Jun 22

It’s odd that people in the UK expect BBC to not represent the establishment and power any less than corporate owned media. BBC State Media in the UK positively refuses to cover Israel and does not allow anyone to mention it. Yet the left were all whining that 50,000 people marching on Parliament in support of the NHS somehow should have been on the news.

Where could they fit it in? We had the Muslim fighting in Syria scare story. The exaggerate the threat of ISIS (number 3000 to 5000 people). After the Muslim scare stories the sad death of Gerry Conlan which was actually news. Then of course the pitiable apology of Wayne Rooney when as we know guilt and apologising is the penance of people who will repeat behaviour – see the habitually late, of course habitually late who don’t apologise or change are probably sociopaths! No room at the Inn.

Its interviewers ask difficult but irrelevant questions of politicians – seriously ask a Lib Dem what they can do polling at 8% when we all know the answer and whatever the answer Ming the Tendentious gives is irrelevant to us. Ask him about why we are pretending at austerity whilst the deficit is 80 Bn with continual cuts to the tiny Jobseekers Allowance (5Bn a year) and the Bank subsidies at 40 Bn a year?

BBC is as much state media as TASS. As morally ridiculous as CNN or FOX or MSNBC and as patronising as the latter. You wonder if marches are only covered when under cover police officers start a riot to discredit them.

Worst part of it the poor are taxed equally as the rich to have this racist state propaganda pumped into their living rooms.

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Mar 06

The title refers to the twee Rowan Atkinson in Not The Nine O’Clock vein, when he was funny…. Continue reading »

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Oct 26

I don’t like to admit it but I am old enough to remember when The Thick of It was funny. When there was a sweary woman of Whitehall. When Langham was not an official nonce. Now apparently the swear fest it descended into is over. The viewers finally tired of this over mined seam?

The original 6 episodes were an unscripted satire on the buffoonery of Govt. A critique as sharp now for the Conservative administration, only the colour of the bunting changes really. Since the Xmas special where the same crude plot device was used 5 times I gave up on it. It lacked any attempt at subtlety or anything but playing for cheap laughs. Tucker’s rants went from funny to Capaldi trying too hard to be funny.

Worse it shows that viewers don’t question anything. It takes tens of episodes of popular series before the masses suddenly realise the bandwagon stopped and they are merely being flung forward. It says something for how difficult it is to change minds and attitudes when initial acclaim from pioneer opinion forming viewers can carry a series through 5 years of drivel.

It shows that people in TV, even in non commercial TV, will mine a seam without any artistic or content value until someone stops paying them. Much like the rest of us then.  The BBC and TV screams morality at us yet has none itself. It’s mostly conformist and the rest greed.

TV’s the most cynical media in reality?

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Nov 29

I recall working for a national airline run by clowns in the 90s where to keep the head count down and satisfy the City the airline let staff leave and replaced them with vastly more expensive contract staff. It was insanity. Continue reading »

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Apr 29

In the wake of Marr-gate I sought out some Noam Chomsky, who appears quite influential to left wing writers who aren’t. Chomsky told Andrew Marr that he was chosen from a young age for his conformism and had no real intellect. Continue reading »

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Mar 03

The problem with almost everything in modern life is that we take what is given and try to manipulate it. Thus the Govt spent massive amounts on 300 regional Health authorities without starting from first principles with an Ethos, Goals and thence to Strategy.

Equally the BBC starts with its relatively massive budget and decides to cut a few things. The point is with its multiple channels on 24 hours a day in an age of relatively unregulated commercial broadcasting do we need the Govt behemoth producing garbage like Eastenders and Radio 1 when both would be snapped up by commercial media without the need for us to spend a penny.

Maybe I underestimate the number of people who need BBC1 and 2 as 40% of the available TV but equally they do not need to produce junk TV like Eastenders. Clearly viable mass audience shows would be a boon to commercial TV so why are they on a free to air no advertising service? Why should the BBC distort the market for popular television in an era when almost everyone of age who wants a TV has 1 if not more TVs?

The license fee does not need to be 142.50 for every family.

The clear thing though is for the BBC ethos and charter to be renewed. I am sure Rupert Murdoch and its enemies would not care if it got out of mass market pap like soaps, chat shows and daytime filler. What the BBC seems to be doing is merely creating a bigger argument and dinosaur by aiming resources at more mass market junk.

At present the BBC has no goals maybe it should have some before we start cutting things, changing and transferring budgets?

At present its main effect is to over pay for presenters and personalities at a time when TV is on its knees.

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Dec 21

The Tories with the active connivance of the BBC acting as cyphers floated a load of crap all day about protecting have a go hero people in their own homes. The self defence laws have been in the headlines after someone ran after a guy and beat him half to death with a cricket bat and got a pretty light sentence. This was classic Malcolm Tucker bollocks when asked if there was any case their policy would change the verdict on they could not come up with one.

The BBC knew this yet they still ran the story without the dissenting expert legal voice who made it clear to BBC24’s viewer this was a pointless piece of electioneering.  That there was not one case of someone defending themselves after being attacked in their own home in prison. They did not put up the dissenting voice on the main 6 O’Clock news. Even the Tories who appeared all day on the BBC since Breakfast all admitted this was an area of law that needed cleaning up with no specifics – decoded we are electioneering as there is nothing that needs doing here but we want to appear to be doing something. Like New Labour’s 3000+ new laws we don’t need more laws just to enforce the ones we have.

Hardly a harbinger of better Govt or the BBC being independent ever again. Quite whether the BBC will extend this largesse beyond the 2 big parties is a question they probably would not want to answer either. It’s hard to see the Liberals ever getting a day of such unquestioning sycophancy never mind the Greens and Nationalists of all shades.

Our Duopoly of 2 National parties further cemented by the daft idea of a party leader debate – the fact Brown agreed to it says he’ll try anything and is desperate. Hopefully legal challenges by the smaller parties will de-rail this monopoly trick.

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