May 17

I am under no illusion at my lack of reach in this world. Indeed this is arguably the chronicle of a mad man locked in a room with a type writer if Costa counts as a padded cell which it should. Nonetheless should this reach anyone I do have a message for those who want to change society. Sadly I am not among them possessing neither the care for my fellow man nor the driver of personal insecurity. Writing this blog has left me neither left nor right. Neither pro or anti Capitalism. Merely with a deep undimming hatred of the neo Liberal consensus but almost more on the grounds of its anti thought. A form of narcissism based on self gratification as well as the sheer idiocy of the World Economic Forum, IMF, ECB and Bilderberg view of the world.

If people wish to take back their lives and countries they should consider removing themselves from what Govt provides. Govt is a captured vessel of the Wealthy as even the so called Leftist manifesto of the Labour Party showed. Labour for their part represent no one. The problem is that as people we have become atomised. Indeed with the push to take people off 100% benefits into subsidised transfers of money to the wealthy via low paid jobs people’s time to organise is reduced.

Nonetheless there are answers from using cryptocurrencies and creating your own local economies businesses. These of course require people to get together as communities and rob their landlords and masters of economic power. Does this happen anymore? Or do the poor sit at home watching a constant diet of neo Liberal propaganda and insults like Masochists? I am skeptical.

Yes you can march in London and feel the warmth of masses only for the media to point to some trivial sacrilegious vandalism whilst Labour politicians who killed upto 1200 people in one health authority or backed murderous pointless wars that have killed 100s of troops and thousands of civilians, and let perverts at GCHQ spy on intimate webcams get tough questions about their poll rating. Or Tories who have not yet mastered wiping their own arses [Grayling] and killed many with a Health reorganisation that cost Bns and continue to pump subsidy to fossil fuels which is aimed at making Labour’s slaughter of the sick look like a chimp’s tea party.

Sure we can continue to wax about policies like Land Value Tax and Debt Jubilees and other eminently sensible stuff but it can hardly happen in the teeth of a febrile media controlled by the neo Feudal pigs at the trough. We can’t look to the next Labour Govt as any different to the current Conservative one in terms of anything but steepness of descent.

For me disengagement is the way. When the enemy is stronger withdraw as Charlie Sheen said in that movie.


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Apr 04

She apologised sort of for something and at 30 grand a second Maria Miller shoved the middle finger up at everyone. No doubt as with drones and treating the whole populace as criminals she and her ilk will claim it is legal. It’s of course a nonsense. Legal as in the people who front whatever runs the country determine not to pursue it. They claim the massive fraud of the 2008 implosion was legal.

Argue about Snowden and the banana brains and shills are reduced to arguing what he did was illegal and what the Govt did was not. As though the law which is changed almost every day and relies on enforcement is an arbiter. It’s a fallacy based on Legal=Always Right and  Illegal=Always Wrong. Indeed that is preposterous as people who play head phones loudly on a tube prove, the fucking pricks. The fact is she claimed for a mortgage that allowed her to make a million quid for a home she did not live in. She’s a vile cunt and that stands whether she is a criminal or not as determined by her friends like the Justice Minister and the dumbest fuck ever Chris Grayling.

Maria Miller is a vacuous bag of greed and as with Baroness Warsi one wonders if her ministerial career as of all things Culture Secretary is down to the need to pretend women have careers at Westminster – Miller is a vulture not a culture vulture. As with Gordon Brown by sacking women of ideas to employ stupid minorities and women you merely perpetuate prejudice.

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May 04

People will talk about the effect of the new media on the election but personally I am skeptical. I get a lot of Labour Party apparatchik  re-tweets and they seem more aimed at upholding the moral superiority of the supporters and activists.

One yesterday initially from Jack Straw’s son was about a Tory leaflet referring to a “saga of atrocities” by UK troops and aimed at Muslims in Blackburn. Clearly Tory central office would deny this mail and frankly I am not sure anyone who is not obfuscating for their father or the Govt would dispute the veracity of arguments maybe the extent. After all what is likely the tip of the iceberg has led to pay outs in court. Conducting a war with an ally who has thrown out the Geneva Convention and introduced us to terms like Extra-Ordinary Rendition and Water-boarding with our either tacit, active or ignorant support – which ever is best for your view of the UK national self esteem.

Quite what moral superiority Jack Straw, Blackburn’s Labour MP, could claim after his honest and pragmatic position on the Iraq war as said to the Chilcot inquiry could claim is beyond me. Not to mention he being embroiled in unrefuted accusations of  his Foreign Office being enthusiastic to support 3rd party torture.  So maybe a misleading leaflet by the Tories is not exactly the lowest morality on offer and crying crocodile tears on behalf of our troops is an interesting way to duck the real issues of the conduct of the war before discussing legality. BTW I actually like Straw’s pragmatism and do not see him as a bad man.

wdjstraw RT @NewStatesman: Tory leaflet accuses gov of
committing a “saga of atrocities” < But did right-wing press cover it?

