging UK company for goodwill, raw materials and services. Thus they are subsidised by avoiding tax. They can also use their size to force down commercial rentals. Their size to push down on suppliers. Continue reading »

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Apr 04

Mitt Romney looks like being the ‘runner up’ in the Presidential race. No doubt the ‘crats will crat-like make every inch he gains in the Polls seem a mile so that people sickened by Pelosi’s Representatives’ naked greed or Obama’s depraved lunatic (or weak man who can’t stop anything) feel they have to begrudgingly put a tick or crush a chad or whatever next to the name of a greedy pork barrel rich Democrat – as opposed to a greedy pork barrel rich Republican. Continue reading »

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