Mar 10

You don’t have to be an economist, indeed it helps not to be, to know the prevailing world economics make no sense.

Debt is up. Stocks are up. House prices in Capitals up. Taxes Up. Energy prices up. Rents up. Real inflation up. Greenhouse gases up. Pollution up.

Incomes are down and falling rapidly against the true inflation.

These are all obvious conclusions of raising asset prices by QE and supplying cheap credit.

You don’t have to be a Marxist to know Capitalism cannot work like this.  Continue reading »

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Dec 08

There can surely be no excuse for the poor bashing in the Autumn Statement? It amounts to a triumph of rhetoric over reality. I am sure we can all find spongers and wasters but I don’t see the jobs out there. I do see poverty. I do see people close to an abyss of the burgeoning under class.  Continue reading »

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Nov 23

The Kleptocrats are fond of throwing the Socialism label about and damning state intervention. Yet they only mean state intervention to give more than subsistence food, shelter and clothing to the poor. State non intervention to prevent the cost of their pollution being paid by them. State non intervention to make them pay the long term environmental cost of just digging up the land and forests. Continue reading »

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Jul 25

I won’t pretend this is accurate or from anything close to a US point of view but I wondered what legacy Obama would leave if by some miracle Mitt the Git, as extremely close friends are allowed to call him, wins. Legacy is of course what the modern vapid front men seem to desire nearly as much as Millions of Dollars. Continue reading »

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May 11

Barack Obama was apparently feted by some of the shallowest and most venal people outside of his constituent bankers and corporates. Yes Hollywood has decided that it also agrees with secret prisons, torture and rendition and probably was ahead of the Polls that told the stylish one he could endorse Gay Partnerships.  Continue reading »

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Nov 21

So the party of 90 day internment to get rhetorical advantage in the event of a terrorist event now says it got things wrong. That it should not hate people. That the malevolent anti human views of Blair and Brown are a thing of the past and their creepy minions will not go there again. Really. Continue reading »

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Sep 21

France says it is clearing illegal Roma camps and illegal immigrants. That’s not an issue for me. I believe in the law and people cannot form their own camp sites and homes where they like. So I am not upset at Sarkozy’s government’s policy.

However why is a policy about a mere 15,000 people vexing France? Why is it being personally pushed through by Sarkozy himself? Why is it not a low priority issue for the French Home Office to deal with? Why is it done so publicly to seemingly add humiliation to a group who are admittedly a pain but pathetic at the same time?

What does it say about France that this kind of publicly berating a small unpopular racial group would appear anywhere in the top 200 priorities of a French President facing up to the demands of Globalised Capital and Debt on a Social  Democratic Society? Why is he not dealing with the real problems?

The answers are not a positive on Sarkozy or a French electorate stupid enough to take their eyes off the ball. It does reflect that modern Western Govts have no answers. They merely try to fill our vision helped by the Tabloid Culture with temporary obfuscation.

The real issues are the Environment and Climate Change, Debt, our economic model in the face of China not an insignificant racial group who are at worst an irritant for the country as a whole.

I am pretty sure this is what a 4th term of Labour would have looked like here so no odium. Merely sadness that 77 years after Hitler came to power people still want to blame their problems on someone else rather than seek a real solution.

It says more about the people of France than the mental weakling  pushing it.

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Jul 23

Two issues struck me as particularly asinine this week: The Megrahi BP thing: The continuing tedious nit picking over Forgemasters’ Loan.

The Megrahi thing is kind of ridiculous as our leaders if they don’t break bread now treat Libya as an ally. If Megrahi committed this crime and he would appear to have more doubt than the Amanda Knoxes of this world then he did not do it as a stateless rogue but as a paid operative of the Libyan Govt. Libya paid a very large amount of money as Blood Money in settlement. Thus detaining him is like in the words of someone I like to agree with once a decade Bruce ‘Brute’ Anderson like holding a WW2 bomber pilot for 20 years after the war.

You’d think Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and 4 Senators would realise that would you not? They are not stupid? No apparently he is labeled a  terrorist and since the US decided that is now axiomatically bad as it gets and he’s probably also considered E-V-I-L they don’t. Hypocrites maybe but sanctimonious righteous ones certainly.

Anyway BP are linked with al Megrahi’s release at least? Well there is no fact here. BP pushed  for a prisoner exchange deal to get an oil contract but Megrahi was not released under that deal – although to be fair as general agreements go it was probably intended to be about one man. However no doubt the exchange of blood monies by Libya and the USA was pushed by ExxonMobil etc.

This really does not matter since Megrahi was released on compassionate grounds under Scottish Law and hence all this wittering is just a act of stupidity. Indeed Alex Salmond made it clear BP did not contact him or his Scottish Govt at all. It was one of the benefits of devolution that Westminister could pass the buck and leave someone else make if it was an error an error of Commission something 3rd wayists studious avoid.

