Nov 05

It’s been 5 years but I think we should applaud Barack Obama. I don’t think if he’d set out to troll us he could have gone from an inspirational figure to an international figure of fun so quickly. Yes we can to Fuck you yes we have and yes we will Fuck you. From someone who talked of change to someone who boasts of his killing like a badge of honour. Whilst Reagan and others oversaw mass murder in South America like gleeful children killing suitably labeled people they did not boast of it as brazenly as Obama. They did not pile up the Pizza on Tuesday and play who shall we kill this week. Continue reading »

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Jul 10

It does not need Eddie Balls to tell the banks what to do. It should not need anyone to formally raise it at a meeting for Eddie Balls to know they’re doing it. It does not need a genius to know that Osborne has continued the corruption of Labour’s economic illiterates.  Continue reading »

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May 26

Banks exist to allocate capital. They have an important role in the economy to allocate funds to projects that will make money and save poor entrepreneurs from themselves. Or at least they did.

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May 07

Was chatting with someone the other day and they gave praise to Bill Clinton or Clair as we call him for copying Tony Blair. OK OK Blinton was Blair and the tedious what actually came first Clinton or Blair ruins a bad pun. In fact as it’s worked out so badly let’s call “The 3rd Way” [T3W] Clintonomics and blame the US as usual. Continue reading »

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Jan 06

Geoff ‘Buff’ Hoon and Patricia ‘Patronising’ Hewitt have piped up to demand that Brown be replaced or at least face a leadership poll.  The timing is bizarre as surely they play to Brown who can look all quasi Alpha Male shouting them down and with an election due it’s too late. It’s not as though the clowns they have left would exactly improve the situation.

Indeed aside from a set up by Brown in much the same way as the moron who proposed the Wootton Bassett march was playing for the Govt I’d assume if I believed humans were clever enough to conspire that this was set up by Brown and his henchmen.

Worse for Brown it probably signals that the US owners of so many of our so called leading politicians have jumped ship and are preparing for ‘Diddy’ David Cameron. In much the same way as Blair was able to jump from Clinton to the warmonger Bush. Sometimes you have to face facts and make the best of it.

The facts are Brown will lead Labour and the wrong end of a score draw thanks to a bad refereeing decisions [boundary changes] is all they can hope for.

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Dec 20

Barack Obama’s Health Bill looks like passing the Senate. I’ve probably over ripped him for what he did over Climate Change it’s not like the US is the only one at fault. I think the reason he was not creating a confrontation with the Senate and Senate on that issue was that frankly sometimes you have to prioritise and whilst one is a bigger issue one is more immediate.

His country has arguably become almost ungovernable as vested interests over ride even a near 3 to 2 majority in the Senate. His window for this bill would have been this 2 year period when he has majorities in both houses and especially a virtual 60 seats in the Congress to prevent a filibuster – what a condemnation of the democracy we try to thrust down people’s throats that is?

Climate Change whilst crucial is not a now issue or one hopes a partisan issue. After all the ‘lican’s Arnold Schwarzenegger could probably lecture any Democrat or Liberal European leader on the issue. One hopes that having taken what was easily on offer Obama can now go on on other issues and maybe wider health reforms later. Make no mistake any kind of movement on this for the working people of America is to be applauded.

For all Clinton’s charm, popularity and alpha male posturing he and Hillary’s failure to take what was on offer meant 17 years on a key failing of US capitalism has barely been addressed.

2 cheers for Barack Obama and let’s hope we see what people actually voted for now.

Some change has come to America and maybe more if people are honest than they could have expected.

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Dec 04

Will the 22nd century historians refer to Barack Obama as a defining figure who broke the colour [color] bar? Or will he, Bush and Clinton go down as the men who made the murders of Mao, Stalin and Hitler look like they barely scratched the surface? This maybe unfair as I pointed out populations are larger now and numbers get bigger but even pretty middle of the road projections on climate change point to the probability of damaged eco-systems and starving people.

To have people killed because you are a paranoid and deluded leader surrounded by people who stroke your narcissism is one thing. To stand aside and let people die for the electoral interests of the Democratic party is in many respects worse as he knows better.

Whilst populaces views  on Climate Change will inevitably float as the modern attention span of 12 minutes between commercials does not make it obvious it’s happening that is not an excuse for our leaders. They should have a public service ethic that does not involve self serving. Otherwise it can be safely said they wanted the role for themselves not for what they might achieve.

It may be a bummer and it may make Obama a one term president and he may not get anything through Congress and the Senate as of course they are in hostile hands being controlled by his own party. However it’s on his watch and sometimes sacrifice is required especially from people who talk of audacity, hope and change and attempt to embody those concepts.

Is Obama going to be relying on ‘Positive History’ for his reputation? Will he risk being unappreciated and misunderstood in his own time? Is he empty or a man? Is he a real break with suits intent on self and party preservation that have been President?

Indeed the major lead in the West is coming from America from individual states. This is not necessarily an unpopular idea. Taking on the vested interests and looking beyond the lobbyists and talking over the head of trash like Pelosi and co should be done? At worst he will only lose short term votes and a 2nd term but he will set an agenda that will help in the long term.

Personally I hope technology, better forecasts and maybe luck comes to our aid as I have no confidence our so called leaders will do anything. Carbon Trading as I said yesterday is a do nothing position IMHO – worse clearly understood as a sop.

He is just one man but he can still say what needs to be said.

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Nov 26

You know if a picture insulted China’s leaders and portrayed them as they are Google would have removed all reference to it and dispatched a board member to Kow Tow to the Chinese in time honoured fashion. When it’s a racist and insultingly doctored photo of Michelle Obama then they take out a 2 page ad to say how proud they are of their defence of freedom.

The computer industry being made up of urbane white collar often well educated and seemingly rational guys tends to think it’s the good guys. Its market leaders like Google, Apple, Yahoo and Microsoft try to project an image of modernity and fun yet they all support and indeed encourage the suppression of human and workers’ rights in China.

The saddest aspect is that the publicity further humiliates Michelle Obama. Spouses should not be fair game and pictures portraying actual human beings as apes are never right.

That Google are two faced hypocrites like all statements of fact does not require the forming of an opinion here.

Google’s defence would no doubt point out that their company’s policy of freedom of expression for Americans and jail for Chinese dissidents is in keeping with US foreign policy. Whereby the US preaches freedom at home but is happy to see and support repression abroad. Indeed their policy of Rendition relied on the low standards of some countries to carry out torture even the depraved Waterboarders of the CIA would not do.

This home freedom Americans enjoy is of course guaranteed by a constitution not the likes of Obama, Clinton and Bush who’d probably not be far off Blair and Brown in their contempt for their populace’s freedom given the choice.

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