Aug 07

In the face of being shown as an inveterate liar and a clown it seems Barry O’ is adopting the A-Rod method of dealing with unpleasant facts and not being master of your destiny. Just keep denying and change the meaning of words like Leaks, 4th Amendment, Whistle-blower, Torture, Murder and Domestic Spying Program.

In the face of a housing bubble offer to reflate it for your banker friends whilst saying that is what you don’t want to do. In the face of a clear and obvious domestic spying program deny it on some grim late night chat show. On being shown up as a bully just keep bullying and show what a man you are by turning down a pissing contest photo op with Putin – wow what was 2nd choice send him Roses? 200 representatives de facto agree the 4th amendment is being curtailed and you still call the person did pointed it out a traitor and a spy.

Obama is like the 300 pound baby. You have to take someone seriously who kills so many people so directly on his orders and has control over a Federal Imprisonment Unit whose conviction rate would make Mugabe weep with inadequacy. Yet sat in England in a cafe he’s just pitiable.

Once he is out of office remember he’s just a clown. It’s not personal. He’s not evil. He’s not even stupid.

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Jun 03

Faced with a housing bubble, PFI costs, a stock bubble, a bond bubble, deflation for 95% of us inflation for the rich etc etc Ed Balls big idea is to reduce Winter Fuel allowance for wealthy pensioners. He’s happy to follow Osborne’s spending forecast for 2 years.

Not quite the ranting swivel eyed loony inducing differences I find when Labour fans debate with me. Not the moral difference and sneering contempt Labour fans scream at the Tories and those of us who say they’re no different.

Just the narcissism of small differences. Vote Red Salt says a man who blamed Immigrants when standing for Leader of the Labour Party. Clown and Bigot made one in Ed Balls.

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May 11

Just confirmed: the next Star Wars film will be made in UK. Great news for our creative industries. May the force be with us…..

Osborne’s lackey, I assume, made the above tweet. Odd that an industry so subsidised it’s been the source of numerous tax scams would be the focus of a positive tweet. After all we’re currently killing arts and regional arts in this country. We scraping pennies a week off people living hand to mouth. We’re forcing the unemployed to do worthless jobs that add no income to the economy.

Yet we are subsidising a film that will be made anyway. Whose employment will be temporary.

Govt increasingly delights in the power of its own patronage. With a compliant media and academia it’s closer to a form of Stalinism than actual Capitalism or anything approaching a fair society based on merit.

The bankrupt city of Detroit tried to become a film mecca how is that working out?

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Apr 16


This guy is so ironic and funny. Flights canceled and turned around news media throwing around racist speculation. Yes not terrorised!

They’re not so scared they go around randomly killing people all over the world who are in an area shady intelligence says someone who they might want to kill is.

Not a country with a lunatic leader who actually has a “kill list” like some slighted spotty 14 year old with no self esteem…

Don’t panic don’t panic as Corporal Jones once said in a comedy show.

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