Dec 01

Wow Ed Miliband read digested and approved fully a 2000 page report in under a day. I guess these pampered Oxbridge types really are super clever. Indeed Mr Cameron and his coalition partner Cleggsy also managed this feat.  Continue reading »

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Oct 22

Yes the election is starting its countdown. The Tories are going to be even tougher on crime than Labour who were always threatening to be tough on something. It’s a bit like the FA should be tougher on racism people neither define what they expect nor what the goal is. It’s rhetoric. As with the riots a few people’s lives will be sacrificed to make it sound like they are tough. As Gary McKinnon showed they are prepared to make a nonsense of their tough rhetoric when it is populist even for when dealing with an unapologetic unreformed criminal.

We can expect ‘tough on’ policies leading nowhere. A slew of more fascistic laws which will work nicely when their money printing sees a collapsing pound, inflation and food and energy poverty.

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Oct 21

The Guardian today accused me of expense fiddling because I book in advance and travel 1st class and so do some MPs. This often saves on a standard class ticket but the sanctimonious Guardian says if people book early enough they can also book cheaper standard class tickets.

It’s clearly cretinous stuff from the establishment’s anti-establishment but not really paper. A paper who discredits rational thought and the left by allowing Polly Toynbee a column. A paper that admits it phone hacked but says it was Ok cos it was the Guardian, its self regarding probably its strongest feature. A paper who spread the kind of police rumour it decries to aid in the closing the of News of the World.

The Guardian’s business plan also shows its lack of focus and leadership. It’s focussed now on becoming a online only whining html conduit for reactionary US Liberals. This only a few years after investing in printing presses to make itself incompatible with everyone else.

Personally I am happy for MPs who are working to have First Class, it’s what they do I object to not the class of railway travel. What I am not happy is a so called Liberal newspaper who stands by Obama and the Greek Troika but nit picks a Tory Govt [and me] for train tickets.

It loses £44 Million a year. Quel Surprise. Incompetence in everything.

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Oct 12

It’s interesting aspect of the special relationship that is an ironic joke except of course where banker culture and worship is concerned. In that regard Bush, Obama, Clinton, Brown, Balls, Cameron and Osborne all pay homage at the alter of economic ruin.

The Swiss who one would have seen doing rather well out of banker fraud unfortunately had to ask the Septics for a bailout and now hand over files on tax dodgers to the US Treasury and other interested states.

However one tax haven exists unchallenged by law or demands for reform and access. It’s not remote or in the 3rd world. It’s Jersey. It’s where 21+ Billion of dead “Capital” is stored. It also has an orphanage where Jimmy Savile and others went to molest and rape children. There was an investigation into this orphanage but it seems to have ended quickly and without charges. Journalists from abroad are kept from visiting Jersey and the surgical destruction of social workers and doctors that happened because Baby P’s parents were scum is not in the press. It was quietly swept away.

Why would a tax haven where The Queen is head of state cover up child abuse and why would The Queen and Govt let them?

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Oct 09

I know what some will think yes I voted Liberal last time and Labour made mistakes but I will vote for them again. They’ve changed and I really like what human dictaphone Miliband is saying.

Sorry that’s horse shit.
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Sep 05

Let’s be clear austerity policies and the continued hounding of the disabled and unemployed to get jobs that are not there is a stain on this Govt. It will cost more than it saves even before the toll of suicides and broken people is included. That the Tories, for it is their ministers largely responsible, are doing this to sound tough at conference is lamentable. That they have merely continued the policies of Labour and their former pets ATOS and A4E merely reflects the lack of mainstream choice we face in our better than nothing democracy. Continue reading »

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Apr 28

I refer of course to centre-left politicians. Left only relative to
the extreme right wingers that fill our parliaments. Continue reading »

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Oct 07

The economy maybe tanking but there seems precious little Osborne feels he can do. My advice in that circumstance do nothing and certainly not the last resort of the clown Quantitative Easing. No one has more effectively explained that QE is a waste of time other than to enrich bankers who steal by diluting everyone else’s capital than Osborne. Continue reading »

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