Dec 28

Ah Doctors. Your best friend when you’re lying there in pain. A pain in the arse at any other time. Continue reading »

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Aug 17

The middle classes can be proud of their boy Cameron. The Magistrates are pressing the low hanging fruits stupid enough to confess to incidental pilfering after the sacking of shops. Those who have received goods stolen even with no value have been sent down. Continue reading »

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Mar 22

One criticism of Labour is that they sat on their hands and Ken Clarke’s ground work till the 1st decade of the new century and then cocked everything up. Continue reading »

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Jan 30

When it comes to economics it does seem no matter how well voiced one is it’s hard to know what is right and we may choose our response on the basis of what we’d like to believe. Continue reading »

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Dec 26

Judged on their reaction I don’t think Labour supporters doubt that their health reforms killed thousands and that the brutal toll of hospital infections was not stopped by them or tackled in any meaningful way. That all this was done whilst handing over money hand over fist to Bankers to fund their gambling addition on Sub Prime derivatives through the ruinous PFI scheme. In education an initial surge on standards stopped and even as Labour handed over the PFI to the bankers Britain’s children have stagnated absolutely and shrunk relatively. What all this spending did create was a whole vested interest of New Labour classes. Continue reading »

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May 29

David Laws it turns out had a £40,000 loan from the state to apparently cover up that he was Gay if you take him at his word. His logic is that if he claimed rent for a house his partner owned then no one would ask the question. It seems a bit faux frankly.

I won’t know how under pressure a gay man feels and why he feels the need to cover up his sexuality. I just do not see the link. Sorry. Laws seems to have some talent and credibility as well. It will be a blow to the coalition if one of it’s chief architects and most popular members is excluded from Govt.

Without being rude to Mr Laws a comment that the person he has sex with and in whose house he lives at is not his partner does not wash whatever your sexuality and desire to cover it up.

Labour Party members will of course shut up now the Cabinet has a gay member even if it is not for long.

If anyone wants to pay me 40 grand to cover up my homosexuality I am down with that.

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May 08

It hit me today if the Liberals cannot hit the half volley outside off stump that Cameron has gently bowled them then what else could happen?

Lib Dem and Labour would not work and seems a desperate fantasy of the broken and twisted mind of Brown who thinks he is not a Dodo. Regardless they do not have enough seats.

Here is the coalition that makes most sense and instantly calms the markets Labour   and Tory. They are far closer on Cameron’s 4 areas than the Lib Dems. Europe both have gone as far as they want. Neither wants the Euro. Both preposterously want to replace Trident. Both can stomach war and any human rights abuses America wants to dish out. Neither really wants Proportional Representation. Both want laughably tough immigration policy on the small percentage who come legally and not from Europe as though it will make a blind bit of difference.

Labour would need to soften on personal liberty and drop ID cards both policies that frankly it would not take a great deal of soul searching to change. Brown is a price who ever Labour align with and without his evil like prejudice and hatred of normal people the kind of leap on not controlling people required would surely be easier than pouring a glass of water.

In the end again only the tribal hatred of the Tories comes into this. Despite it being a meeting of 2 remarkably similar sets of policies Labourites as they continue to show have a preposterously righteous view of themselves and a damning view of the other lot. At all variance with the reality of what they have supported in the War On Terror.

In the end the impediments to a Lab Con pact are not real. The are more along the lines of the reasoning  for ludicrously baning Fox Hunting for some past association with an antipathy they still hold without knowing why.

Cameron may represent the wealthy but new Labour does as well. Osborne and Mandelson regularly meet on Yacht’s fawning over oligarchs.

Stop pretending and get together you’re fooling no one and forcing another election may make Cameron Prime Minister but it’s months more of uncertainty when there is less between you than either with the Lib Dems.

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May 08

Take 2 Tweets

CreamOnTop: I hate Tories & most of what they stand 4 @XXXXXXX It’s just hard with Labour party 2 present them as better No other viable coalition

CreamOnTop Dislike Tories & some of what they stand 4
@XXXXXXXX It’s just hard with Labour party 2 present them as better No other viable coalition

Reading the message boards and some tweets the top sentiment is probably repeated on the Tories every 3rd piece. “I voted Lib Dem and will never vote again if they side with the Tories” being another. I changed my tweet after thinking about it (albeit for 10 hours the original will show on the RSS feed on this site).

I personally cannot make a morality case for Labour over Cameron’s Cons’. Indeed if you read my ad nauseum  points about Labour and it’s support for human rights abuses and abusers abroad then frankly you can hate and despise the Tories but where does that leave you to go with Brown, Straw, Miliband, Blair, Campbell and Jonathan Powell?

