Sep 21

It’s really lucky that the UK Parliament has Rory Stewart as Head of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee to point out bombing Islamic State is a complete waste of time and resources. He can tell Cameron and Cameron can tell that nice chap Obama and job done. After all Cam’ and O’ laughing and joking and being good fellas to down a few with and can leave serious stuff like thinking to the likes of Stewart. Also Cammy and Oey could just ring our allies Qatar, Saudi and Turkey and tell them to stop fucking helping Islamic State if it actually mattered to them. It really is that simple.

Of course who can blame the Obama Administration the Democratic Party might lose Senate seats and State Houses if it challenged the moronic wisdom of the narrative it has created to drone people for no reason. They can hardly say look we’ve been lying for 6 years and actually the truth is we killed lots of people because of PR.

Then again O’ could just flippantly say “We murdered some Folks”.

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Sep 14

The recent ranting response to 1 Independence poll and the emergence of Islamic State has shown how this political class with no background outside the Ivy League/Oxbridge and politics cocooned with Polls and hawkish state security types cannot work anything out for themselves.

The first sign of a Yes vote and lily-livered say anything buffoons promised Devo Max. Labour is prepared to kiss democracy goodbye to retain Scotland not because is best for Scots or UK but best for Labour. Devolution is utterly undemocratic as no solution to the West Lothian question has been found. To propose more is ridiculous. Logically with no independence it should be reined in.

The Islamic State response as another bunch of Saudi thugs tries to grab power is the Elephants running from the mouse. Bombing is mostly pointless and like drone strikes exist so a weak leader can claim he is doing something about a problem his administration created.

Obama will get a library and be on chat shows and continue to be patronised like a 5 year old who can recite a sonnet. 200,000 Syrians are not so lucky in a civil war stoked for nothing than some bullshit about who is and is not a friend of Saudi. Sadly we can mock the absurd weakness of our leaders but other countries pay rather more dearly when we support nutters like Islamic State for tactical reasons.

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Aug 09

The current vogue of being righteously upset at the events in Gaza is of course something I agree with. Nonetheless flying Palestinian flags and declaring Israeli free zones is bullshit. The tone is very much ego stroking. Oh this is so bad and I am so good. The mistake of the left though is to stroke the ego. To patronise people who talk of martyrs. If they really supported the people of Gaza there would be talk of ending the Egypt (Saudi’s proxy) and Israeli blockade which causes more lasting misery and reduces some to acts of futile resistance. The coherent message has to be end the blockade not anger and self preening.

The Gaza war for me is amazing for the openness that Israel has shown to journalists. The US/UK machine in Iraq targeted or appears to target reporters it does not like. There were no film as soldiers shot up the road and killed anything on it be it tank or family car with only implanted shills to report on it. No one was allowed to see enough of the murderous assault on Fallujah or the depleted uranium weapons or the cluster bombs or when Sunni factions were hired as death squads – sidebar they were betrayed and we’re now bombing our former death squads as ISIS and other banners. The media snopaked it. Ed Miliband does not get half the odium of Bibi Netanyahu say despite being a leading apparatchik of the vile Blair and Brown regimes who perpetrated those crimes.

Israel fans supply some pretty silly rhetoric of their own they started out saying they were better than Syria and Assad. Wow I’m better person than Jimmy Savile but I won’t be putting that on a T shirt any time soon. Then it was why should Israel be held up and pilloried and not Turkey which claims to also be a 1st world democracy? Let’s keep our standards low I guess.

However they had a point but of course the real parallel and the one most sane would agree with is that of the UK US and their campaigns of drones, death squads, torture, rendition and at times slaughter.  They could point out that the US recruits poor people to be soldiers with promises of lifelong health care and housing and free seats at baseball occasionally. Similarly Israel uses conscripts and thus these groups are hardly going to be civilian friendly – not that the UK’s professional army has not cost Millions because of its lack of control and brutality. The US also uses private contractors with immunity from any charges. War is not a good business. We’re not as bad as the US Army is what Israel could rightly say.

Thus when the glib liar Obama starts lecturing or the inane Kerry gets on his high horse I wonder what Netanyahu thinks? You hypercritical cunts? Not that he gets any sympathy from me having to deal with the glibster and his tall crony it is in some small way retribution although not nearly enough.

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Apr 25

Hundreds of Nigerian school girls have been kidnapped by vile Islamic whatevers ITN and Channel 4 News call them but known as Boko Haram. It is horrible this male cult of bullshit referred to as  fundamentalist Islam and anyone watching would be horrified at attempts to not educate women – except for extreme religious people of course (see some purportedly Christian US States trying to nationalise women’s bodies). Yet what did ITN or Channel 4 not mention?

That we in the West support Boko Haram who are funded by our ally Saudi Arabia. The same as the al Queada rebels in Syria we support them too. We don’t support them in Afghanistan directly of course as then we’d be killing our own soldiers but the Saudis do and we support them and sell them weapons. So we oppose Jihadists in Somalia, Afghanistan and Pakistan and don’t like them in Nigeria but are quite happy to supply their backers with arms. Which means we really are happy to play both ends and wonder why people hate us?

The West’s support for Saudi makes no sense of course but it’s not a conspiracy it’s just a lot of people with a vested interest looking after their own patch. It’s conformist leaders who get info solely from briefings from media and lobbyists, who in turn are briefed by vested interests and unofficial spokespeople in a circular debate between so called intelligence and so called security services, Mainstream Media and Govt.

