Oct 04

It takes a peculiar form of nihilism to think any god wants to spend time around someone who just cut a defenseless man’s head off.

I takes an even more vapid form of nihilism to stand up like Cameron and say we will do everything to revenge this when you know you’ve sent a squad of obsolete Tornado aircraft that were to be scrapped. Tornado ‘craft that can fire 2 missiles at likely only fuzzily be identified if that. Worse to fight an enemy we supported in our proxy war with Russia. The inanity and ego of the US administration is staggering but the UK has been right with it.

Two days 2 schools in Syria were attacked by what one I assume is meant to call Islamic Moderates to separate them from IS. The people the vile Obama Administration wants to give half a Billion to and is supporting by bombing IS.

Alan Henning was a truly inspired human being those who killed him and once supported his killers and now issue platitudes not so.

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Mar 12

Ed Conway@EdConwaySky Oh dear. BIG fall in manufacturing output in Jan: down by 1.5% month on month. Economists had expected 0%. IP down 1.2%. Nasty

Economists might be fooled but no one else is. When you favour the loss making financial industry over manufacturing what can you expect? When you favour asset prices and speculation over savers and investors what can you expect?

Of course the rich share of tax payments will rise and this will be used as proof of efficacy and more reasons to kick the poor into jobs that have not raised National Output. Indeed I would make the case to Osborne that as he claims to have raised employment but not output Public Sector Workers must be more productive. It’s as logical as giving money to the rich. In the US this spiral of stupidity has left 15% on food stamps and this is likely to grow with the rich likely to use it as a justification to a supine middle class that their taxes pay for others.

It’s just a death spiral or debt spiral where you weaken the real economy and then say the rest of the economy is dependent on the subsidised and criminal Financial Sector.

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Oct 23

There is currently a Select Committe inquiry into why a documentary on Jimmy Savile was shelved and what he may or may not have done at the BBC. It’s all designed to miss the point. Indeed as said here before surely Police and Govt have greater questions to answer in relation to the Jersey Care Home scandal that Savile frequented. That investigation has resulted in what? At least the BBC to a degree are sorry as they self immolate even if a few opt for their own life raft.

Select Committee inquiries tend to lead to other pointless inquiries such as:-

  • Leveson where the Police and Political corruption is subsumed into a witch hunt against Rebekah Brooks and her droogs. You’d never think 9 years ago Brooks told MPs the Police were corrupt and she paid them.

Continue reading »

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Oct 01

Balls explains he will build houses. Not just houses but affordable housing and the likely corrupt middle class favouring bureaucracy that goes with that. Ah ha it will be deficit friendly as he will use 4G license sale revenue. We’re selling the 4G licenses anyway and after the 3G ones Brown and Balls did not tax the likes of Vodafone so it’s not linked and even for you Labour fans out there comes with spin.

Unreformed, unrepentant and uncaring vote for them if you must but don’t expect much change. It’s still: rhetoric over vision: rhetoric over argument: kicking cans down the road. Just don’t claim some great moral advantage over the grim Tories a bit but not a lot in reality.

When it comes to jackboot authoritarian politics and bogus rhetoric Labour’s got everyone beat.

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Sep 25

The only crime in life according to our media is slips in behaviour. The kind of neutered pointlessness of the un-opinionated  and un-thinking is raised to heavens whereas a dash of temper or the wrong word and odium.

Whilst I do enjoy the Schadenfreude of politicians not for the first time realising there’s a reason the classes who habitually run into the Police refer to them as The Filth or Pigs. That the standard rhetoric about how great our obviously corrupt Police service are is just total shit. Sadly he won’t say it. He may imply they are lying sacks of shit who leak to newspapers but that won’t be investigated. The Sun shows 2 fingers to Leveson.

If I went in for ad hominem attacks I’d suggest that there were a lot of po faced lefties out there saying how bad telling a copper they were a fucking pleb was. However I won’t. Equally I won’t condemn anyone for a loss of command or a one off incident.

There have been many crimes by the UK Govt Ministers in the last 15 years from 1000s of needless deaths in a health service having money thrown at it to war, torture and rendition.

I doubt This Tory whip’s worst crime would make it into Jack Straw’s top 100.

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Sep 18

I’ve mocked grade inflation and Labour’s “Education Education Education” as “Qualifications Qualifications Qualifications” for the middle classes’ offspring” but that does not mean changes seemingly concocted in a day by Gove and the Liberal Democrats are an advance. Indeed it all seems a hurried attempt to get over Gove forcing pass rates down in the same vein as those who forced them up.

I’m no more convinced today that Education means anything. That it was another Labour spend fest to make money for PFI providers with no clear goal – see NHS. That any improvements were incidental rather than part of a coherent plan. Unlike Police corruption, Tabloid corruption, Hillsborough, Mull crash and locking up Asylum children this seems a can the coalition has in true Labour style kicked down the road. Sadly all the big spend big issue stuff is deemed too risky for a proper change. The problem is of course with his point-less Free schools, obvious visceral hatred of the poor and lack of personal qualities Gove has no capital to change anything and many would add should not as he’s not got anything more than a series of 19th Century instincts either.

No one for me is talking about how education can be improved merely shuffling between course work and exams regardless of what is learned. Education has like all institutions in the era of reactionary media and politics become about the bottom line not its actual purpose. Moving to only exams hardly changes that albeit the chance of Plagiarism is lessoned.

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Aug 19

It’s tough to argue against intervening in conflicts. You get rhetoric about somehow supporting Saddam Hussain. People play the man not the ball and this is highly effective on TV. Continue reading »

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Aug 11

I got persuaded 10 years ago to buy a door off Weatherseal. I committed no crime. I gave them the money in full. I was courteous. What did I do wrong? Continue reading »

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Jul 29

What did I think of the Olympic opening ceremony. Bloody Brilliant. Continue reading »

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Jul 10

It does not need Eddie Balls to tell the banks what to do. It should not need anyone to formally raise it at a meeting for Eddie Balls to know they’re doing it. It does not need a genius to know that Osborne has continued the corruption of Labour’s economic illiterates.  Continue reading »

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