As I’ve said already I think Clegg has to take this deal whether it’s a formal coalition or not. There is no other serious offers on the table. Cameron has changed the Tories whether people want to accept it or not. Indeed the paranoid rantings of fools who still offer unqualified support to New Labour (or any 1 party) remind me of the comments in 1997 and the New Labour New Danger campaign, risible. The fact is that like Labour then there are a few not with the program but they are a minority. Like Labour a majority of Conservative activists are deluding themselves. It’s hard to name a party in a major democracy not led from the wing nearest to the opposition and the scare mongering is silly.

If they do not take the deal there is no guarantee their support holds up in another election. Indeed for me since a party needs a majority if the 3rd party will not take a deal then who in the world would vote for the 3rd party?

I bet Clegg wishes he’d taken the Caroline Lucas position now for no coalition but supporting policy on an issue by issue basis.

The good news for the country is a Conservative Lib Govt will save Billions in interest payments on Gilts over a Labour, Libs and Nats even if it could hold together for more than 1 week.

If Clegg votes down a minority Tory Govt he’s screwed and he must know this. The only win is to be a partner in Govt. Their vote inevitably drops otherwise.

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May 07

I was shocked at how quickly my piece became redundant as Cameron went far further and faster than I expected him to. Citing a genuine national interest of the type that the deluding Brown would be unable to acknowledge as he has helped make Britain’s position worse. I think it shows that Cameron sees a genuine problem with British Capitalism and the urgent need to get in front of what is a beggar my neighbour world when we are in a weak position.

The grounds for accepting this deal for the Liberals are as follows:-

  1. Trident replacement. This is a policy backed by both main parties and whilst laughable over the life of the system it is 2 Bn a year and liveable and you never know 1 chance in a Million and we have a use for it. Not an issue in reality.
  2. Europe No mas. The Euro is a dead duck maybe even for countries in it. Further integration is not wanted and the Lib Dems can hardly lead the UK from a minority position anyway. Not an issue then.
  3. Electoral Reform. Cameron offered re-defining constituencies and that would likely mean more Lib and Con seats and less Labour preventing the vile Blair regime staying on in 2005 with 35% of the vote on a low turnout.  The Libs just do not have the votes to justify Proportional Representation. This is not what they want but they can have improvements as offered and if they turn down the deal will they get anything?
  4. On Immigration no amnesties etc etc again there is no difference between Tory and Labour and if the Libs re-quote their policy I bet they become more in line.

There is an issue with Electoral Reform but there is plenty on here for Clegg especially if Cabinet posts and the chance to prove yourself in Govt and get a legitimate shot at a broken Labour party at the next election with fair boundaries.

I see no reason to not take this offer. The alternative is a coalition with Nationalist and the depraved Labour Party. A link with the Tories would not be a dog wagged by the Scots Nats but a real chance to be in government for 5 years.

Additionally another election could see an even worse 3rd party squeeze and not backing the Tories sends us to the polls sooner rather than later.

The real story is that Cameron made this offer and what that says about the position of British Capital.

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May 07

If I was Nick Clegg I would not even consider a rainbow coalition with the Labour Party. It would be unlikely to deliver proportional representation nor to last the year. The fact that they could not get 30% with a fear mongering campaign and ironically the triumphalism of the ‘bloids shows they are at best hanging on a past where they represented the working class.

Instead I would make clear to Cameron he has a mandate and that they would not vote down substantive legislation from their manifesto. In return having failed to get PR I would ask for boundary changes. After all the Tories will be aware they got a higher percentage than the immoral Blair/Brown regime last time but have no majority. The Lib Dems have more 2nds than Billy Bunter.

The attraction for Cameron would be that he would not be in bed with a lunatic fringe that the Ulster Unionists still are. Seriously sons of leaders elected, wives etc etc a corrupt guile less personal fiefdom. Even then he would still likely be 10 short as the 4 SinnFein MPs were a dead vote.

Personally I’d like to think that Lib Dem support has hardened whilst not advancing and arguably the whole campaign was a waste of time. I actually know and speak to Lib Dem supporters rather than people who voted for them. They should consider playing to that hardened thoughtful vote rather than act like a protest vote.


Speaking personally being in the same room as friends of torturers like Miliband and Straw would make my flesh crawl before considering odious creeps like Balls and Brown. However I accept that people in politics are not that judgmental of each other. Worse they are like players and managers in football utterly befuddled by the tribalism of fans

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