One has to ask are the Democrats making a big deal of this because: they are funded by rival oil companies (just as complicit in sucking up to Quaddaffi): they see electoral advantage in the feeding frenzy on BP and do not care about facts, “rhetoric is all there is” Rahm Emanuel  (I made that quote up, sorry!): The Obama Administration has been made to look a clown by allowing deep water drilling when we do not have the technology to cope with errors*. The answer is probably a bit of all 3 but most likely the main driver is to appear alpha male just as Labour did on Crime to no positive effect.

* The Obama administration gave up on the whole environment bar the Gulf of Mexico bizarrely yesterday. The ultimate error of Human omission so politically acceptable. If anything reflects the point I am trying to make in this article it’s this juxtaposition between an environmental impact on the news being no 1 priority and a far worse potential problem Climate Change being dropped!

The Forgemasters thing is something I assumed Labour would want to brush under the carpet and the Govt put Mandelson and Balls on charges of gerrymandering, at least if you believe Lib Con logic. The basics are this the Labour Govt just before an election agreed a loan to a private company at a low interest rate. The loan was cancelled rightly by the new Govt  as governments should not be loaning money to random private companies as every company in the country would wonder why they were so favoured. It breaks competition and EU Law potentially as a subsidy and if I was a competitor company I would want a cheap loan as well thank you very much.

Yet amazing the matter was brought no by the Coalition but by Jack Straw. Apparently a Tory businessman who gave money to the Tory party and paid for flights for Cameron lobbied for the loan to be canceled. His motivation apparently to invest in Forgemasters. However this rather makes the point why would the Govt need or have to make a loan/subsidy to a company that many others wanted to invest in?

So is Jack Straw a moron? No, so why is he making such illogical attacks on his own party’s behaviour in fact?  He’s doing it as a smear never mind that nothing wrong was done by the Coalition at least. He’s linking Tory donor, canceled loans etc in the backyard of the Deputy Prime Minister. It’s a scorched earth attack on good Government.

The point being that these two witch hunts where the party in the wrong dons the clothes of  self righteousness and screams like a baby for attention shows where so called liberal politics has gone now. Whatever seam the 3rd way once mined is barren. It’s reduced to nothing more than doing things for political advantage.

It’s coming to something when the Scots Nationalists are the most sincere and honourable politicians?

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Mar 07

The End Of The Line documentary showed a depressing view of human futility. We’re stripping the oceans and continue to do so. The EU with its patronising superior view of its own dismal materialistic culture sets a target for fishing at twice the sustainable level and 3 times the level to let the stocks grow back. Then the EU allows them to fish what they like which is 4 times the sustainable level. Never mind what we strip fish off corrupt African Govts coasts. Next we’ll strip the shrimp, lobster and other stuff that replaces them and so on. Never mind what the equally delusionally superior culture of Japan does.

Personally I would be even more negative than this documentary. So the West will eat fish from sustainable sources just as we do not take beef from the Amazon. However the rest of the world has to eat or starve.

The irony with all the things that the Capitalist World complains will cost too much like protecting Fish and the planet is that they are surely cheaper than the sink hole that Iraq and Afghanistan are. If a small group of lunatics in the White House want we will find the money to attack Iran or the desert of Afghanistan to no strategic end, none positive at any rates. People just can’t shake their anthropology and imposing our culture on other countries on the basis of some near non existent threat will always over come inertia better than dealing with simple long term problems that could lead to a form of extinction for many of the world’s peoples.

The point is as we see with Climate Change those of us with a misanthropic point of view can see that really a lot of people will fiddle while the World burns. Do not think that when things start going badly wrong with the climate that the deniers will disappear or inertia overcome? Correcting Fisheries policy takes a trillionth of the science and a small fraction of the money and we’ve done squat. When it all comes home to roost  the deniers will point out the hopelessness and suggest we dance all the way to hell, they maybe right at that point.

One caveat for fatuous Western people who read bollocks like the Daily Mail don’t assume we have the wealth when the resources start drying up to buy up what is left. The West owes money and who do you think we owe it to? Do you think when food is in short supply they will let us buy it up with their money?

We can read Piers Morgan’s top 100 celebrities today in the wretched Mail. When he updates this list in 10 years time it will be used to wrap modified plankton and jellyfish and chips.

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Mar 02

Given the parlous state of the economy and the whole Western model of Globalised Captital you’d think that this election would be about Darling, Cable and Osborne. Yet none of the main parties will debate this or put their plans forward.

We get a series of viral campaigns about relatively unimportant issues or issues which no major party will do anything different to the others. Seriously whose vote is going to be changed by: Brown the bully: Ashcroft the un-taxed peer: MI5’s enthusiastic cheer-leading for torture and rendition. Are any of these things going to be changed by any result?

The elephant in the room is clearly climate change but maybe that is for the next election.

Our politicians will cynically not allow real debate on real issues to happen.

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