Jan 20

Why are GCHQ collecting every piece of info they can on everyone they can? Apparently it is to protect us from Paedophiles, Terrorists & Drug Dealers. When Terrorists did not work they added Paedophiles and what the heck drug dealers.

Yet what do MI5 do when a senior member of a Govt or past Govt is exposed as a Paedophile? They cover up. What do they do when terrorists and drug dealers are facilitated by a leading Bank? Nothing. When Paedophiles are discovered in tax haven Jersey what do they do? Rapidly close the investigation and block foreign journalists from going there. The point is whatever reasons the State/Govt/Establishment does not find this behaviour abhorrent.

Do you really share the values of your State? Does the UK share yours? Whatever they say and whatever number of poor people are killed or locked up in the Wars on Terror or Drugs do ‘they’ really want either to end? To have their budgets reduced? To restore the freedom they claimed to need to take to keep us safe from an occasional threat?

Make no mistake Western Govts have never granted freedom willingly. Equality issues which has become their Fig Leaf but that has taken years of campaigning and as the risible Obama’s volte farce on Gay Marriage showed only voter power led him there.

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Apr 01

It’s now clear the dust settles that the Cyprus bailout plan may be the worst that could be negotiated. It is worse than the one that the Cypriot MPs voted down. A plan that now looks quite moderate with 6.75 % hair cuts for small savers and 10% for larger deposit holders. as said before this is substantially below what Uk savers have suffered surreptitiously from artificially low interest rates and devaluation. Stealing money off large savers has at a stroke bankrupted and emasculated many small and medium enterprise (known as SMEs). It has killed much of the capitalism. It will not even be voted on. It is a kick in the teeth for anyone who bought the lie that work hard for a happy retirement as life savings are cut at a stroke to a 100,000 Euros. Continue reading »

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Jan 04

Sir Hector Sants the serial clown who ran the FSA gets something more than just his knighthood for complete weakness and complacency he gets a pay off to put a sinister twist on his incompetence. He will now work for the criminal enterprise that is Barclays Bank.

It seems that with people apathetic or content to slag bankers off at Christmas that now the corruption is naked, open and for all to see.

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Aug 14

You don’t need to be a Marxist or a genius or to have studied economics, indeed that may be a best not to have, to know that the growth of the Banks and the wealth of people who don’t pay taxes and stack it up abroad is a drain on the economy.

Put simply how can banks make money when they barely lend and interest rates are below 1%? When economic activity is down in every other sector they are there to allocate capital to?  Continue reading »

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Mar 03

I’ve no doubt that there are serious issues that will affect the lives of many in the Health Bill. Yet I can’t help feeling it’s more about the obfuscation of Westminster.  Continue reading »

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