Another one I got was about a Tory leading lady who once set up a church to de-programme gay people through prayer. OK I find it funny. However leaving aside relativism comparing that morality to the ‘War on Terror’ does anyone care? Gay people will be far more concerned if at all that the Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling is a bigot who supports bigotry when off the record. In addition what people did in the past should be forgiven. I would imagine like a lot of people on the left a lot of us have supported positions that seem as ridiculous to the public. I know my demand for practical problems with immigration before considering the silly draconian policies of all 3 main parties would seem nit-picking to some about the 2nd biggest issue to people.

tchee RT @UKLabourParty: Can every Labour supporter
retweet the #PhilippaStroud story on how to ‘cure’ gay people, please

MsKitton #philippastroud RT @annaarrowsmith RT:
@MattPlatts Anyone praying to cure Sutton and Cheam of Philippa Stroud

I do not see the tweets as reaching the young people who are not political. They will mostly be seen by people with the same prejudice.  It is merely the same people bolstering each other’s superiority over the other side. Indeed I wonder if TV election coverage should have experts debate policy and should ignore the yaa booism exemplified by the Twitter 140 character style one liners and the main parties spokespeople.

I find the calls to morality odd. It was the immorality of the Labour party in its wars and support for all things US that made  a vote for them untenable to me if a viable alternative was offered.

After all every issue is really the economy.

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Apr 04

The attempt by a vile bigot to excuse his and other’s bigotry by making some spurious nonsense that religious bigots should be allowed to not have guests at their B&Bs who are homosexual would be just another example to the rational that contrary to the silly view of Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Williams we [atheists and agnostics] are far too tolerant of groups who want to stick 2 fingers up to the law, values, morality and decency. To loons who want to do this on the basis that the superstition they prefer is a religion and they believe it and its strictures should be imposed on others is even more depraved.

When that dismal bigot is Shadow Home Secretary Chris Grayling then one is just left to shake one’s head at the lies that the likes of Cameron are saying about their party being modern. Honestly it’s bad enough the incompetent, sorry incumbent, Home Secretary Alan Johnson lauds in his reputation as a Luddite – mocking science in the commons which is slightly hypocritical given his leader’s comments on AGW deniers.

Supplying a room for B&B is not the same as a Catholic doctor asked to  perform an abortion – the B&B holder is being asked to do nothing against his religion. In even my indoctrinated knowledge of religions very few suggest we curtail the behaviour of others. If you wish to tell someone that they should change their behaviour because of what you believe then fine. If you want to deny a service on the basis of what your beliefs tell you that is surely irrational. It is also illegal and rightly so.

In the end why religious people would seek to deny others liberty on the basis of their religion tends to make one view religions as malevolent justifications for people’s own bigotry. It raises the concern that the ability to say that your intolerance and hatred is merely God’s will and thus justified play’s a bigger role in people turning to these causes than we’d like to believe.

Personally I see this use of religion as an example of group think. You notice how most people are quite nice as individuals but given a group identity they are malleable and able to demonise other groups. To give ‘justified’ expression to the parts of ourselves we rightly repress in our daily lives.

For the Tories “Call me Dave” needs to make sure that such broken twisted people are not on his front bench or in Parliament at all if he wants to claim any kind of advances in Tory consciousness.

Personally I find it bizarre that ancient and if you know the history of most of them already badly adulterated and re-interpreted texts are used to justify things that they could never have been designed to describe. That anyone could take them seriously enough to even suggest that suppliers of bed and board should be allowed to be bigots is absurd. Given that then one can only assume views like this come from a personal hatred and loathing of homosexuals so deep and nasty it would seek to repress them – if Grayling were an American politician or preacher I’d be betting odds on he was a self loathing queer frankly.

I believe Frank Lampard is a far better player than Steven Gerrard but if you don’t agree you can still stay in my spare bedroom. OK you might find I’d used all the hot water! But hey some things matter.

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Jan 12

The  Home Secretary Alan Johnson today banned the organisation Islam4UK after they tried to organise a march through Wootton Bassett. The timing is purely coincidental of course.

This is a political act like charging Luton’s morons with insulting behaviour to our troops because they shouted some awkward and unpleasant truths – nothing even the local plod considered worth arresting them for at the time. Clearly a political reaction.

This is of course typical of the great intellect of Alan Johnson. He claims that drug classification is not about harm but will not say what it is about. We are left to assume here that once again he is preaching for political advantage to the massed ranks of ignorance and fear in a populace who get their news from Britain’s newspapers. We should not personally blame Johnson after all after 19 years as a postman the man never once commented on the Postal strike. Nineteen years a postman and he has no insight to share?

The other side is if this was a genuine terrorist organisation rather than a group of sad nobodies it would hardly stop them doing what they would do. It also says that if you are young, angry and Islamic that freedom and democracy that Britain claims is not for you. It does nothing to stop any genuine Islamic terrorists and fuels the rhetoric of those who are genuinely prepared to commit acts of violence.

How this is viewed in the Islamic and even the democratic world at large is interesting. After all as pointed out yesterday NATO does not deny its actions have wantonly killed civilians which is what they wished to protest at. General McChrystal made it clear the allies had to stop victimising the non combatants of Afghanistan with air-strikes on the basis of intelligence. We might not like their way of protesting but it is a weakness of our nation and democracy and more specifically our Govt that not only do we ban their marches but also organisations.

This has more to do with an election year than sense. It further shows how little our politicians actually believe or care about the freedom and democracy they claim to protect. The message from Johnson is this what you say is correct but we don’t like it so we are banning you.

This decision was supported of course like the war by the Conservatives showing Johnson does not hold the copyright on being a fatuous Berk.

We cannot permit any group which propagates the views of banned international preachers of hate and organises hate-filled public protests to operate in Britain

Chris Grayling
Shadow home secretary

Your choice at the next election book burners and banners or book burners and banners. Sadly I am not sure the populace are against banning and other acts of folly and stupidity.

We do live in Reactionary Times.

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