This troika is on display if people choose to look because the last one with the last Labour Govt broke down – oik like working classers Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson who aspired to be something are to be knocked down of course no one who counts is. The people who excused/supported/benefited from their excess sit in sinecures, some like David ‘Torture’ Miliband even hope to come back. Just as William Hague will likely retire to a humanitarian post having supported Saudi jihadis and opposed them without having the smarts to see the contradiction – a man who can sit in a cabinet that allows/supports the abuse of women at Yarls Wood and can then ponce about in photo shoots with Jolie campaigning against rape in war!

Does it make the likes of Hague or Miliband or Obama evil? Or does it just show how vacuous and credulous they are? A conspiracy? It’s not a conspiracy it’s far too simplistic and there is no veneer on it. Being able to conspire is not something you can accuse anyone I mention above of doing.

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Apr 16

Numerous fans of the rabid US Democratic and Uk Labour parties like to display their moral superiority over the right with their endorsement of so called Gay Marriage – it’s marriage period, live with it. My only point to the what is laughably labeled left (in effect centre very right) is that oddly they did not endorse this idea en masse until more than a few years ago themselves. Indeed chief ‘cratic POTUS O’ himself only came to the idea after polls.. sorry friends convinced him that ‘they’ wanted it.

My point is this point scoring morality is ridiculous. Equal marriage has no valid argument against it and did not 100 years ago either. Given they and their so called liberal parties only came round to it in the last few years to expect people of a more conservative bent to overnight is sickening sanctimony. Their sententious disdain for people who are at most 3 or 4 years behind them on social liberalism qualifies as ridiculous.

The equalising of marriage rights is for me a great cause where the supine reptiles who inhabit Govt were dragged there by public opinion, certainly in the US. It’s a cause for celebration not finger wagging point scoring. It would actually aid equality if people engaged rather than threw nasty labels at people.

As someone who eschews marriage you’re all welcome to it.

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Apr 04

Having invested 2Bn in getting Ukraine to revolt it turns out the US Aid budget tried to create a Twitter for Cubans to foment revolt. No wonder the UK Govt insists on an Aid budget staying so high it’s a slush fund for illegal activity. It’s money that can be directed anywhere with few questions asked.

As said before the thinking behind the Ukraine is pure stupidity. The West will now have to buy gas and make the new ruling elite richer than they already are. Who wants to be on the hook for $160Bn from a country run by in some cases actual and proud fascists? No wonder the EU balks at sanctions as Obama (POTUS) ludicrously and Kerry pitiably claims that interfering in sovereign countries is wrong – no odium for Kerry the poor lar is just out of his depth as he was in the Dumb v Dumber Presidential election of 2004.

Of course the US lost its democracy this week as more campaign funding limits were removed by the Supreme Court [SCOTUS] which counts pizza as a vegetable and corporations as individuals. Those who think SCOTUS will protect their liberty from POTUS’ pant sniffers in their booths wanking over your webcams in Cheltenham England at GCHQ need lessons in life. Maybe they and John Kerry could have a joint seminar for simpletons on how the world works.

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Dec 13

A week when Barack Obama became the greatest deporter of immigrants but not his own Uncle who he never knew but lived with. He also, the drone program is this personal to the President due to its need for authority to kill extra judicially, killed a wedding party of 15 in Yemen a country torn apart some say by the craze of US Micro Lending  Neo Lib/Con folly now ossified into a them and us with Militants and Butchers – we support that latter of course. No doubt Obama is personally ringing the Yemen President to demand he arrest the journalists who report this based on his past form. Of course the big story is that Wall Street’s Gimp sat next to a Blonde woman and took a photo of himself.

Between a trivial media and a man who never saw a human right he did not look for an exception clause from think your freedoms are being protected? Think again. Indeed play the fine words the spokesperson for the Obama Administration made at Mandela’s funeral and just take in the bare faced hypocrisy of the Administration and its besuited front man.

Hopefully some nut will do a selfie drone strike on the Obama Administration, they deserve it.

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Nov 05

It’s been 5 years but I think we should applaud Barack Obama. I don’t think if he’d set out to troll us he could have gone from an inspirational figure to an international figure of fun so quickly. Yes we can to Fuck you yes we have and yes we will Fuck you. From someone who talked of change to someone who boasts of his killing like a badge of honour. Whilst Reagan and others oversaw mass murder in South America like gleeful children killing suitably labeled people they did not boast of it as brazenly as Obama. They did not pile up the Pizza on Tuesday and play who shall we kill this week. Continue reading »

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Oct 17

The US Govt has prosecuted and driven people to suicide to protect Hollywood from the non existent losses and extra revenue gained from people distributing their product for free to each other. It’s now clear that the Hollywood business model is how GOP and the Administration do politics. Continue reading »

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Aug 26

Here’s the thing the empty moron says the NSA has oversight and can track abuses.


It does not know what Edward Snowden accessed and copied (Stole if you are a 19th century person who cannot understand the idea of copying data).


How does it know anything about what 10s of 1000s of analysts many not working for the Govt but private companies desperate to get extra patronage look at?

It does not.

There is no effective oversight.


Surely the NSA if they’ve nothing to hide they’ve nothing to fear? Why do their spokespeople keep lying if that is the case?

Unless Feinstein and Obama have been lying then the NSA treats elected ‘leaders’ like spokespeople giving them the Mushroom treatment – keep em in the dark and give them shit. Neither Obama and Feinstein mind either way they have millions of reasons to support this nonsense that has nothing to do with terrorism. Indeed given how glib O’ has been lately on the subject he quite likes trolling for the establishment and does not mind being a Pin Cushion whose every statement is disproved before he finishes it.

It’s worse in the UK but our newspapers are self censoring and only concerned with being pimples on celebrity butts, Guardian excepted.

These days I am starting to say ‘They’ about ‘Them’.

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